The brain-washing promotion of vaccinations and "flu shots" by the "BIG PHARMA" medical establishment, the government and the media, is propaganda generated by themselves and the "powers that be" behind them.

The interests of the giant pharmaceutical companies and their profit partners do not center around our good health.

In my opinion, vaccines are not solutions to infectious disease. I consider injecting a contaminant into the body to be a toxic stress. I do not believe it has ever been proven to be effective, but I am sure it is often quite harmful.

False Assumption

The common assumption is that it is beneficial for a manufactured "immunization" to challenge the immune system for the presumed purpose of producing antibodies to viruses we have not yet encountered. This should be exposed and understood to be a faulty premise.

However, Big Pharma and the powers behind them have collaborated to financially control, regulate and brainwash the medical and scientific community, university research and curriculum planners, politicians, regulators, the media and the public, all to accept the false belief that injecting foreign proteins, toxic metals and other additives into the body could protect people from getting ill.

The stress of a vaccination on immune health is a short term shock, with a long term weakening effect. Many who get such injections are soon ill from the vaccine itself.

Further, vaccination preoccupies the immune system, which may leave it more vulnerable to real invaders, and contribute to chronic degenerative diseases.

When I was a kid, the doctor and his assistant had to chase me all over his office and catch me to give me a shot. Now I'm thinking I had the right idea!

Germ Theory Mistake

On his deathbed in 1895, researcher Louis Pasteur, famous for advocating the germ theory of disease, recanted his theory saying,
My whole life's work has been in vain; it's not the germ it's the terrain.
(Of course he said this in French, and it may or may not have rhymed so nicely as this translation!)

The enzyme-destroying "pasteurization" process of cooking many foods to kill bacteria unnecessarily, was named after Pasteur.

For much of his life, he hated rival scientist Antoine Bechamp for exposing Pasteur's own shoddy work. Bechamp and his supporters presented a very different understanding of germs.

Bechamp noted the pleomorphic nature of microorganisms. He found that bacteria and fungi change from one form to another, and from benign to active, depending on circumstances.

Another contemporary of Pasteur and Bechamp, Claude Bernard, followed Bechamp's realization with discovering that the change of the body's terrain from alkaline (healthy) to acid (unhealthy) encouraged the changes in microorganisms to more destructive forms.

Infectious disease may not actually be prevented by killing or avoiding germs in the environment, nor by vaccinating people with weak or dead forms of viruses.


The direct injection into the bloodstream of a chemical cocktail of tampered viruses and toxic chemicals prepared by the drug companies is not natural. This is not the way these germs might normally enter the body, bypassing the body's protective mechanisms found in the digestive or respiratory systems.

Further, the chemicals in vaccines are additional toxins that should not be in the body.

This bizarre, ill-conceived vaccination process creates challenges that may have long-term terrible consequences for some victims.

Symptomatic Medicine

The medical industry has created the diagnosis process of naming illnesses based on the array of symptoms determined in each case, then the pharmaceutical companies make drug products to reduce, block or eliminate thesymptoms of various illnesses.

Symptoms are signals by the body that a disturbance is in progress. Overriding the symptoms with foreign agents does not deal with the cause of the disturbance. Uncorrected, the disturbance may worsen, and this and the contaminants may cause additional problems and symptoms.

Beginning more than a century ago, commercial chemical drug interests have manipulated both physicians and governing officials to pursue the pharmaceutical emphasis on treating symptoms of illness as the only legitimate method.

Vaccines Ineffective

Immunizations may seem to work as people's weakened immune systems do not react as acutely after they have been suppressed by the vaccination. If the normally expected acute symptoms of an identified illness are lessened, it looks like that "disease" is being controlled.

The reduction in polio cases in the 1960s is one of the most ballyhooed of vaccine successes. This was accomplished mainly by changing the definition of polio, which was rarely a serious illness. In most cases polio is mild, like having a cold. Even those who had paralysis would have it subside in a few weeks.

The polio vaccine did not get rid of polio, it just reduced the number of acute reactions. What they used to call polio is now called Bell's palsy or Guillian Barré syndrome, and the condition is more persistent.

Vaccines Contaminated

Vaccines contain adjuvants, such as aluminum hydroxide, polysorbate and/or squalene, to increase the delivery of other ingredients and to boost the immune system response to the vaccination, so they can use less of the more expensive viral antigens.

Studies have clearly shown that the reaction to a vaccination may be an exaggeration of the known potential side effects that most victims are not even told about. These are often serious, including arthritis, nervous system disorders, autoimmune ailments and even paralysis.

Various people react differently to a vaccination, but it is not good for anyone. The "studies" that suggest that vaccines and their additives are safe, are typically flawed, unreliable or misinterpreted, possibly on purpose.

Virtually every vaccine is contaminated with heavy metals, usually including a derivative of mercury called thimerosal used as a preservative antiseptic and antifungal agent, as well as a salt of aluminum or fluoride as an adjuvant.

Many parents and support groups consider these highly toxic heavy metals to be possible contributors to autism, allergies, and other childhood ailments as well as serious adult health problems.

Additionally, today's vaccines contain squalene used as a "co-adjuvant". Squalene is an oil found in some plants and in humans and animals, especially in the liver, nerves and brain. Consuming squalene is not a problem, but inserting it directly into the body's tissues evokes an autoimmune response in which the immune system attacks squalene throughout the body. The reaction may continue indefinitely as lifelong chronic illnesses and pain.

Contaminating Viruses

Vaccines are also often contaminated with unspecified extra microorganisms, including other viruses, as well as DNA fragments. In other words, the vaccines themselves are spreading additional germs AND serving as a breeding ground for new strains.

For example, the polio vaccines beginning in the 1950s were prepared using Simian monkey cells that were later found to contain another virus that can contribute to brain cancer. This combined with cell phone usage may increase the chances of brain cancer in aging adults.

Virology experts have stated that the mix of swine, human and avian viruses in what is called the "swine flu" is so unusual that this strain itself it must have been created in a lab on purpose. This relatively weak flu has not really become much of a problem for humans to date.

However, the combination of swine, avian and human viruses could lead to the development of a new strain of virus that could become deadly in greater numbers of people.

Who developed this combo virus, and who brought it out of the lab?

Toxic Shock

The most heavily vaccinated people in the population are children, armed forces recruits, and seniors, especially those trapped in monitored medical care. There could be widespread serious health consequences of these excessive vaccinations.

Recently it was revealed that there are genetically modified DNA fragments bound in the aluminum adjuvant of the vaccine for HPV that is being pushed for preteen girls to receive. This may actually cause cancer, as well as genetic changes in the victim.

The shock of the toxic ingredients of a vaccination on the human system has resulted in mini strokes. You can actually see a temporary partial paralysis in the faces of many victims.

High fever, seizure, brain inflammation (encephalitis), even death (including "Sudden Infant Death"), sometimes results from a vaccination. Autism and chronic degenerative diseases are not uncommon.

Other vaccine recipients just feel ill or irritable for a few days. Some have notable long-term problems that they may or may not connect with their vaccination.

This toxic shock seriously harms children. People are often affected to some degree for life. They may be set up for cancers or other serious diseases later in life, generating more business for the medical industry, while shortening the victims' life on the planet.

In most cases the manufacturers of the vaccines have been protected under advance agreements with each government from liability for damages done by these rapidly prepared vaccines.

The interests of the pharmaceutical companies and those in control of governments, apparently trump the safety and well-being of the people.

Rather than the immune system being shocked artificially as with vaccinations, a natural virus that a human bio-system encounters in the real world would be addressed by the immune system in the way nature intended, with much less chance of long term health impairment.

The more vaccinations a person receives, the more disturbed their immunity will be. How can the immune system be an effective protector when damaged by these unnatural artificial attacks? Further, those who receive a full recommended profile of vaccines are more likely to have brain impairment.

Are Vaccinations Optional?

Parents have been led to believe that they must have a complete set of vaccinations for their child to be enrolled in school. However, more and more want to avoid having their children chemically abused with vaccines.

In fact, many states have an exemption policy for religious or other reasons. There may be an exemption form and certain wording that will allow a child to attend school without their health being compromised with the damage of vaccinations. Check on the law in your state.

Big Pharma has brainwashed nearly everyone with the false germ theory of disease, and the idea that it is very important to be immunized against a host of germs. The have manipulated information by presenting primarily favorable results from studies that may have been doctored, perhaps due to financial incentive.

They also have governments on board to encourage and even provide vaccinations when a "pandemic" is announced. The Sabin oral polio vaccine was administered to kids right in the public schools when introduced in the 1960s.

These days the personnel in many clinics and doctors' offices assume you will get a flu shot while you are there for any other reason! Unless you say "no", they may have a syringe ready to shoot!

However, a growing number of medical professionals do not take these flu vaccines themselves.

Some governments are considering making even the annual flu vaccinations mandatory. Some major health care corporations are already compelling employees to get them.

The definition of a pandemic was changed in April, 2009, by the World Health Organization (WHO) to include a widespread outbreak that is not really very deadly, such as the H1N1 situation, which was declared a high level pandemic. This means that WHO can mandate vaccinations in all United Nations member nations, which are under the WHO regulations by treaty.

This flu was also made a "national emergency" in the U.S., whereby the President asserts he can issue a mandate by Executive Order that would be imposed on the population without congressional approval.

"Big Pharma", the wealthy medical / pharmaceutical interest, has had growing economic and political control of the legal authorities. Together they could attempt to force us to do what they decide should be done to our bodies unless we can curtail this medical tyranny.

These vaccines could not really prepare anyone for a future stronger variant of a virus. Instead, they could provide the opportunity for a more deadly strain to arise, as various viruses are introduced together into humans. Under the dominance of Big Pharma, the human body has become a living test tube, in addition to the tampering with viruses in labs for profit or other more sinister purposes, such as population reduction.

Are you willing to be a guinea pig in ongoing vaccine experiments on the population?

Why would one want a questionable vaccine or any such mix of toxic materials to be inserted into one's precious bio-system?

I prefer to say, "No thanks!"

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About the Author

Jon David Miller is a social analyst, wellness educator, philosopher and singer / songwriter. His education includes a Bachelor of Arts with honors in economics from Ohio University, a Master of Arts in religion and a Master of Divinity from Hartford Seminary, and 40 years of experience in wellness education, business, community organizations, social studies, research and writing. Jon is the author of several books, including The New World Order Empire, and developer of several websites, such as