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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports

12JAN2014 NorMya North Haven Connecticut 19:00:00 5 secs W-E facing North green orange white moon trail of sparks long tail of white sparks which flowed into rings of green orange into a dark ball and dissappeared

12JAN2014 Jenn New York, NY 18:45:00 4 seconds Driving easy, it was going southwest Orange Same as venus Yes, broke into 4 pieces after 3 seconds of viewing Amazing experience ... And it feel it was bigger than I expected one to be. It looked as big as a street light going pretty fast

12JAN2014 James Keene N.H 18:30 pm/eastern 3 Hrs East,continuous,West,Facing the east Large brightly glowing sporadically,traveling slowly to the west, Would shine Brighter then the stars Possible tailing You tell me what it is

12JAN2014 Suzanna Barrett Durham ct USA 17:50:00 30 sec? Left to right and down , we were facing east Orange Size and brightness of 7-8 stars together, and orange Yes Have seen tons of meteor showre before, nothing like this before

12JAN2014 Geoff Mount Vernon, NY, USA 1745H EST approx. 3-5 secs Start NNE-E Observer facing east Steady, light blue object appeared on a descending slope. No sound detected (observed from inside car with radio playing), observed an aircraft in the same line of sight heading in a northerly direction brightness comparable to Sirius No disintegration observed My heading was approx.050 degrees. Object relative bearing was approx. 300 degrees at approx. 30-degree elevation

12JAN2014 Dawn West Haven, Conn 17:40 EST 5-8 seconds Left to Right- We are traveling on 95 North, It disinegrated before hitting ground White/Blue/ Green Yellow3- Same a a Large Star at the end before it disintegrated/ sparks none

12JAN2014 Paula Greenburgh, New York 17:30:00 5 seconds I was facing north on the sprain brook pkwy a green lighted ball fell from the sky Green Bright like a green fireball No I saw a similar one at 6:30 am in early December about a mile south of this one. Other one was identical.


12JAN2014 wsurferdude Vernon, CT. USA 17:20:00 5sec NW-N. Right White moon Yes ISON but smaller

12JAN2014 Chris Livingston, NJ, USA 17:10:00 saw for about 5 sec then left my frame of view N;S/E Long white tail A little brighter then the moon appeared so looked like it hit the Earth in the area of Montville/Parsippany NJ

12JAN2014 Lee-Ann Tobin Glastonbury, CT USA 1710/EST PM 15 sec left to right facing East green ball no sound moon tail fell away happened fast, exciting!

12JAN2014 Dave Skripol Marlborough CT, USA 1710 Eastern PM 4-5 secs S to N; left to right Verey bright white and light yellow Sun very bright brilliant white Yes very bright in the sky like a missile coming downward to earth breaking apart and burning up

12JAN2014 John & Marianna Connolly Haydenville, MA USA 17:10 EST 4-5 secs from southwest to northeast, we were facing northeast in New England, United States yellow, white, blue like the Moon I couldn't tell--it was flaming. I would estimate this as 100 to 500 times brighter than a meteorite.

12JAN2014 Bob Callahan USA 17:09pm 2 -3 seconds NW-N Green Very bright, then dimmed. Began to fragment toward the end. Traversed the sky quickly and disappeared on the horizon.

12JAN2014 Justin Verrico Danbury, CT United States 1708, EST 15 secs North Blue Flame blue/white bright no A noticable change in clarity, think entered into atmospher. Lasted longer than I could see... went over horizon

12JAN2014 Jeffrey Turcotte Windsor Locks, Connecticut, United States 17:00 EST PM 2 Left to right, steep angle low red Venus Maybe, the fire was broken in duration Not a continuous streak

12JAN2014 Joe Seaford, NY U.S. 17:00:00 10 seconds South red/yellow/white sun no no

12JAN2014 Lori Towle Plum Island, MA 16:45 EST pm 10 sec Travelling southwest orange-ish same as sun no I have a photo!

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