Some claim it was the coldest Oct 1st ever recorded.

Predeal, Azuga and logs show that this was the coldest October 1st in the last 84 years. Plus yellow code for snow in 5 Counties.

After snowfalls in recent days, dozens of trees were broken under the weight of snow and blocked the lines. With the Brasov to Bucharest train delayed more than 10 hours, all those who had the misfortune to start the trip by rail have cursed the day.

Problems between Brasov and Predeal railway began last night when, under the weight of snow, trees collapsed the power lines. Seven trains remained stuck for hours in stations or on the trail.

In total, 13 trains linking the south of Transylvania froze, to the dismay of travelers .

Five roads also closed by snow.

Some claim it was the coldest October 1st ever recorded.

On the first day of October, a layer of snow measuring up to 40 cm deep blanketed districts of Brasov, Prahova, Sibiu, Vrancea and Harghita. Unprepared drivers with no chains or winter tires were left stranded in the road.

It is the coldest October 1 since meteorologists began taking measurements.

Several roads are closed due to weather. Between Brasov and Predeal, cars not equipped for winter are not allowed to pass.

No water. No electricity.

Due to heavy snowfall is impassable national road, connecting Campulung and Brasov.

Many residents of the south-eastern part of Romania there is no water and electricity.

Thanks to Alex Tanase, Casper and Rava (in Romania) for these links
"And the real winter hasn't begun yet," says Casper.