napolian retreat
© unknownNapolian retreat from Moscow
It does not matter, any Empire is no exception. Today's' empires does not consist of Generals or emperors. They are the bankers who do have armies and puppet leaders who commands them to be used as a battering ram to invade nations that do not play ball with the bankers. The Bankers funded Napoleon's march to conquer Europe until he marched on Russia.

The over reach of Napoleon invading Russia. When his Army marched on Moscow was the beginning of his decline. His Army suffered a major defeat because when an empire sets out to conquer other nations. They assume they are unstoppable and cannot be beat. They show no respect to their opponent. Napoleon invading Russia was his biggest mistake being far away from having logistics to feed and supplying his army. The Russian troops took advantage of that weakness to defeat Napoleon with the scorched earth strategy depriving his army of agriculture or anything that would aid his army. That is what caused Napoleon's Army to go into retreat withdrawing from Russia. Russia just had a ceremony at the Kremlin celebrating the defeat of Napoleon.

Looking at the United State in its present day. They are in more wars and looking start more. We are in Iraq, Afghanistan , we are in Libya, Yemen. We have 900 military bases in 130 countries. We are looking to go into Africa. We are looking to go into Iran. We are building bases encircling Russia and China. Our troops spread thin all around the world. Can the US Government afford anymore?

Our nation is going broke and the Federal reserve bank is printing money further devaluing the dollar. The US government will not be able to fund its foreign exploits when the dollar is worthless. We are an empire that is dying who cannot afford to be in every war for Israel and the Bankers because nations do not want a private central bank. The empire is about to collapse because being over extended and over reaching where we do not belong. It does sound like Napoleon being defeated in Russia.

If the United States tries to over throw Russia with proxy armies or not. The US empire will will have gone to far. That is the story of empires that fall apart. Will the United State go the way of Napoleon trying to conquer Russia for the bankers. Time will tell. Either way, the American empire is going to collapse. If the US pushes too far, Russia once again like they did with the NAZI army and Napoleons Army. Trying to overthrow Russia might be the scenario the will bring down the American empire.

The Russians are wise and seen this before. The Soviet empire collapsed because they overreached in Afghanistan , The NAZI empire collapsed when they went too far into Russia. Napoleon starting his decline trying to conquer Russia and lost. Will the American empire heed to the warnings of history? I do not see it happening anytime soon.

All empires that set out to conquer by force always fall, it is sad that history keeps repeating itself. If America will not learn from Napoleon or Hitler. They will never learn from nothing at all.