Marcus Forson drinks Bud Light at most of his parties, and last week was no exception.

"I buy them either 20, 18s or 12s," he said.

But a case of 18 he purchased last week held 19 items -- only 18 of which were beers. He reached for a cold one and was shocked to find a snake wrapped around the bottles.

"When I first opened the box, his head was like this and his head was in between my fingers, and I didn't know what it was at first," Forson said, showing us how he reached into the 18-pack. "Then I realized now what it was."

The beer bonus stowaway was a small snake which had died after apparently slinking around inside the box.

"I pulled it back and I brought out the snake; brought out the snake like this," Forson said.

At first, Forson thought he was the victim of a really good prank.

"I thought she was playing a joke on me and she had it inside the box," he said. "Like a rubber snake."

But a closer look, and the strong stench of dead snake, told him this serpent was real.

"There's no way I was going to drink the beer. It stunk bad," Forson said. "The snake was dead. The snake was ice cold. It's kind of shrunk up and the eyes are missing out of it."

Forson made the best of it. Since no one was harmed, he slipped the snake into a bag and had an interesting item to show his guests.

"Luckily, it didn't come out of the box and bite anybody," he said. "But it was dead, so we basically -- it was entertaining. We had a good time."

Forson tells us he contacted the makers of Bud Light, who told him they would send him a refund.