us war protests
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Tunis...Cairo...Wall Street?...Washington?

Could it happen here?

Consider: In North Africa, unresponsive, self-interested, moneyed tyrants falling to popular revolt. People impoverished by an unaccountable government run and funded by a wealthy and corrupt elite. Two leaders, both "key allies" of the United States, leaders in the "war against terror," and thus against true democracy and Arab and Muslim self-determination.

Ben Ali - the dictator of Tunisia, became president for life in 1987, held a series of 'elections' in which he never won less than 90% of the vote. Ben Ali, the man who looted his own country, set up Swiss bank accounts for his family, and lived opulently amid the squalor of his own people. Ben Ali, the "friend" of the West, key American ally in the 'war on terror' that is in reality a war on Islam. But the people delivered justice.

Mubarak - the enemy of his own people, a traitor and betrayer, surviving only through the magnanimous "aid," $1.5 billion per year, from the U.S. - in return for serving as the American puppet, for enforcing Israeli-American interests over those of his own people, for helping to crush the innocents in Gaza on his doorstep. Mubarak - the Judenknecht, as the Germans would say, a slave to the Jews. But the people delivered justice.

Could it happen here?

Wall Street - the pinnacle of Jewish-American-Zionist financial power. Hedge fund managers making literally $5 billion per year, while 43 million Americans are on food stamps. Half of all workers earn less than $500 per week. One in six Americans are in a federal anti-poverty program. Nearly 85% of people hate their jobs, and want to change, but can't. The richest 1% take home 24% of all income. The 30,000 employees of Goldman-Sachs earned a total of $11.4 billion last year - an average of $770,000 per person.

Washington - where every major action and every major decision centers on the concerns of the Jewish community. Washington, where the Jewish Lobby reigns supreme, thanks to their omnipresence and ability to give millions of dollars to campaign funds. Literally 90% of Congress yields without question to AIPAC, the Jewish Council of Presidents, and Zionist money (evidence: during the Gaza massacre two years ago, 390 of 435 Congressmen [89.7%] voted to support Israel). Democrats and Republicans, Republicans and Democrats, guilty alike.

President Obama - friend of the Jews, the man who said "my closeness to the Jewish American community was probably what propelled me to the Senate," the man who chose the self-named "Zionist" Joe Biden as his second-in-command. Obama, who said, "If you are waiting for America to distance itself from Israel, you are delusional" - God forbid that we should "distance" ourselves from a criminal, apartheid, illegitimate state. Obama, the "true friend of Israel," a nation who's security is "sacrosanct" in his mind. Obama - the Judenknecht, the Jew-slave.

Congress - 535 millionaires, 90% of whom take Jewish money and Jewish orders. Congress - Democrats and Republicans, Republicans and Democrats alike - who support an eternal 'war on terror' which is nothing less than a war on the enemies of Israel: a war that costs Americans over $1 trillion per year, and a military/security machine that consumes more than 40% of actual income.

Six million Jewish-Americans should not exercise overwhelming and decisive influence on a nation of 310 million; this is an elementary fact of democracy that any 4th-grader could understand. And have no doubt: the vast majority of American Jews exercise their privilege in ways small and large. Directly so in institutions where Jews predominate: government, media, entertainment, finance, medicine, law, academia. Indirectly so in many other areas, due to leverage from advertisers, financial backers, and favorable legislation. Even your 'average Jew' will call in the ADL, file complaints against neighbors and colleagues, and surreptitiously act to defend Jewish interests. And nearly every American Jew is an explicit or implicit Zionist.

Could it happen here?

Consider: What if thousands of committed and enraged Americans took to the streets - to Wall Street and Pennsylvania Avenue - just as thousands of Tunisians and Egyptians have done? What if they smashed the windows of the luxury suites in Manhattan, burned the castles of the rich, demanded payback, demanded justice?

What if they came by the thousands, by the hundreds of thousands, bearing the arms guaranteed to them by the Constitution? Thousands of Tunisians and Egyptians, with no weapons at all, took down their governments - imagine what thousands of armed and enraged Americans could do?

What if, when the National Guard came in to "restore order" - in other words, to restore control by the rich and powerful - what if they refused orders, joined the rebels, and turned their weapons against their criminal bosses?

What if, when the military was called in to do the job that the Guard failed to do, the soldiers, too, refused orders to capture or kill their fellow men? What if they, too, joined the rebel masses - the people - and turned their weapons against those petty dictators and Judenknecht who run the show? What if a phalanx of tanks arrived in Washington DC, took charge of their own destiny, drove down to Pennsylvania Avenue, and began firing point-blank at the White House?

What if the people took hold of their own destiny? What if they refused to have their lives and livelihoods stolen from them, for the sake of the wealthy few, the Zionists, and the Jews - for whom no wealth is sufficient and no power too extreme?

Ten million Tunisians can demand their freedom from the Jew-slaves. Seventy million Egyptians can demand their freedom from the Jew-slaves. What's wrong with 300 million Americans?

Arabs and Muslims throughout the world deserve our respect. For decades they have put up with Jewish-Zionist bullshit. They have had to tolerate our idiotic labels: "Muslim extremist" (anyone who refuses to be a Jew-slave) and "Muslim terrorist" (anyone who fights to defend their basic human rights). American propaganda and American bombs have rained down on their heads for years, and yet they would not surrender. When the time came, they demanded their freedom - and they won it.

Could it happen here?

Just imagine.