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The on-going disaster of the Affordable Care Act otherwise known as Obamacare is undoubtedly the most poorly planned implementation of any government program in American history. This law which forces people to buy health insurance or face a fine is one of the dumbest ideas ever conceived but it is the implementation of it that has been even dumber. The implementation has been so horrible that one has to question if this was done intentionally to plunge the entire healthcare system into chaos.

This might sound counterintuitive but it really isn't. The reason for the Obama regime to do something like this is that it would give them the pretext to justify a complete government takeover of America's healthcare system. This would be presented as the false solution to a problem that they created in the first place. If this wasn't part of a broader conspiracy, the only other explanation for the piss poor implementation is that the Obama regime put mentally retarded criminals in charge of its drafting, planning and execution.

There are so many facets to this but the Affordable Care Act should really be called the Unaffordable Care Act because it is actually increasing the cost for existing insurance policies. The amount of regulations, taxes and fees the law requires insurance companies to comply with forces them to pass on additional costs to customers. Both individuals and businesses have been severely impacted by this. Since the law has gone into effect it has caused businesses to hire more part time workers and less full time workers. This is because the law only forces businesses to provide health insurance for full time workers but not part time workers. By mandating that businesses shell out more money to provide health insurance for full time workers it discourages them from bringing on more full time help. Many businesses simply can't afford these additional costs and especially not with Obamacare dramatically increasing the cost of health insurance.

Simply put, any law that forces a business or an individual to buy a product or face consequences is morally wrong. Now that there is a precedent for this type of insanity it is anybody's best guess as to what they will force people to buy next. What if the government required every individual in America to purchase a battery operated masturbation device in order to subsidize dildo manufacturers? Besides dildo manufacturers and mentally ill perverts, would anybody really be happy about this? It is the same concept with Obamacare as the only people who are happy with this law are insurance providers and mentally ill people. Whether or not they are also perverts could be debated but it would not be surprising if that were indeed the case. The stock prices of health insurance providers have risen substantially as Obamacare has been rolled out. This has undoubtedly made the people running these operations very happy as it is forcibly increasing their customer base.

Perhaps the most ridiculous aspect of the Obamacare implementation is healthcare.gov the web site that is supposed to allow people to sign up for health insurance through the newly mandated exchanges. The site has been completely non-functional since its launch a few weeks ago. A CNN reporter who recently tried to enroll in an insurance plan through healthcare.gov has been unable to do so despite trying continuously for two straight weeks. At an Obamacare enrollment event with Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius present, staff members failed to get one person to enroll properly. In fact, it has been virtually impossible to find anyone who has been able to successfully enroll in an insurance policy through the site. To add insult to injury, check out the Sebelius interview on The Daily Show in which she tries but utterly fails to put a positive spin on the situation. It is painful to watch.

Although an exact cost of the site is unknown, it has been estimated by various news outlets that it has cost the federal government many millions of dollars to build. Digital Trends has estimated the cost to be roughly around $500 million dollars. This is an obscene amount of money for a web site that doesn't work. Information technology experts who have analyzed the site have been extremely critical of how it was put together. Some have criticized the poor architecture where as others have commented on how the site seems to have been rushed and thrown together. If that weren't bad enough the site appears to also have a number of major security flaws. Considering the amount of sensitive information the site is supposed to process the security flaws represent a potential gold mine for identity thieves. At this point the only thing preventing hackers from stealing data appears to be the fact that the system is so broke that it even makes hacking it difficult. One would think that somebody would have been smart enough to delay the Obamacare implementation until the site was ready but it should be clear by now that common sense is something that does not exist within the Obama regime.

The on-going debacle with the site alone should have resulted in a number of people getting fired. It is completely ridiculous that Sebelius who is ultimately responsible for the Obamacare roll out still has a job. In fact it doesn't appear as if Obama has fired anybody over what should be a major embarrassment to his regime. This is supposed to be Obama's signature achievement as our dear leader and many are viewing it as an abject failure. What makes this even more comical is the fact that Obama recently fired several top military generals over comparatively trivial issues. Obama has continued to express confidence in Sebelius despite everything that has happened which raises a number of questions. This actually gives credence to the possibility that they engineered Obamacare to fail. This would at least explain why Sebelius and others have not been fired because if this were the case she did exactly what she was supposed to do.

It is also possible that healthcare.gov is just designed to collect personal information from people so they can be harassed by the Internal Revenue Service and other draconian government entities at a later date. Admittedly this is speculation but considering how horrible the site launch has gone, it is something that must be considered. The site does appear to at least be successfully collecting data from some people but has been entirely unsuccessful at enrolling people in insurance plans.

Another problem with Obamacare is the fact that it is one of the most complex laws ever written and there is no way that any single human being will ever have a full understanding of it. In fact current U.S. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi once famously remarked that they needed to pass the Obamacare bill in order for people to see what's in it. What sort of insane person would support something that they haven't read let alone understand? Unfortunately this is the type of mental illness we are dealing with from the people who mindlessly support Obamacare. If you were to try and read the law, the actual text is over 2,000 pages and the associated regulations are 30 times longer than the law. Who the hell has time to sort through all of that shit? The complexity of Obamacare is a big reason why the implementation has gone so horribly wrong and this is proven with everything we are seeing unfold. Only criminals who sought to benefit special interests in the insurance industry or a bunch of mentally ill morons would have crafted a law such as this. Take your pick but it is most likely that it was a combination of both.

There is no question that Obamacare is a complete and total failure if you believe that this was meant to provide affordable health insurance to all Americans. It has in fact done the opposite and raised the cost of health insurance making it unaffordable for many Americans. The official site for Obamacare is so screwed up that even after a couple of weeks people still cannot properly enroll in an insurance plan. We actually have the federal government requiring people to buy a product on a site that doesn't work, and if you don't buy the product you will be fined. This is such bull shit. In a sane world Obama would be removed from office for incompetence on just this issue alone. Of course he would have been impeached earlier for many other high crimes and offenses he has already committed during his time in office.

None the less, this failure is so ridiculously obvious that we have to consider this to be part of a larger agenda to intentionally destroy America's healthcare system so the government can take it over. Only time will tell, but what is really sad is that there are still people who are defending and promoting Obamacare. Why on earth would anybody continue to do this? It is undeniable that these people have to be mentally ill and should seek treatment immediately. It is too bad that Obamacare will probably prevent them from getting this treatment so for the time being these people should be avoided at all costs. After all, those who use this type of thought process and avoid using common sense and logic to form opinions are extremely dangerous to themselves and others.