Al-Manar: Lebanese man arrested for aiding Mossad admitted he helped kill Ghaleb Alawi.

A man suspected of collaborating with Israeli intelligence admitted under interrogation to having been involved in the assassination of Hezbollah commander Ghaleb Awali in 2004, legal and security sources in Lebanon said Monday.

The organization's al-Manar news agency reported that Michel Abdo, who was arrested in Lebanon recently on suspicion that he aided the Mossad, admitted to involvement in the July 2004 murder, which took place in Beirut's southern suburb of Harat Hreik.

The London-based al-Hayat added that Abdo was responsible for securing the passage of a Mossad cell to a location in the area, from which agents entered the Hezbollah-controlled neighborhood and planted a bomb in Awali's car.

The assassination shocked and angered many Hezbollah members, and on the next day two IDF soldiers were shot to death while fixing an antenna on the roof of one of the army's northern outposts.

In May of 2009, a man arrested along with dozens of others for spying for Israel, Nasser Nader, also admitted to involvement in Alawi's death.