During a security pat-down of her 14-year-old daughter, Andrea Abbott was arrested at the Nashville International Airport.

Airport police say she became belligerent.

Abbott's attorney, Brent Horst, says the only thing his client was doing was protecting her daughter, saying, "What it comes down to is this woman objected to what was going on. Basically made her displeasure known. She told TSA and police officers she thought it was ridiculous of what they were doing. And then in the end she was basically arrested for giving her opinion."

CBS 6's affiliate WTVF reports that Andrea Abbot was initially confused about why her daughter had to go through additional scans. Abbot's attorney says an airport officer then told Abbot to "shut-up," and that's when an argument began.

Horst says his client didn't break the law, she merely expressed her concern and opinion.

Horst has picked up the case free of charge to Abbott.