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The article below from the Irish Independent, informing the Irish people that they must go to the IMF, coming from a former chief economist from the IMF, is nothing less than a pathetic, thinly disguised piece of propaganda portraying the pirates of the IMF as benevolent bankers who care for the welfare of the Irish people.

Ask any ordinary person in the Third World after these gangsters have moved in and crippled them with debt if they think the IMF is a good thing and I think you'll find an overwhelming majority, discounting the corrupt despots running these countries, who have seen their natural resources raped by international corporations, who have looted and pillaged every country they've gone into at the IMF's behest for their international banker criminal cartel, you'll find a resounding rejection of any such notion.

The so called 'Irish' government are as despotic and corrupt as any of the Third World leaders. The only difference is that they don't openly slaughter large numbers of people in the process, although poisoning of the water supply, our air and our food is also a less overt way of killing off the 'undesirables'.
Yep, that's you and me folks and don't think for a second that there aren't those in power in Ireland who know this is going on. If visitors to this website can find the information, then surely the apparent 'creme de la creme' of Ireland who are supposedly running the country can find out too?

The fact is that they are bought and paid for by the very same psychopathic bankers and corporate whores who want to rape Ireland of its resources and publicaly-owned, or at least semi-owned companies, to include all utility companies and our vast oil and gas resources which if used for the benefit of the Irish people would see Ireland's debt wiped out overnight and unbridled prosperity for every citizen in the country a distinct possibility. Nobody dares ask the question; What happens when the family silver is sold off for peanuts and we're still in debt to the same bankers? What do you sell next?

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The answer is simple and it's already happening... You sell the people through draconian taxes to pay the compounded interest payments on debts which can NEVER be paid off. In other words, a country of slaves now exists in Ireland; not just in this generation but for generations to come if not for eternity.

The article also informs us that the government is actively seeking buyers for toxic banks which the taxpayer has already pumped BILLIONS into. If they are sold will the austerity measures be rolled back? NO!

The measures already in place with more severe "austerity" (read poverty policies) due to be announced in December's budget, it is clear that the IMF is already running Ireland back into the days of colonial oppression and utter poverty and deprivation akin to Third World status.

When will people finally grasp the concept that austerity means UTTER POVERTY? Perhaps when the shelves of the corrupt supermarket corporations start to empty and the fast food poisoners close their doors or perhaps when the power gets rationed, turning off the TV, will people finally wake up to the real world of global corporate crime.

What does it take folks? What's coming from the IMF in Ireland will devastate the landscape of Ireland economically and societally forever unless the sovereign people of the country stand up and fight back against these psychopathic criminals.

We need to start with the whole political system. Putting it bluntly, the whole thing must be dismantled and a new way found to share the wealth and resources of our resource-rich country for the good of a once proud nation. I say once proud because as I see it, if it was still a proud nation, or even a nation at all, then these gangsters and corporate criminals would have been ousted many years ago. Pride has been either sucked out of the people or indeed chemically diluted through the poisoning of primarily our water supply which is heavily contaminated with the industrial waste product known as Sodium Fluoride.

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The system has to go and those in the police and military services, whose sole duty is to protect the people from harm, must step forward and use the full force of the law to deal with the criminals in all parties responsible for our current predicament. These politicians, bankers and other corporate fraudsters are traitors to the Irish people and the country.

It's time for action on the part of those in power who have not been corrupted, there must be a few, to step into the public arena and tell the Irish people the truth about what's been done to them and what's being planned for their future of servitude to the world's bankers.

We do not have time to allow these crooks to have their way with us!

It's time to stop acting like sheep! The wolves are now circling with their fangs clearly showing and they're out for the blood and guts of your families for generations to come.

IMF expert warns Lenihan to 'seek bailout now'

By Harry Leech and Nick Webb
Sunday November 14 2010
Irish Independent

A former chief economist at the IMF has warned that Brian Lenihan must immediately ask the IMF for a bailout or risk bankrupting the Irish state.

Simon Johnson, Professor of Entrepreneurship at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a member of the Congressional Budget Office's Panel of Economic Advisers, has a stark message for the Irish Government.

"For the sake of the Irish people, it's time to go to the IMF. If you go in now and if you go in with your partners, you will get a good deal. You may not get such a good deal next week. It would have been a much better deal if they'd gone in February because Ireland wouldn't have had to go through all this discretionary tightening along the route."

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