Sir Paul Nurse
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Politicians who do not believe in climate change should be 'crushed and buried', according to a speech given by Sir Paul Nurse.
He's the new President of the British Science Association (I bet they are loving this media coverage) and has decided to move on from the old technique of debating scientific points on their merits. It's too slow (especially if you don't have... evidence).

Instead he's going with retro-science - Do you believe, sinner? It's so retro, it's retro-the-renaissance.

From The Daily Mail, UK
Politicians who do not believe in climate change should be 'crushed and buried', according to the new president of the British Science Association.
How much belief is enough, I wonder, to avoid the crushing? If a politician believed in the greenhouse theory but not the catastrophe, is that half crushed, or do we skip the squishing and go straight for the burying?
Sir Paul Nurse, who starts his presidency next week, pledged to 'take on' the 'serial offenders' who he accused of cherry picking scientific facts to suit their arguments.

In an extraordinary outburst, Sir Paul accused those who refuse to accept scientific orthodoxy on global warming of 'distorting' the facts.
Sir Paul singled out GWPF - as "pretending to talk about science" - and he whipped them mercilessly with ad hominem fallacies, generic infringements, petty insults, and argument by association.

He chanted the liturgical sacrament:
"'Today we have those who mix science up with ideology and politics, where opinion, rhetoric and tradition hold more sway than adherence to evidence and logical argument."
Lo, behold, it's a form of confessional projection. If Sir Paul "swayed some evidence" he wouldn't need to preach adherence to his ideology with violent threats, baseless opinions, and logical errors.

Full diatribe: The Daily Mail UK

Time to write letters to the British Science Association.