Angle-grinder - 'al-qaeda's' favorite weapon.
As many of you know, the state of Israel boarded the recent humanitarian mission to Gaza, killed several people on board, injured others, hijacked the boats and subsequently took all 700 people to a prison facility in southern Israel. These are the facts of the matter.

Ever since the event a plethora of lies, justifications and paramoralistic nonsense has been spouted from the mouths of the Israeli authorities and American mainstream media pundits. The biggest of all, and most easily disprovable, is that the flotilla contained weapons bound for Gaza to be used against Israeli's.

Israel has published pictures of "weapons" and "war material" that they confiscated from the freedom flotilla, this cash of "deadly weapons" comprises kitchen knives, pocket knives, assorted poles, angle grinders, gas masks and some flak jackets. What? No guns??

But wait, kitchen knives on board a ship that was feeding hundreds of people on a week-long voyage? Shocking! Assorted long poles...on a ship?? Outrageous! Gas masks and bullet proof vests in the possession of people who had planned to disembark in Gaza, the world's biggest open-air prison where innocent people are regularly assaulted with tear gas and shot at by IDF troops? Unthinkable! And the angle grinders! Good lord, now there's a deadly anti-personnel weapon to beat them all!

By touting these particular items as evidence of hostile intent on the part of the peace activists, the Israeli military and government themselves have made a very convincing case that the peace activists were precisely that - peaceful. Indeed, even the images of these rather benign 'weapons' has been called into question.

Further, the boats were inspected at their points of departure in Greece and Turkey. An independent security firm was also hired to verify the lack of weapons. Everyone boarding was searched, and additionally, the Turkish government performed background checks on all Turkish passengers to make sure there were no extremists present.

Another lie being peddled is that the commandos were somehow defending themselves from the passengers. This is utter nonsense, Israel had their commandos attack the boat to forcibly gain control. They brought guns, knives, and tasers aboard and used deadly force to subdue anyone attempting to resist their hijacking. They killed 19 people in the process, wounded more and terrorized them all. If there were terrorists on the seas they wore IDF uniforms. Eyewitnesses confirm that even prior to boarding, the flotilla was fired upon. This version of events is even confirmed by a member of the Israeli Knesset, Haneen Zoubi, who was on the Mavi Marmara. The Israelis even went so far as to tamper with a tape of the ship to ship communications between an IDF frigate and the Mavi Marmara and insert some choice "anti-Semitic" comments into the dialogue from the aid ship. As we have noted so often before, there are no depths of depravity to which the Israeli government and military will not sink in an effort to justify its brutal treatment of the Palestinian people.

The Nazis had nothing like this - Gaza, the world's largest concentration camp, courtesy of Israel.
If it wasn't the threat of "terrorism" against Israel or arms smuggling into Gaza that so concerned the Israelis, what then is the real reason for the violent opposition to allowing any aid ship to dock in Palestine? And why are the peace activists so determined to do so and not accept the Israeli offer of docking in an Israeli port; the answer can be summed up in one word - perception. By refusing to allow anyone free access to Gaza, the Israeli government is able to continue to deny legitimacy to Palestine as a nation and a people. If Palestine is cut off from the rest of the world, if no one can get in or out, it doesn't exist, or so the Israelis would like to believe. It is an effort to ethnically and geographically cleanse Palestine from the map of the world in people's minds (or the "pages of history") prior, perhaps, to a later physical cleansing. This has always been the goal of the Zionists, to be achieved with the sanction of the rest of the world by any and all available means, chief among which are lies, deception and subterfuge.

It is interesting to note that this de-legitimisation of the Palestinian right to nationhood is precisely what the Israeli government accuses the Palestinian leadership of doing to Israel. As we have noted in the past, it is a central trait of the psychopath to accuse others of what he himself is doing.

The international community was quick to see this attack for what it is, and condemnation rang out across Europe through the Middle East. In the US however, the Truth is to be avoided at all costs.

This brings me to Obama's response; shrill, impotent and demonstrating subservience to his true masters, he wants to 'wait for more information' and to give Israel time to properly investigate... as if Israel is capable of investigating her own crimes. Perhaps we should put BP in charge of investigating their own culpability, or Goldman-Sachs theirs... Perhaps Timothy McVeigh should have been the judge and jury at his own trial... again, more outrageous nonsense.

This article brings up an excellent point, and I want to give you a brief mental exercise to illuminate just how backward the situation is. Imagine, for a moment, that Iran occupied a Jewish portion of her state, that she brutally attacked it every two years, viciously murdered men, women and children... and now an international convoy was attempting to break the Iranian strangle-hold on the Jewish territory by providing aid supplies. Simply take the exact above scenario and replace Israel with Iran... can you imagine the outrage?

I can, and I think it really strikes the core of this issue. As long as Israel is a protectorate and beneficiary of the US it can do no wrong. As long as Zionism has a grip on the mainstream media, we'll always have talking heads regurgitating lies and spouting nonsense to justify murder and state-sponsored terrorism.

The Truth will offer us protection and power, but finding it isn't easy, and we must remember to speak it loudly and often.

It has also been revealed that the Israeli raid on the Freedom Flotilla was not authorized by the proper government channels, which raises the question - who authorized it? Rahm Emmanuel met with Netanyahu on May 26th and 27th, so what did the US know, or sanction ahead of time?

If you haven't already done so, I strongly suggest you contact your senators, house reps, and the white house and show your support for the peace activists and urge them to push for an end to the blockade of Gaza. All it takes is a quick email, a phone call or filling out a web form. Make your voice heard!