© AFP Photo / Leo RamirezVenezuelans stand a demonstration in support of Syrian President Bashir al-Assad in front of the Syrian embassy in Caracas
A wave of protests have rolled across Venezuela, Ecuador and Bolivia - countries taking a strong stance against the US and its allies' policies in the region. Are we witnessing a "Latin American Spring"?

­Whilst engineering violent insurgency does not yet seem to be on the agenda of the Global Power Masters, there are indications of growing PsyWar activity by "pro-democracy", "pro-human rights", "aid" agencies and NGO's acting through local players aligned to US/UK/EU interests.

Lighting the match

Is this paving the way for far worse things to come? Those who "light the match" that fires popular protests and unrest have learned only too well from their "Arab Spring" experience how to fan those flames into catastrophic social wildfires...

Some alarm bells are beginning to go off in countries like Venezuela, Ecuador and Bolivia, whose presidents - Hugo Chávez, Rafael Correa and Evo Morales, respectively - are not playing to the tune played by the US and its allies, who for over a century have exerted economic colonial domination over Latin America.

Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador insist in maintaining close relations with countries the US and its allies have branded as "rogue states", notably, Iran, Syria and, until Muammar Gaddafi's public murder, Libya. Have they been thus earmarked to become beachheads for a coming "Latin American Spring" of engineered insurrection?

The so-called "Arab Spring" too began by fanning the flames of a wide assortment of popular grievances that grew into mass demonstrations that quickly escalated into uncontrolled social violence on all sides.

A sign that this kind of "match" is being lit can be seen in Ecuador where Quito newspaper "El Telégrafo" revealed that a so-called "Active Citizenry Project" to "train opposition journalists" is getting 4.3 million dollars in funds from USAID - the United States Agency for International Development, who also funnel funds to local opposition groups like Faro and Fundamedios with the declared excuse of "strengthening democracy" through workshops, forums, and media surveillance projects.

Webs of power

To understand how this complex domination system really works, we also need to look at private sector activity, which is instrumental in achieving control over countries in the region.

For example, a private entity like the Rockefeller-led "Americas Society" - strongly linked to the Council on Foreign Relations lying just across the street from them on New York City's plush Park Avenue - was recently able to catapult one if its members, Juan Manuel Santos, to become president of Colombia, a traditional US ally in the region.

Other Americas Society members include powerful regional and global business and political leaders, like World Jewish Congress chairman Eduardo Elsztain (George Soros' Argentine business partner) and Gustavo and Patricia Cisneros owners of a powerful Venezuelan opposition multi-media conglomerate.

Co-chairing the America's Society with David Rockefeller is John Negroponte, who served as George W. Bush's ambassador to the UN and Iraq, and was also his National Security Advisor.

Often, it is little-known facts like these that help "join the dots" to get the real picture of where power lies, but which the Western mainstream media all but ignore.

Just as they ignored the fact that the Global Power Masters imposed Mario Monti as president of troubled Italy who also "happens" to be European Chairman for the Rockefeller-Rothschild Trilateral Commission with its large mega-banker membership.

Thankfully, the world is waking up to the fact that the so-called "Arab Spring" is nothing more than a vehicle to impose Western-style "democracy" throughout the Muslim world, thereby weakening all sovereign states.

Clearly, this is being engineered, financed and abetted by the Power Elite's shrewdly taking advantage of internal divisions and hijacking genuine grievances of local populations to their advantage.

They use all the weapons at their disposal - often through CIA, MI6 and Mossad operatives. This includes global and local media PsyWar that spreads false/distorted information about what's really happening in each country and why.

Seven Step Guide to country destruction

Writing in RT last year on the "Arab Spring", we described a Seven Step process whereby the Western Powers can escalate turmoil into outright destruction.

Since clouds are gathering over Latin America and other regions, we would do well to review this process:

1. They begin by targeting a country ripe for "regime change", often branding it a "Rogue State"; then...

2. They spread flagrant lies through their news media and paid journalists and call it the "International Community's Concern", then...

3. They finance and promote internal turmoil and strife, often escalating it to arming and training local terrorist groups by CIA, MI6, Mossad, Al-Qaeda and drug cartel recruits, and call them "Freedom Fighters"; then...

4. They try to stage mock UN Security Council Resolutions allowing NATO to rain death and destruction over millions of people, and call it "Sanctions to Protect Civilians"; then...

5. They invade and begin controlling the target country, and call it "Liberation"; then...

6. When the target country falls under their control, they fraudulently impose treacherous caretaker governments and call it "Democracy", until finally...

7. They steal the victim country's oil, mineral and agricultural wealth handing it over to the Corporate and Banking Overworld, also imposing unnecessary Sovereign Debts, and call it "Foreign Investment and Reconstruction".

So, Ecuador, Venezuela, Bolivia - even Argentina: open your eyes!

Learn to see through the violent use of force in private and hypocrisy in public by the Power Elite.

Because the day the Global Power Masters decide to come for you, they will say it's all in the name of "freedom of speech", "democracy", "peace", "human rights", "non-discrimination" and other catch phrases.

Don't fall for it!