A new survey by ThreatTrack Security shows that IT professionals spend a great deal of time fixing problems caused by company executives visiting pornographic websites on company devices.

The survey published earlier this month looks at cybersecurity challenges within U.S. enterprises.

Around 40 percent of the survey respondents said that one of the most difficult aspects of defending their company's network was the fact that they don't have enough highly-skilled security personnel on staff.

They also said their time is often spent dealing with easily avoidable malware infections originating at the highest levels of their organization.

Malware analysts say that a device used by a member of their senior leadership team had become infected with malware due to executives visiting a pornographic website 40 percent of the time.

Problems caused after clicking on a malicious link in a phishing email were reported 56 percent of the time. Problems found after allowing a family member to use a company-owned device were at 45 percent. Problems after executives installed a malicious mobile app were at 33 percent.

The survey also says that nearly 6 in 10 malware analysts reported they have investigated or addressed a data breach that was never disclosed by their company.

More that half of all malware analysts said it typically takes them more than 2 hours to analyze a new malware sample. 4 percent say they are capable of analyzing a new malware sample in less than an hour.

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