Druze in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights show support for their leader
In solidarity with their families in the motherland Syria and to condemn the terrorism which strikes across Syria, a sit-in was held in the occupied Syrian Golan heights attended by the people of the occupied Golan, and in the presence of the Palestinians.

They came here to show solidarity with the people of their motherland Syria who face the terrorism practiced by western-backed countries.

The people of Golan confirm their condemnation of the terrorist groups who try to impose a sectarian strife in Syria and also want to divide Syria by killing the spirit of resistance. People here say these gangs have forgotten that there are deep roots of unity among Syrians.

Syrians and Palestinians here are insisting that the war against Syria will expire soon. They are demanding the Syrian army and Resistance parties to do their best to liberate the occupied lands soon.

The people in the occupied Golan heights were gathered on Saturday to support the Syrian army and also to send a message to all the world that Syria was and will remain one of the most important countries of the resistance in the region.