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Say goodbye to your coins in your ash tray, the stuff in your trunk and anything else that might be left in your vehicle. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will now access your vehicle using keys stored by valet attendants. Not all vehicles are checked however, only the ones in valet parking.The logic behind this is that it is conditioning to get you use to warrant-less searches. Violating your liberties to make sure there are no explosives in your car and make sure the local structure is safe. This violating procedure comes without any warning or provides any information.

Airports already have a huge amount of theft do to baggage checks. Now a criminal can help themselves to any thing you may have kept in your vehicle. A corrupt or ambivalent person could mess up something with your car as an engine check is part of the 3 point check. Leave the hood of your car unlatched and cause an accident! This is a law suit waiting to happen.

This is 100% conditioning for us to accept warrant-less check points. This is a complete melt down of our constitution and shows that we are getting ready for tyranny at a national scale.

This is a short jump from the local parking police checking for permits and soon could lead to searching vehicles without a warrant. Just like the Patriot Act has led to using YOUR TAX MONEY to put cameras in the streets, drones in the sky and the "Domestic Terrorist hype" . Surprise! The surveillance state is no longer for Al Qaeda and terrorists it's now for you and me!

However it is ok for them to use your tax money to fund the real terrorists Al Qaeda who are practicing cannibalism and lopping christians heads for us in Syria BBC reports. Then they glorify it like "they are the good guys".

Despicable America.