Adult Correction Complex
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A woman from Clark County, Indiana, was held in jail for five months after being ordered to spend only two days there.

Judge Jerry Jacobi sentenced Destiny Hoffman, 34, to 48 hours in jail for failing to pass a drug test - one of the conditions of her drug court programs, which are notorious for being terrible forms of rehabilitation.

He instructed the Sheriff's office to hold her with no bond, and not to release her until "further order of the court" (it is currently unclear why a non-violent drug offender needed to be held indefinitely, without bail).

Hoffman was subsequently (and illegally) denied a hearing and any form of legal counsel, and would probably still be in jail if it weren't for Deputy Prosector Michaelia Gilbert, who noticed something was amiss while she was looking over old case files.

Gilbert quickly attempted to set the record straight by entering a motion for a status hearing, and Hoffman was finally appointed a lawyer, who "expect[s] this will result in a lawsuit for the county."

Judge Jacobi did not appear in court, and has not been reached to comment on the case.