american terror

Comment: A small sample of world-wide terrorism sponsored and financed by the American government and paid with the precious tax payer's money!

While the US government still claims it is fighting a "War on Terror", it is often forgotten that the US government has a friendly relationship with many terrorist groups around the world. This relationship is not merely historical, but current.

The US government often supports terrorists who are fighting against government which oppose the United States. Many terrorists, who commit all kinds of violent crimes against humanity, are being directly supported by the US government at this time.

Here are ten examples of US government supported terrorists from around the world.

1. Luis Posada Carrilles

Carrilles is an anti-Communist Cuban who has worked with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) since the early 1960s. His biggest terrorist act was blowing up a Cuban airline in 1976 killing 78 innocent people. He also admits to being involved in a string of bombings in Cuban hotels during the 1990s. After Carrilles entered the United States illegally, even the US Department of Justice proclaimed he is "an admitted mastermind of terrorist plots and attacks."

Cuba and Venezuela have attempted to extradite him so he can stand trial for his bombing of civilian airlines and other brutal terrorist acts, but the US government has refused. Carrilles currently lives in Miami, and it treated as a hero by fanatical anti-Communists.

2. The People's Mujahadeen of Iran (MKO)

This is a group of Iranian terrorists who were once enemies of the United States. In the early 1970s they bombed the offices of Pan-American Airlines and Shell Oil, and even attempted to kidnap the US ambassador. After Iran's 1979 Islamic Revolution, the organization carried out a campaign of bombings and assassinations against the new government. The MKO even worked with Saddam Hussein during the bloody Iraq-Iran war.

Currently, the group has a very friendly relationship with the US government. As it works to destabilize and overthrow the Islamic Republic of Iran, it has the support of former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, as well other prominent elected officials. In 2012, the group was removed from the US list of foreign terrorist organizations. Amnesty International and other human rights organizations have documented that the MKO tortures, kidnaps, and commits all kinds of atrocities. It has been revealed that the US government has been providing MKO with weapons and money for decades.

3. The Syrian "Revolutionaries"

In Syria, a number of armed groups are engaged in a struggle to overthrow the government. All of them have received some support from Washington, whether directly or indirectly. The Free Syrian Army has gotten weapons and money directly from the US government. Other factions have received US support from proxy regimes like Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar and Jordan.

The United Nations Commission on the Rights of a Child reports that the terrorists in Syria have children as young as 11 and 12 among their ranks.

The insurgents in Syria are largely not even Syrian, but recruited from other parts of the region. They kidnap for ransom. They torture and behead their victims. They bomb schools, Mosques, churches, and other civilian targets.

Money and support continues to flow into their hands. Western media portrays them as romantic revolutionaries, and US leaders repeat their demand that "Assad must go."

Interestingly, ISIS, which is now in Iraq, started out among these terrorists seeking to overthrow the Syrian government. Just like all the other armed groups fighting the Syrian government, they also have received support from the US in the name of "protecting human rights."

4. Venezuela's "Opposition"

Hugo Chavez was first democratically elected as President of Venezuela in 1999. In 2002, the military kidnapped him and attempted to carry out a coup. The people of Venezuela poured into the streets to support their president, the rank and file soldiers revolted, and he was brought back into power.

Since that time Venezuela's government has begun what it calls "the Bolivarian Process" and proclaims that it is moving toward socialism. The US has supported and funded violent right-wing protests against the government.

Earlier this year, the violent Anti-Bolivarian terrorists attacked the Ministry of Public Works and Housing. They building caught on fire, and 89 children were evacuated for safety.

The terrorists also unleashed petrol bombs on the Experimental University of the Armed Forces. The bombs destroyed the library, the laboratories, and other facilities. Two days after bombing the University, the anti-government forces returned and shot a National Guard officer who was guarding the campus.

The terrorists in Venezuela seek to overthrow the United Socialist Party and its allies, despite the democratic elections and the overwhelming public support for the government. The terrorists are supported by US media, which proclaims them to be "defending human rights" against "dictators." The US government has directly supplied the violent anti-government protest movement in Venezuela with millions of dollars.

5. Tibetan Separatists

Until the 1950s, Tibet was an theocratic autocracy. The monks had complete authority, and disobeying them meant having your eyes removed, hands cuff off, or being killed.

When the Chinese Communist Party took power, and the Tibetan peasants rose up against the Monks, this changed everything. Modern Tibet, like the rest of China, has a booming economy with hospitals, schools, education, and a rising standard of living.

Since the 1950s, the US has been arming Tibetan separatists who seek to reverse these changes. The Dalia Lama's brother Gyalo Thodup led a division of Tibetan monks who received military training in Colorado. They were then air-dropped into Tibet, where they waged a bloody insurgency campaign, assassinating Communist Party leaders, destroying homes, hospitals, and schools. Former CIA agents document this campaign of violence in the 2002 book The CIA's Secret War in Tibet.

Since then the US funded Tibetan Separatists have not given up their ugly campaign of violence. In racist riots, they have gone through the streets attacking and killing ethnically Han Chinese people. Tibetan Separatists in France even assaulted a Chinese athlete Jin Jing, as she carried the olympic torch in her wheel chair.

7. The Libyan "Revolutionaries"

In 2011, a group of armed terrorists began working to overthrow the Libyan government led by Moammar Gaddafi. They were directly linked to the United States, receiving US guns and weapons, and having planned their revolt years in advance at conferences in Europe.

The anti-government forces in Libya regularly lynched dark skinned guest workers from southern Africa. They also engaged in torture and kidnapping. Many of them were mercenaries from other parts of the world, shipped in to fight the Libyan government.

These forces were defeated on the battlefield numerous times by the Libyan government, which had the clear support of the population.

It took a bombing campaign from the United States and its NATO allies to overthrow the Libyan government and put these terrorists in power. Since that time, Libya remains in a state of chaos as various factions among the rebels compete for power.

Libya once had the highest life expectancy on the African continent, but the US supported campaign of terrorist violence and the NATO bombs, have reduced the country to rubble.

8. Right Sector

Right Sector started as a group of right-wing soccer fans in Ukraine. It has transformed into a paramilitary organization of Neo-Nazis. Its members wave the swastika and praise Adolf Hitler for "liberating" Ukraine from the Communists and slaughtering local Jews.

The Right Sector was a prominent section of the "Euro-Maiden" protests in 2014 that ousted the elected Ukrainian government. This protest movement received millions of dollars in support from the United States and various Non-Governmental Organizations.

Since people in Eastern and Southern Ukraine have risen up and demanded independence, members of the Right Sector have piled into East Ukraine to slaughter people. In Odessa, Right Sector members burned a Trade Union House, killing 42 people.

Its members continue to pour into Eastern Ukraine to fight against the local population. The US has been firm its in defense and support for the Ukrainian government, even as it mobilizes these terrorists.

9. The Jewish Defense League

The Jewish Defense League is a group of committed Zionists who openly use violence against those they consider to harmful to Israel. The group was started by Rabbi Meir Kahane in New York City and violently attacked Palestine protests. The group assassinated Alex Odeh, leader of the Arab American Anti-Discrimination Committee. They also attempted to assassinate Darrell Issa, a US congressman.

The JDL worked with the FBI to attack the Black Panther Party and all who protested in support of Palestine. The group carried out a string of bombings in late 1980s against Soviet diplomats in the United States. It even firebombed a performance by the Soviet State Symphony Orchestra in 1986.

The group has been officially dissolved in the US, but openly operates in Canada and France.

Israel has even outlawed officially the organization, after its members opened fire on Muslims kneeling to pray in the West Bank, killing 29 of them in 1994.

However, the relationship between these violent Zionist extremists and the US government is not over. Dov Hikind, a prominent New York City Politician, openly brags about his past membership in the group, and is unapologetic about the terrorism the group carried out.

In recent weeks, the Israeli police and military have coordinated with JDL sympathizers who chant the name of Meir Kahane, and violently attack peace demonstrators.

10. The Ku Klux Klan

These violent racist terrorists functioned for decades as a state sponsored organization. The group was formed in the aftermath of the US Civil War to attack recently freed slaves, and was led by former Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest.

It was revived in 1915 by Thomas Dixon, the close friend of then President Woodrow Wilson. Dixon wrote a novel The Clansmen, which was transformed into the first full length movie ever made The Birth of a Nation.

With President Wilson's blessing, the film was screened all around the country, provoking lynchings and race riots. Shortly after the movie was released, the Ku Klux Klan was re-founded at a mass rally in Stone Mountain, Georgia.

With many police officers, politicians, and even a Supreme Court Justice among its ranks, the group had free reign to murder people all throughout the country. Its most common target was African-Americans, though it also went after Roman Catholics, Jews, Eastern Europeans, Feminists, Labor Unionists, and others it deemed to be "Un-American."

The group was known for bombing churches, raiding and burning homes, as well as kidnapping and raping people.

Throughout most of the Klan's history, it has had the support of law enforcement and military officials.

In 1979 the Ku Klux Klan assassinated five members of the Communist Workers Party in Greensboro, North Carolina. It has been revealed that this assassination, known as the Greensboro Massacre, was carried out with direction from the US federal government, including the Bureau of Alcohol, Firearms, and Tobacco.