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Former Miss Nevada 2007 Caleche Manos says that law enforcement officers busted into her Santa Monica, CA apartment, on November 15, 2011, and forced her to get out of bed without any clothes on, all because they targeted the wrong apartment.

The officers then reportedly joked that Manos would "have a story to tell at Thanksgiving."

Instead of a story to tell, Manos and her fiance, Eric Otto Ryder, have sued Los Angeles County and the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

The lawsuit says that the officer's warrant was clearly marked and intended for apartment 'C,' while Manos lives in apartment 'A.'

According to Courthouse News Service, the lawsuit says, in part: "The sheriff deputies brandished their firearm[s] and pointed them at Mr. Ryder, who was not fully dressed and who was in shock. The deputies then immediately proceeded to enter the plaintiffs' bedroom. At that time Ms. Manos was still in bed and was naked."

"The sheriff deputies, all of which were male and armed with guns, ordered Ms. Manos to get out of bed and then watched as she attempted to do so. Manos and Ryder said they were then detained and questioned by police, who continued to point guns at them. They were treated 'in a rough and rude fashion."

The lawsuit also says that the deputies did not apologize for the "detainment, humiliation, rough treatment, and horror. Instead of apologizing, the sheriff deputies joked and stated to the plaintiffs that they would now have a story to tell others at Thanksgiving."

Manos and Ryder are suing for negligence, false imprisonment, civil rights violations and sexual harassment.