GMO Food
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As human beings, we're the only species stupid enough to actually poison ourselves. As part of modern living, we create a wide variety of chemical toxins that go into the ecosystem through rivers and streams, the air, the soil and so on.

MSG - is one thing we humans are very fond of adding to our foods. Monosodium glutamate is a widely used food additive. It is the sodium salt of glutamic acid. MSG is a form of glutamate, a carefully regulated neurotransmitter. This food additive is produced by fermenting sugar beet molasses, and the overly processed form is a fine white crystal that resembles salt or sugar.

MSG doesn't really have a taste of its own but is used to enhance the flavor of other ingredients. It is put in nearly every canned, packaged, or otherwise processed food out on the market. MSG fools the brain into thinking that something tastes better than it actually does, so it may be used in place of quality ingredients. We humans love that snack aisle.

Even though the Food and Drug Administration has received many anecdotal reports of adverse reactions to foods containing MSG over the years, they still classify MSG as an ingredient that is "generally recognized as safe". Some common symptoms include headaches, sweating, flushing, weakness, nausea, chest pain, rapid heartbeat, facial tightness and tingling and burning of the face or neck. To we humans these symptoms mean we are eating right well.

MSG is an excitotoxin which means that it reacts with certain specialized receptors in the brain in such a way as to lead to destruction of certain types of brain cells. With above normal levels the neurons begin to fire abnormally. At higher concentrations, the cells undergo a specialized process of cell death. There is a special gate-keeper that protects the brain from most harmful substances in the blood, called the blood-brain barrier. With high consumption of MSG, the free glutamate in the blood can gradually seep into the brain and wreak havoc.

It is no wonder we humans can seem very confused and act in disturbing ways. In looking at what we do to our food many of our symptoms become explainable and to we humans desirable. Sadly, many of we humans cannot even spell MSG.

GMO foods - We humans also love to genetically modify our food. It is just plain fun. Monsanto started as a chemical company that brought the world poisons like Agent Orange and Roundup. Now they are better known for their domination of Genetically Modified agriculture, owning nearly 90% of staple GMO crops such as corn, soy, and cotton. In independent studies GMO "frankenfood" has been linked to organ failure, and a recent Russian study has concluded near-total sterility in GMO-soy-fed hamsters by the third generation. Despite these and many other legitimate health concerns, it is unlikely that the Monsanto-controlled FDA will curb the growth of GMO foods, while the USDA's biotechnology risk assessment research arm has a paltry $3 million at its disposal. Of course the industry-funded studies show that the effects GMO on human health are "negligible." We humans don't care anyway. We love television and munchies.

We humans love to be used and abused by one of the darkest modes of power the globalists have used to control the population - food. The adulteration of the planet's staple crops, genetically-altered species and intentionally-altered water, food and air all amount to a Eugenics operation to weaken the masses and achieve full spectrum domination. People the world over, but especially in the United States are under chemical attack. Deadly and dangerous toxins ranging from Aspartame to Fluoride, GMO, Mercury-tainting, pesticides, cross-species chimeras, plastic compounds in chicken, high fructose corn syrup, cloned meat, rBGH and new aggressive GM species of salmon have all entered into our diets and environments - whether we want it or not. Many of these substances knowingly cause or are linked with sterility, low birth weight, miscarriages, smaller or deformed offspring, as well as organ failure, cancer, brain tumors and Death itself, what you DON'T know about on your grocery shelves can hurt you. But we humans just like stuff that tastes real good.

We humans do love our GMO food. It is cheaper, bigger, and more perfectly shaped. Now, if we can just teach those dumb animals to like it as much as we do. Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) have been linked to thousands of toxic or allergic-type reactions in thousands of sick, sterile, and dead livestock, and damage to virtually every organ and system studied in lab animals. Nearly every independent animal feeding safety study shows adverse or unexplained effects.

The very first crop submitted to the FDA was the FlavrSavr tomato. In that study the rats refused to eat the tomato, so in order to complete it, the rats were force-fed. Out of 20 female rats fed the GM tomato, 7 developed stomach lesions. The director of FDA's Office of Special Research Skills wrote that the tomatoes did not demonstrate a "reasonable certainty of no harm," which is their normal standard of safety. The Additives Evaluation Branch of the FDA agreed that, "unresolved questions still remain." Arpad Pusztai, one of the world's leading experts in GM food safety assessments pointed out that the type of stomach lesions linked to the tomatoes "could lead to life-endangering hemorrhage, particularly in the elderly who use aspirin to prevent blood clots". But the political appointees at the FDA did not require that the lesion-associated tomato be withdrawn.

It's little secret nowadays that Americans are an unhealthy bunch. But, very few people ask how we all got to this point almost universally. A hundred years ago, if you saw a picture of a group of twenty people, you'd be lucky to find one that was obese. Today, in some cases, you may be able to reverse those numbers and be accurate. Obesity and degenerative diseases are on the rise...but few people are aware that the very foods they eat for nutrition are having quite the opposite effect.

Today, 75% of foods in the grocery store contain at least one corn-based ingredient. Guess what corn does? It makes you fat. That's why cows are fed so much corn; it beefs them up so there's more meat to profit from. What about Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)? According to the article "The Truth Is Out on Genetically Modified Foods - And It's Not Pretty" on, "The gene inserted into GM soy transfers into the DNA of bacteria living inside our intestines and continues to function. This means that long after we stop eating GMOs, we may still have potentially harmful GM proteins produced continuously inside of us. Put more plainly, eating a corn chip produced from Bt corn might transform our intestinal bacteria into living pesticide factories, possibly for the rest of our lives." We humans do love corn chips.

Getting back to cows and other livestock, they're pumped full of all sorts of antibiotics and growth hormones (rBGH), plus they're fed a corn-based diet, which is not their natural diet. Because of this, many cows become sick, hence the need for antibiotics. The corn wreaks havoc on their ability to digest, ruining their intestinal tract. And then we eat these sickly cows? And because corn is a government-subsidized crop, producers of corn are seeking more ways to profit from their cash crop. Corn is now being fed to fish (when they're farm-raised), chicken and other animals who would never eat corn in a natural environment. And by eating these animals, we suffer a similar fate. You can't become anything but sick by eating sick animals.

We humans just love the fact that all gums and most other artificially-sweetened products now contain aspartame, how our drinking water (and many bottled water brands) contain fluoride and our tap is contaminated by pharmaceuticals, how fruit juices that claim to be good for us contain high fructose corn syrup (as do sodas and other artificially-sweetened food products like ketchup and snack foods), and the list goes on.

We humans just love the fact that we are society that is being pumped full of antibiotics, pesticides, growth hormones, chemicals and pharmaceuticals (vaccinations as well), we're overweight, we're sickly and we're ruining our DNA for future generations who will suffer the consequences of our mistakes. And make no mistake; this is to blame for the explosive increase in cases of autism, depression, ADHD, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and all other forms of degenerative illness.

We humans may be in trouble.

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