Melbourne Fireball
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Astronomy experts have confirmed a meteor burned across Melbourne skies last night.

Melburnians, as well as people in Gippsland, NSW and Tasmania saw the spectacular light show, which lasted about 20 seconds.

- Matt Kearsley (@matt_kearsley) July 10, 2014
@3AW693 in Tullamarine 9.47pm

- Jan Laczynski (@YYarni) July 10, 2014
Witnessed one of the most amazing things in my life at work tonight, never thought I'd see a meteor spectacular sight #MelbourneMeteor

- Mitchell Clark (@Mitchclark18) July 10, 2014
Wow, just witnessed the amazing meteor / shooting star on way home from mums. Amazing! #melbournemeteor #melbourneshootingstar

- Lauren Clair (@lozclair) July 10, 2014
The 3AW talkback line lit up as Melburnians realised what was happening.

John told 3AW Nightline he pulled over while driving in Keilor Park to watch the light show.

"It was really impressive," he said. "It had the flame and the intense burn. Just as it was falling away it broke up. I'd say it was a little asteroid or a comet."

A listener from Macleod said: "It was so fast and then it just slowed and drifted down ... with an enormous trail of light. You could see as it was coming down close to the ground it seemed to be splutter and breaking up. It was absolutely fantastic."

Listener Gabbie told the station she saw what looked like a "massive shooting star" from her backyard.

Some witnesses had feared the meteor was an aeroplance crash, while others insisted it was merely space junk.

But Perry Vlahos from the Astronomical Society of Victoria told 3AW Breakfast there was no doubt.

"There very definitely was (a meteor)," Mr Vlahos said.

"Sadly I wasn't able to see it myself."