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Erstwhile Republican candidate for president Herman Cain claims that allegations of sexual harassment that torpedoed his campaign in 2012 were the work of Satan, who wanted to block Cain from the White House. Cain made the statements in an interview with RealClearReligion published on Wednesday.

The former Godfather's Pizza CEO and ex-head of the National Restaurant Association told RealClearReligion that running a political campaign is like "drinking from a fire hose." Taking the time to rebut the accusations by four women who accused Cain of sexual harassment, he said, "would have been a huge distraction."

Besides, a greater force was trying to keep him from the Oval Office, he said.

The women who made accusations against him, Cain insists, are all "liars." The media "failed to do their due diligence" on his accusers, he said.

"Then," wrote RealClearReligion's Nicholas G. Hahn III, "he speculated as to who may have orchestrated the allegations: the Devil."

Cain said, "It made me realize that there was a force bigger than right."

Cain is now serving as an associate pastor in his childhood church in Atlanta.