In the following Anderson Cooper 360 talkshow, aired on CNN on January 11th, the former CIA internee turned journalist 'debunks' the Sandy Hook conspiracy theories by drawing attention to the nonsense proliferating on the Internet about Sandy Hook being an out and out "HOAX!".

Just as the mainstream media relished the opportunity to portray anyone who is dissatisfied with the contradictory official story of a lone gunman being responsible for the Sandy Hook massacre when rabble-rouser Alex Jones was given primetime attention on Piers Morgan's TV show, Cooper gave nationwide airtime to the lunatic fringe's half-baked theories about 'actors' being cast in the role of the child victims' parents and singled out arguably the most credible sceptic of the official version of events, tenured professor James Tracy, who must be kicking himself for mentioning - in an otherwise balanced article analysing the event - the possibility that actors played roles on that horrific day.

In doing so, Cooper and his employers are killing two birds with one stone: conflating intelligent criticism with kooky and insensitive conspiracy-mongering, and pouring more fuel on the conspiracy bandwagon to the point that "Hoax!" videos on YouTube are garnering millions of views.

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