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A mother and father attending a birthday party for their 1-year-old nephew were tased by Baytown, Texas officers for not leaving a parking lot that police cruisers had blocked in.

Jodie and Christopher White told KHOU that police were called to the party because of an altercation between some of the adults in attendance. They were trying to leave, but the parking lot had been barricaded by arriving police cruisers.

When police told the couple to leave, they pointed out that they were unable to.

"There were police in the parking lot blocking it in so we couldn't move," Jodie White said.

Police allegedly repeated their request, and Jodie White responded in a manner that, she admitted, was insulting, "they just rushed my car and opened the door and tasers were just everywhere."

A member of the family recorded the incident, and when police rushed the White's car, multiple children can be heard in the background, screaming.

"I have never been a trouble a day before in my life," Jodie White told KHOU. "And for my kids to see me being tased on the ground, it just broke my heart."

Police claimed that Jodie White's husband, Christopher, who was seated in the car, nearly overpowered one of the officers.

He was also tased.

"For them to treat people like that for no reason at all is not right," Jodie White said.

Watch the KHOU interview with the Whites below: