Around two-dozen high school students come home, in the middle of winter with what looks like... Get this--- a sunburn.

Now, parents and teachers want to know how this happened.

It's a mystery in the community of Hathaway and it has people burning to know the answers.

"We don't know what caused it," parent, Donald Demary said.

"We just kept trying to find answers," Hathaway High Principal Mona Miller said.

On Wednesday, about two dozen Hathaway High School students came back from a field trip with what appears to be a sunburn.

The mystery is, students and teachers don't know what caused it.

"We have no idea," Principal Miller said.

"It's very bizarre." Demary says, "it's something we need to be very concerned about."

"We're grasping at straws." Miller says, "trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together."

The first stop on the field trip was a school conference in Rayne at the Civic Center; but only Hathaway High students have these burn symptoms.

"It looked more like a flash burn." Miller described, "or something someone would experience inside a tanning bed."

The students then stopped at a fast food restaurant in Crowley before heading home.

School officials say it could've been the lighting, allergic reactions or even chemicals.

"Something caused it," Principal Miller said. "I'd like to know what it was."

But right now, the school, students and parents just don't know.