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For some, life is a game of who can gain the most power in order to acquire wealth. To do this, they must gain followers to support their ideas and policies that benefit them. So for those of you who are pondering how to rule the world, this is a proven strategy that is guaranteed to be successful if you are willing to put in the work.

First, it is important to understand what people value most. Once you understand this you can begin to control people for your benefit through manipulation. You will want to threaten the thing you have decided is most valuable to them and it is encouraged to threaten the quality of their life since it is what the majority values most. However, do not do this with violence; instead you must appear to be doing it for their benefit so people will want to follow you. (plus, violence is illegal and your attempt at ruling the world will not last long) Instilling fear will get their attention and they will be more likely to listen. Tell them something terrible will happen to them if they do not listen to your message. It will make people feel you care about their well-being and will be thankful you are trying to help them.

The best way to do this is come up with a belief system that will dictate how people are to act and think, included a simple list of dos and don'ts. The key to getting people to believing your story is again by using fear. Fear is an extremely powerful emotion, and by getting people to be fearful you can manipulate their lives for your benefit. When creating this belief, make sure it includes as many true statements and good lessons as possible, this will give your belief system some credibility.

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