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Dumped: Mr Sinclair said he felt like 'a tennis ball in a tumble dryer' as he smashed against the walls, into cupboards and appliances
A granddad today relived the moment a tornado sucked his caravan into the air and dumped it in a field... while he was trying to relax inside.

David Sinclair, 49, said he felt like a 'tennis ball in a tumble drier' as the twister bounced his mobile home through the buffalo paddock, in Long Sutton, Lincs, before squashing him under his own fridge.

He managed to drag himself free and stagger to a nearby farmhouse for help and was rushed to hospital with suspected internal bleeding.

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The security guard was kept in over night at the Pilgrim Hospital, in nearby Boston, but
bravely discharged himself the next day and went back to work, despite being 'yellow and purple all over'.

'I was just sitting in my caravan when I heard a sudden downpour of rain,' said the father of four.

'Then all of a sudden the wind started whipping around the caravan and the caravan lifted into the air.

'My immediate reaction was, "this can't be good". It started spinning violently over and over again.

'It felt like I was a tennis ball in a tumble dryer as I smashed against the walls, into cupboards and appliances.

'When it eventually came to a halt I was pretty badly hurt I was wedged in and had the fridge on top of me.

'There was even a rally sharp shared of plastic from one of the battered windows inches from my eye.'

Michael cross, of Long Sutton Butterfly and Wildlife Park, said the caravan looked like someone had 'taken a tin opener to it'.

He said: 'It's unbelievable the way it has just touched down, wrecked the caravan, and disappeared.

'The caravan was a total wreck. The tornado just rolled it over and over until it slammed into the fence next to the buffalo paddock.

'It's travelled quite a distance and now it just looks like someone has taken a tin opener to it.

'Jock managed to stagger, bent over, to the kiosk and he was dripping with blood.'

Dozens of residents reported seeing the ominous tornado as it hovered above the fenland village, just after 2pm last Thursday.

John and Jackie Forman's garden was left looking like a bomb site after the twister tore through their sheds and out buildings.

Amazingly John only escaped from the twister moments before it struck because he had gone into his home to have a cup of tea.

His wife Jackie said: 'I dread to think what would have happened if he had still been inside.

'It is total devastation.

'All the glass smashed in the greenhouses and even the metal frames have been twisted.

'We have got a lot of mess to clean up, but we are counting ourselves lucky because if John had been in the shed it could have been a lot worse.'

Brave Dave Matthews was able to take a number of pictures of the aftermath of the tornado including a toppled chimney, twisted trampoline and demolished fence.

He said: 'I don't think my boss believed me when I said I had to go home because a tornado had hit my house.'