Russia's foreign minister welcomed in Damascus
As a foreign observer writing from Argentina, we too are awaiting with keen expectation the results of the Russian Elections. As happens with all elections when observed from far away, save for the incumbent and maybe one or two other names, the rest are often a bewildering series of unknowns and the local issues are also mostly unfamiliar to us.

I am not Russian. I do not live in Russia. I do not speak Russian (unfortunately!). And I must even confess that I have a patchy knowledge about Russia.

But I can tell you this: as a geopolitical analyst I know that Russia is crucially important to Mankind at the crossroads we find ourselves in these very dark times.

Politics are never a black or white, good-guy-versus-bad-guy affair (sorry, Hollywood... sorry, White House...). In Politics, "truth" always lies in some often subtle shade of grey. What political opponents normally fight, argue and bicker about, is what is that "correct" shade of grey. Of course, they never reach any agreement. Why? Because there is no "correct" shade of grey. It's like beauty: always in the eyes of the beholder.

In addition, just as the fundamental rationale of Economics - its bottom line or acid test, so to speak - lies in distinguishing between "profitable" and "not profitable" (and that is what will drive a final decision in the economic sphere); and just as the fundamental rationale of Morals lies in distinguishing between absolute Good and absolute Bad (which Ethics then picks up as Correct and Incorrect); so the fundamental rationale of Politics - its absolute "bottom line" - lies in distinguishing between Friend and Enemy.

Whilst neither the US nor the UK nor Europe are in anyway "the Enemy" of Mankind, the private Global Power Masters who have hijacked those nations and embedded themselves deep into their private and public power structures are. They so fully control these countries' economies, banks, finance, foreign policies, military, media and other aspects that, in practice, those Global Power Masters ARE the Enemy, and every time they rear their ugly heads through State Department/Pentagon or Foreign Office/NATO aggressions, attacks and invasions, then those public institutions of Government DO circumstantially become instruments of that Enemy.

Now when I say "Enemy", English - as with most other modern languages - play us a bad pass. In classical times, Latin had two very different words for "Enemy": you had inimicus (i.e., your private personal enemy who is just your problem and should not escape the bounds of your private sphere; inimicus is where our modern word for enemy comes from); and then you had hostis (which is the Public Enemy of the community or nation: you need not necessarily dislike or hate him, but you must understand that his interests and objectives are contrary to those of your community and that conflict with him is inevitable; hostis is where our modern word for hostile comes from).

All of this being said, as a citizen of South America, in geopolitical terms Russia is a Friend and ally, not because Russia and Latin American necessarily have common interests in everything, but because we share a common Enemy (or should I say, hostis?): the Global Power Masters embedded deep inside the US, UK and EU.

Russia has shown incredible ability to mend past mistakes and seek new roads for its own good and, by extension, for the good of others. There is almost no other country in the world that was able to undergo as major a trauma as the demise of the former Soviet Union the way Russia has done.

I say "almost" because there is one other country that seems to be resolving the transition away from Marxist Communism in a very efficient manner: China. China introduced highly successful social and economic reform in its coastal areas and is slowly working its way into its hinterland, generations at a time!

Today, on the global Global Geopolitical Chessboard, Russia (and China) play so fundamental a role that, were it not for them, planet Earth would have already succumbed to the worst Orwellian-like Monster Regime run by private corporate-banking elites wielding mass psychological warfare against us all, hammering into our brains "War is Peace" and "Big Brother is watching you!"

This role has Russia variously acting like a Buffer, as a Brake and (potentially) as a Wall.

When Russia acts as a Buffer, we often feel frustrated. Take Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Palestine for example, where Russia will take adversarial stances against the US/UK/EU/Israel, however in all those countries, the latter did get their way. Even if they ended up shooting themselves in the foot as happened in Iraq and Southern Lebanon, the truth is that Russia (and China) basically made lots of statements and complaints but no real action happened. No fleets were repositioned, no UN resolutions were vetoed.

When Russia acts as a Brake, we raise our eyebrows in renewed hope. Take Syria and Iran, for example, where Russia openly vetoed US/UK sponsored UN Resolutions against Syria and refused to align behind IAEA pseudo-reports and sanctions against Iran over its nuclear program. Here we start getting that "High Noon Showdown" feeling and start wondering whether there might not be a shootout. The US, UK, France and Israel start getting really nervous and drag their feet in carrying out their threats. Actually, they are forced to resort to more and more clandestine and criminal operations which serve to unmask the fact that those countries are basically run by mafias.

The final question today is what needs to happen for Russia to act as a solid Wall telling the Western Powers, "This is as far as you can go; this is as much as we will tolerate". If and when Russia finally does that, will the Western Powers stand down or will they try to run their bulldozers through the Russian Wall?

This is a key question, because it holds the answer to whether there will be a World War III or not.