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Terrorism has been defined as "a criminal act that influences an audience beyond the immediate victim". We agree, but the question is, what entity today has the greatest capacity to carry out criminal acts and influence an audience beyond the immediate victim? Figure that one out, and you've got the real terrorists.

But first, let's look at some of the influences we've all come under during the month of October. Vaccination season has kicked off in US, Canada and UK and Obama has declared the swine flu a national emergency! Well, if Mr. Charm, Change and Hope says so, it must be true! Right? Read on and we'll take you through the talking points...

Swine logic

Why the hype?
The image at left (click to enlarge) contrasts the number of deaths in the past 300 days from "swine flu" and the number of deaths from other causes, including "communicable diseases". Without going into too much detail, in the past 300 days over 8 million people have died from communicable diseases and almost 30 million have died from non-communicable diseases. In contrast, just over 5,000 have allegedly died from "swine flu". We say "allegedly" because of the reports that many people who have been diagnosed with "swine flu" in the last 6 months did not in fact, have swine flu at all!

Here's a short CBS News report with the details:

In short, in the last 300 days more than twice as many people have died from encephalitis than have died form swine flu and more than three times as many have died from dengue fever than from swine flu. So why haven't we heard about the encephalitis or dengue fever pandemics??

What is becoming increasingly clear is that the billions of deaths predicted and propagandized by the media, the WHO and major Western governments are vastly over-exaggerated, yet the worldwide induced panic and fear mongering continues with a vengeance.

The US began rolling out its mass swine flu vaccine program by focusing discussion on whether they are able to provide enough vaccination in time - as opposed to the real issue of the safety and necessity of vaccines known to contain toxins. The UK targets supposed 'high risk', health workers, the vulnerable and Canada is using the excuse of the need for urgent production to roll out vaccine fortified with controversial adjuvants. Governments around the world are adding to the fear by closing schools and public meetings. The Ukraine Government's actions are typical of what is been reported: Gripped by swine flu fears it declares three week school holiday and ban of public events.

There is the usual mix of fear, threats and 'it's for your own safety' rhetoric to try and generate the maximum uptake of vaccinations. Obama's declaration of a swine flu national emergency empowers the health secretary to suspend normal federal requirements. A New York hospital has given the official warning that every employee must be vaccinated against both seasonal and H1N1 flu or face possible termination. Despite resistance, Hospital Corp. of America has required it's 120,000 employee's to be given the vaccine or face losing their jobs. The U.S. Military is set to get mandatory swine flu shots soon and will act as guinea pigs:
"Because I can compel people to get the shots, larger numbers will have the vaccine," said Renuart, commander of U.S. Northern Command. "They will, as a percentage of the population, be vaccinated more rapidly than many of us. So we may see some objective results, good or not, of the vaccinations."
swine flu fatigue
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The dangers of the over-hyped vaccine are becoming more and more widespread. In Washington a RedSkins Cheerleader has been crippled for life after being Vaccinated. In Sweden, one of the earliest Countries to roll out a vaccination program, the further deaths linked to swine flu vaccine bring the total to 4. If those deaths aren't sufficient warning against vaccination, Swedish Nurses are reporting side effects and sickness from the vaccine. Incompetent medical staff are further adding to the fears over safety by 'over' dosing children with the H1N1 vaccine.

There are increasing vocal outrage and concerns from Doctors speaking out about the dangers of the H1N1 vaccine. Important research highlights the fact that autism rates double in children as vaccines poison an entire generation and historical data shows that vaccines are not what saved us from previous pandemics.
Scientific medicine has taken credit it does not deserve for some advances in health. Most people believe that victory over the infectious diseases of the last century came with the invention of immunizations. In fact, cholera, typhoid, tetanus, diphtheria and whooping cough, etc, were in decline before vaccines for them became available - the result of better methods of sanitation, sewage disposal, and distribution of food and water.
The result of many individuals waking up to the fact that they are being lied to yet again is seen in the widespread shunning of the vaccine:
British hospital bosses quizzed by The Guardian newspaper claim that as few as 10 per cent of [health] staff will have the shot. In the US, many hospital employees are protesting against rules saying they must be vaccinated or lose their jobs. [...] 40 per cent of US parents say they won't vaccinate their kids, according to a poll by the University of Michigan. Many parents and health workers argue that swine flu is not dangerous enough to justify the potential side effects of a vaccine.
Further evidence of popular revolt is found in Finland, where polls report that 75% of Finns don't want to be vaccinated.

A highly controversial action of creating a two-class vaccination program was announced in Germany, where German politicians and the German army are to get a vaccine that does not contain controversial additives.
swine flue earth
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As well as swine flu's bigger impact on blacks and Hispanics not being addressed there is a great deal of speculation as to how this alleged pandemic will play out. Is it simply an early Christmas present to Big Pharma who are among those companies reaping the swine flu windfall? Or is this something more sinister? Could paper money become another victim of the "pandemic" as implantable RFID chips to prove vaccination are united with the introduction of a cashless society?

News that Obama's H1N1 National emergency declaration could invoke a FEMA response to a pandemic, that the company promoting implantable RFID chips, that VeriChip shares jumped after the H1N1 patent license win, and that Homeland Security is to get new powers allowing website blocking security, all offer ample warning that our predictions may well be on the horizon.

But why worry folks? All you have to do is, GET YOUR DAMN VACCINE!

Ballistic 'Fun and games' from the Middle East to Southern Asia


Iran was finally granted a 'civil audience' with the big boys this month to discuss its non-existent nuclear weapons program. The US, French and British dignitaries wanted to talk timetables and ward Iran off developing nuclear energy, but the Iranians chose instead to use the stage to say that "no one should have nuclear weapons". Mohamed ElBaradei, head of the IAEA, trashed British intelligence claims that Iran had been making nukes on the sly for 4 years by saying there is "no evidence Iran is developing nuclear weapons." Even US National Security Adviser James Jones agreed with him, while Turkey and Russia stood by the Iranian government. Unfazed by the warmongers' propaganda, Iran further announced that it planned to launch a satellite into orbit by next spring.

Having failed to generate regime change by way of 'soft revolution' in June, the PTB resorted to more familiar tactics when one of its proxy terrorist groups 'Jundullah' executed a sophisticated attack on leading party members in Sistan-Baluchistan, leaving 42 people dead, including 5 senior members of Iran's Revolutionary Guards. 2 policemen were shot dead in the region several days later. Researcher Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya explains that contrary to the way it is protrayed as a legitimate resistance movement in western media, Jundullah is a Pakistan-based terrorist organisation created by British, American and Pakistani intelligence and without any popular mandate for its activities:
Baluchi separatism is not a factor in Iran, but it is a real force in Pakistan. The Baluchistan People's Front, which from Britain claims to represent the Baluchi in Iran also has no real popular base and is propped up by British and American support, whereas the Baluchistan Nationalist Party has a popular base of support in Pakistan.

This war between Baluchi fighters and the Pakistani military has been neglected by the same journalists and mainstream media outlets that report on Jundallah synonymously with the allegations of the systematic mistreatment of the Baluch in Iran.

© ReutersMembers of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards carry the coffin of one of its senior commanders killed in the blast through Sarbaz, southeastern Iran
Nevertheless, these differences amongst the Baluchi in Iran and Pakistan are generalized as one. This generalization is given so as to vindicate Jundallah as a home-grown Iranian movement that germinated out of the conditions on the ground in Iranian Baluchistan without the involvement of any external powers.

Nor is anything mentioned about the evidence Iran has provided to the United Nations, starting in 2007, validating Tehran's claims of American and British involvement.

In an attempt to connect its operations with the broader demands for reform in Iran, Jundallah's aims started being presented as part of a battle for Baluchi civil rights instead of its previous pretext of fighting Shiite Muslims in a hardcore sectarian war. The organization also changed its name to the People's Resistance Movement of Iran to distance itself from a separatist identity that the Baluchi in Iran did not support.

[Its leader] Abdul-Malak Rigi is a former Taliban fighter and a smuggler involved in the international narcotics drug ring that is active on the borders of Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iran.

Jundallah is a modified face of the [original CIA/ISI-created] Taliban. The group would not be able to attack the Iranian police, the Iranian border guard, and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard without help from the state apparatus of Pakistan or the collusion of the occupying powers in Afghanistan.
It's known that the Bush government was funding Jundallah as part of a regime change agenda against Iran. It's known that for the CIA it was a matter of when, not if, they would unleash Jundullah upon Iran. The brother of the terror group's leader, Abdolhamid Rigi, caught for his involvement in detonating a bomb in a mosque prior to Iran's elections in June, confessed that:
"After meeting with the U.S. officials in the U.S. embassy in Pakistan four years ago, they (the U.S. officials) promised to help us with everything we needed. We received monetary and armed supports from the United States... We received orders from them to carry out the terrors inside Iran."
Sounds like another heroin-funded CIA covert operation then. The Iranians didn't waste any time asking Pakistan's military-government to hand over the usual suspects, but it's unlikely to cooperate given that Pakistan's regime is heavily corrupted by decades-long exposure to CIA influence and some of its members are likely behind the efforts to destabilise Iran anyway.

The Iranian government called the US and the UK out on their sneak attack, the smokescreen of delicate nuclear nonsense be damned: "We know you are behind this and we have proof." Even Robert Baer, a former Middle East CIA field officer, confirmed Jundullah was America's Iranian attack dog. The Chief-of-Staff of Iran's Joint Armed Forces, Major General Hassan Firouzabadi, correctly identified the proliferation of Wahhabism, an extreme interpretation of Islam, as one of the catalysing factors behind the violent bloodshed affecting the region:
"Today Wahhabi thought is paving the way to legitimize the presence of US and NATO forces."

Firouzabadi went on to say that western plans for the region were behind the 'war, bloodshed and terror' in the Middle East.

"The aim of these brutal measures was to create discord among Muslim nations and prevent Muslim unity."
If Wahhabism is useful for corralling downwardly adjusted Muslims along the path of religious violence, then suitably engineered ideological propaganda through academia serves to entice less critical minds towards violent revolution. Having previously been busted twice for his propaganda efforts in 2007 and earlier this year, this time around Iranian-American 'scholar' Kian Tajbakhsh was sentenced to 12 years in prison for "spying and working as a consultant for George Soros' Open Society Institute," for whom he designed aspects of the "Green Revolution" against Iran's government.

Jacked up by Israel the US may be keen to slap sanctions on Iran for the transgression of not submitting to its dictates, but elsewhere Iran is very much regarded as open for business, announcing that a new international oil bourse is to be based in Tehran. It's negotiating with Russia, China, Japan, Venezuela and others to drop the dollar like a hot potato and expand its oil trade in other currencies. Turkey wants in on this future too. Perhaps that's why Turkish PM Erdogan considers Ahmadinejad his new best friend. The EU may talk tough to Iran, but it acknowledges the geo-political reality that access to Iranian natural gas is the only viable way it's going to lessen its energy dependence on Russia.

In our last installment we wondered if the targeting of Iran served as a cover for developing an integrated space-based weapons program of truly global reach, with the US sitting at the console:
The US Military-Industrial Complex has engaged a classic bait and switch maneuver: its missile shield was never intended to protect the US and Europe from non-existant Iranian ICBMs. Furthermore, fixed sites in Poland and the Czech Republic appear to have been a ruse all along for deploying a far more sophisticated sea and space-based program of much greater scope and proximity to Russia's borders.
Interesting then that Iran should bring this up at the UN this month and thus join Russia and China in warning the world of such an eventuality.


© UnknownIraqis gather at the site of a massive bomb attack at the Ministry of Justice in Baghdad

Two car bombs kill 132 in Iraq as 'militants' target official buildings ahead of election


Pakistan saw so many bombings this month that we are unsure we covered them all. There were waves of bombings in all Pakistan's major cities, leaving over 300 dead. Many, but not most, were soldiers and security personnel. Pakistan's military junta responded with a ground war offensive, 30,000 more troops drawn into the valleys of Waziristan along the Afghan border. Despite copying NATO by paying off warlords to stay out of the fight (and in one stroke making a mockery of the notion that the offensive is supposed to target these same warlords), the Pakistani military is meeting such heavy resistance that hundreds of thousands have fled their homes in search of shelter.

Now the narrative that the US, Pakistan's establishment and the mainstream media would like us to believe is that Pakistan is defending itself from al-Qaida/Taliban/insert-fictional-entity-here terrorists and/or militants bringing mass terror to Pakistan's densely populated cities. But when you consider that the so-called leader of the Pakistani Taliban pinned the blame for an enormous explosion in Peshawar late in the month on the American CIA cut-out Xe (formerly known as Blackwater), the official narrative becomes questionable to say the least. Over 100 people were killed in that blast; 500 more were wounded. US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton had arrived in town only 5 hours previously. Her visit was just the latest effort to coax the Pakistani military-government into cementing itself fully behind NATO's "pacification" of the Pashtun people of Afghanistan and Pakistan. What better way to encourage them than to have a series of horrific attacks at marketplaces, schools, several military and police barracks, and the United Nations, then say "See! We told you that terrorism is really a threat to your country! Come join us in our hunt for these (phantom) terrorists in the mountains!"

The Pakistani regime has been a regional yes-man to the US to one degree or another since its conception in 1947. It's held in check only by the need to stave off a civil war that might threaten it's control. In the meantime the country's suicidal trajectory shows little outward signs of changing course. Pakistani political and media figures put up a good show of resisting American influence, but then launch and justify the slaughter and repression of their own population to show their benefactors that they too suffer from the scourge of terrorism and they too are determined to fight it with righteousness and military might. There does appear to be a dawning among many ordinary Paksitanis however that elements of their own military establishment - particularly the ISI, Pakistan's intelligence branch of the CIA - helped create these 'terrorists', continue to fund and shepherd them and even carry out the bombings and "self-inflicted wounds" themselves. Pakistan is on a precipice. There were more drone attacks on hapless civilians this month. Each bombing brings only the promise of 'retaliation', though it is never clear against whom as ordinary people bear the brunt of both ends of the stick.

As if the region hadn't enough thunder and death to deal with, there were two strong earthquakes in the Hindu Kush region just across the border in northeastern Afghanistan. The first was 6.1 magnitude and the second was 6.2, occuring 6 days apart apart and sharing nearly identical epicenters. Several people were killed on the Pakistani side of the border following the second one. But if you were to ask the U.S. Geological Survey, this second quake never happened: they deleted their report "after review by a seismologist", but the event is still reported elsewhere. What are they hiding on this occasion?


Last month we speculated that the the PTB was preparing Afghanistan for regime change by re-arming the Taliban and ousting Karzai:
What better way to oust him than for US troops, CIA agents and their mercenary buddies to secretly help the Taliban re-take the country? After all, the US government has much more in common with a bunch of misogynistic warlords than anyone else.
Thing is, the Karzais are warlords too - albeit glorified warlords kept in check by the need to play within boundaries set by their benefactors in Washington and London. The thin veneer of electoral legitimacy and the official titles of 'President' and 'Governor' the two brothers hold can't mask the brutal truth of their complicity in crimes from their own people, but they are enough for the Western governments to convince Western citizens of their moral righteousness and prevent them from understanding the truly horrific state of affairs threatening the existence of Afghanistan and the wider region.

© UnknownCan we be friends again? Reagan with his Taliban brothers in the 1980s
As the country is churned into another Iraq, it's worth asking: how can the combined might of the largest military the world has ever known, together with soldiers from nearly 50 other countries fail to defeat a few thousand malnourished Talibs in a collapsed state suffering from decades of war? Is America really on the verge of defeat at the hands of the Taliban, or are we being enticed to believe this in preparation for massive military escalation?

Remember this story about Stephen Farrell, the New York Times journalist who was dramatically rescued in a daring raid by "NATO commandos"? His interpreter Sultan Munadi was "accidentally" slain in a hail of bullets despite holding his arms up shouting "journalist, journalist!" as he approached the commandos he mistakenly presumed were there to rescue him too. The local Afghan governor initially said that Munadi was killed by Talibs during the firefight, but Stephen Farrell, who was by his side, said he didn't know who shot his colleague. How did this raid by a "large number" of special forces fail to successfully "extract" the Afghani interpreter?

The answer came with something we have suspected all along: the occupation forces are airlifting "Taliban" around Afghanistan:
The British army has been relocating Taliban insurgents from southern Afghanistan to the north by providing transportation means, diplomats say.

The diplomats, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said insurgents are being airlifted from the southern province of Helmand to the north amid increasing violence in the northern parts of the country.

The aircraft used for the transfer have been identified as British Chinook helicopters.

The officials said Sultan Munadi, an Afghan interpreter who was kidnapped along with his employer, New York Times reporter Stephen Farrell, was killed by a "British sniper" as commandos executed a rescue operation to free Farrell.

They said Munadi was targeted for possessing documents and pictures pointing at the British military's involvement in the transfer operation.

The Afghan journalist also had evidence of the involvement of the foreign forces in Afghanistan in the tensions that rocked China's Xinjiang autonomous region in July, the diplomats said.
Military helicopters airlifting 'the enemy' around the country? "Britsh commandos" using a hostage rescue mission as cover to assassinate the bearer of potentially lethal evidence of their war games? This is evidence that illustrates just what 'counter-insurgency' entails: creating a fake enemy that commits heinous acts against innocent people and regular soldiers, thereby tarnishing the legitimate resistance to the forces of occupation and terrorising anyone with a conscience. That part of the interpreter's information pointed to Afghanistan effectively being a forward operations base for 'special operations' is interesting in light of the carnage that took place in the western Chinese city of Urumqi in July. Chinese media reported its government's suspicions of foreign involvement at the time:
Evidence shows Uygur separatists who orchestrated the July 5 riots in Urumqi, capital of the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, have close relations with the Afghanistan-based Al-Qaida.The riots that claimed 184 lives and left hundreds of people injured, took place immediately after the US and allied forces launched their fresh offensive in Afghanistan. They are not coincidental because terrorist groups in Central Asia have always had close connections.The Uygur separatists used a ploy that the Western media fell prey to. The media lapped up the fake photographs they had sent, which showed Han people, and not Uygurs, were spreading violence from China's other areas to Xinjiang.
Toronto Sun columnist Eric Margolis explained that the US trained Uygur terrorists for the eventuality of war with China
Chinese muslims from Xinjiang province in Western China were being trained by Bin Laden to go and fight the communist Chinese in Xinjiang, and this was not only with the knowledge, but with the support of the CIA, because they thought they might use them if war ever broke out with China [...] or just to raise hell there.
Raising hell with a nuclear power like China is just part of the fun and games for psychopaths. And so is airlifting commandos dressed as Taliban. Ahmad Kawoosh in the Asia Times relays how widespread these reports are in Afghanistan:
"Just when the police and army managed to surround the Taliban in a village of Qala-e-Zaal district, we saw helicopters land with support teams," said a soldier from the 209th Shahin Corps of the Afghan National Army. "They managed to rescue their friends from our encirclement, and even to inflict defeat on the Afghan National Army."

This story, in one form or another, is being repeated throughout northern Afghanistan. Dozens of people claim to have seen Taliban fighters disembark from foreign helicopters in several provinces. The local talk is of the insurgency being consciously moved north, with international troops ferrying fighters in from the volatile south, to create mayhem in a new location.

© Unknown
"Our fight against the Taliban is nonsense," said the soldier from Shahin Corps. "Our foreigner 'friends' are friendlier to the opposition."

Provinces that were relatively calm even six months ago are experiencing armed attacks, suicide bombings and even outright Taliban control over several districts.

As has always been the case with US, British and Israeli wars of aggression - when there is no enemy to fight... just invent one as a pretext for expanding the war!

In a district of Baghlan province, Baghlan-e-Markazi, residents witnessed a battle last month in which they insisted that two foreign helicopters had delivered the Taliban fighters who then attacked their district center.

"I saw the helicopters with my own eyes," said Sayed Rafiq from Baghlan-e-Markazi. "They landed near the foothills and offloaded dozens of Taliban with turbans, and wrapped in patus [a blanket-type shawl]."

According to Rahim Rahimi, a professor at Balkh University, America and the United Kingdom are trying to keep all of Afghanistan insecure, so that people feel the need for the foreign forces.

"They will try and destabilize the north any way they can," Rahimi said. "It is a good excuse to expand their presence in the area, to get a grip on the gas and oil in Central Asia."
Whether it's "private security contractors" guarding America's embassy in Kabul while dressing up as mujahideen fighters and going "on unauthorized night-time military operations" or helicopters full of US military dressed in 'Afghan garb', the modus operandi is the same wherever the western allies invade. Two incidents involving helicopters in the middle of the month stand out in light of these reports. They happened on the same day in separate provinces of south and western Afghanistan. 14 American soldiers were killed in a mid-air collision between two helicopters, while 7 soldiers and 3 American 'civilians' were killed in the second incident. A further 26 people were injured in the second crash, over half of them 'Afghans'. That's a lot of people to be brought down in "accidents" which an American spokesman claimed "did not involve hostile fire" and at least one of which had just completed a "successful anti-drug trafficking mission." We suspect this is cover for missions of quite a different order.

None of this is news in Afghanistan. It's worth recalling an earlier version of "Operation Airlift of Evil":
The Taliban is a laboratory product, created to unleash instability throughout the area. Reports indicate that not more than 5% of Afghans in 2001 still supported these zealots.

It also became evident in 2001, when the US Special Forces, with the help of the Tajik-Uzbek-Hazara dominated Northern Alliance, breezed through Afghanistan and took control of the whole country in six weeks that the Taliban could not fight. Although the Bush Administration did not divulge it at the beginning, it soon became public knowledge that Washington had allowed the Pakistani government to rescue thousands of Afghan Taliban, Pakistani adjuncts of the Taliban, Pakistani ISI and Army officers, al-Qaeda volunteers, and Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU) members from the northern Afghan city of Kunduz.

All the important Taliban commanders and Pakistanis escaped along a safe-flight corridor, supposedly guaranteed by the Americans.
A report was leaked to The Times this month detailing how Italian commanders had been bribing the Taliban to not attack their bases. They neglected to inform a French contingent of this custom when they replaced the Italian units at these 'safe havens' and ten of their soldiers were killed in August of last year. Perhaps somebody delivered a message to Italian leader Silvio Berlusconi? But this is small change in a war where US and NATO forces pay hundreds of millions of dollars to some 5,000 private militias who later switch loyalties to the next highest bidder.

© Unknown"He may be corrupt, but he's our man" - French foreign minister Bernard Kouchner speaking to the NY Times, Nov 5
Karzai got his message anyway. He played the part of capitulating to Western demands for a recount of the votes. The farce that proceeded illustrates how puppet regimes are managed through the media: with the 're-count' taking Karzai's share of the vote just below 50%, a run-off vote was forced between him and the second highest bidder, Abdullah Abdullah, another Western-groomed front man. With Karzai likely to win that too, Abdullah withdrew from the run-off contest when his request that electoral reforms be put in place beforehand were ignored by Karzai's government. Rather than hold a one-man ballot, Karzai was declared winner and the White House 'congratulated' him on his victory, with the caveat that he must 'clean up corruption' and enter a power-sharing arrangement with Abdullah to satisfy the America and Britain's exemplary paramoral standards of "legitimacy". In the midst of all this "militants dressed in police uniforms" stormed a UN residence, killing 12 UN staff and firing rockets at Karzai's nearby residence.

While Western pressure on Karzai to play the game was intended to soften him up, he perhaps thought he had a strong hand to play when he publicly supported an investigation into the 'Taliban airlift', personally adding that "helicopters have been taking gunmen to Baghlan, Kunduz and Samangan provinces overnight for about five months now." This is possibly what prompted the Secret Team - through one of their favourite propaganda rags, The New York Times - to leak the claim that Karzai's brother is on the CIA payroll and is a drugs warlord for his southern Afghan neighbourhood. Ahmed Karzai retorted that he had no idea what the New York Times was talking about:
In an interview, Ahmed Wali Karzai denied any role the drug trade and that he takes money from the C.I.A. He said he received regular payments from his brother, the president, for "expenses," but said he did not know where the money came from. He has, among other things, introduced Americans to insurgents considering changing sides. And he has given the Americans intelligence, he said. But he said he is not compensated for that assistance.

"I don't know anyone under the name of the C.I.A.," Mr. Karzai said. "I have never received any money from any organization. I help, definitely. I help other Americans wherever I can. This is my duty as an Afghan."
Given the nature of the CIA's embedded role within the US Government and military structures, and how whole units of the US military are CIA operations from start to finish (created by the Secret Team and often operating undercover for decades), it's perfectly conceivable that Ahmed Karzai was on the CIA's payroll and had no idea about it. If we take him on his word that he is a "dutiful Afghan", and that he was largely obedient to his American superiors, then he was unaware that the Americans he was doing favours for were not who he thought they were. Hamid Karzai responded by saying what everybody knows but can't talk about; NATO troops are also neck deep in the heroin trade. As Indian diplomat M K Bhadrakumar wrote in the Asia Times:
When Afghan Minister of Counter-Narcotics, General Khodaidad Khodaidad said on Sunday that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) contingents from the US, Britain and Canada are "taxing" the production of opium in the regions under their control, he carried a stern warning on behalf of Karazi.
© UnknownOpium for the masses
But western agents are doing far more than "taxing" opium production.The CIA created the lucrative $50 billion Afghan drug trade when it first arrived in the late 1970s. Even US Senate hearings reluctantly admitted that the US was responsible for "inadvertently creating" this situation.

This was done partly to fund its counter-terrorism units disguised as 'Taliban' resistance or 'Jundullah' or 'Uygur' agents provocateurs, all following the same model of fake terrorist groups like al-Qaeda and all created by western intelligence through their regional body, the Pakistani ISI. It's a pattern that repeats: Afghanistan's heroin production was zero before the CIA moved in with its trained jihadists in the 1980s. The Taliban committed a significant 'crime' of economic warfare when it rose to power and decimated the CIA's opium industry in 2000. Now that a friendly government has been reinstalled and a fake Taliban has been set loose, business is booming again: Afghanistan produces double the world's demand for heroin as young people embrace this dance with death the world over.

Another road to Nowhere

Bombs, tricks and covert operations do not mean that open political pressure is relieved. On the contrary, while Iran and its neighbors are getting the Secret Team's Trademark Destabilization Treatment, the road to the next war is still slowly being followed. There is, of course, the possibility that the tricks and pressure together will eventually lead to a regime change that is favorable to the interests of the US/Israel Axis of Evil, making an invasion no longer necessary - but we are not counting on that. Such a scenario would represent dire consequences for the rights and well being of the Iranian population, but at least less women and children would die under the rubble or be poisoned by depleted uranium.

© UnknownExperts suggest the war drill will test the two countries' missile defense systems, testing technology that could be used to shield Israel from a potential Iran attack.

The strongest signal this month that war is still well placed at the center of the table was a US-Israeli missile defense war game. The anti-missile system is useless against the short-range rockets of Hamas and Hezbollah - rockets which, by the way, are largely harmless and Israel is very happy to exploit politically, so why stop them? Instead, the system is intended to stop longer-range Iranian missiles. Iran would not make the mistake of attacking a nuclear armed Israel without a very good reason, so it logically follows that Israel and the US are preparing to bomb first.

We still do not know how or when this next aggression will happen, but if the declarations of politicians are anything to go by, there's little reason for optimism. French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner joined the chorus of those who think Israel may launch an attack. Others are even enthusiastic about opening the door to hell; prominent psychopath John Bolton even advised a nuclear attack on Iran, while retired US General Charles Wald, former Deputy Commander of the US European Command, following the same pathological logic, opined that if "our great ally Israel" decided that it "can't take it anymore" - that is, the remote prospect of an Iranian nuclear bomb to compete with Israel's 200-400 nuclear warheads - then "pressure will mount for us to stand by Israel", so the US should join in the attack.

Obama is doing his part by lobbying Russian and French leaders over the phone, as he builds a "coalition of like-minded nations" against Iran - a phrase used by The Wall Street Journal or one of its sources and which is eerily reminiscent of George W. Bush's "coalition of the willing" against Iraq. Yet another obvious clue for us all.

On the other side of the equation, Russia pledged it would continue military cooperation with Iran, which includes the sale of advanced anti-aircraft missiles. While Russia's government has yet to give its final approval for the sale of the S-300 missile system, Iran has already received dozens of the Russian made TOR-M1 system. Given that it has been more than a month since Russia jumped onto the possible sanctions against Iran bandwagon, it is not yet clear what game Medvedev and Putin are playing. Certainly, Russia will not balk at an opportunity to extract the most profit out of the problems of others.

But of course we are invited to smile at the possibility of peace that goes with a UN draft deal which proposes that uranium processed in Russia and France be used to produce ready-to-use nuclear fuel rods for Iran. Even Netanyahu is endorsing the proposal. Curiously, a few days earlier it was reported that an Israeli atomic expert and a senior Iranian official allegedly had nuclear talks in secret in Cairo, so we are invited to believe that all is well behind the scenes. However, Iran denied the secret meeting with Israel, so we wonder if the whole deal is not for PR purposes. In other words, it is part of the back and forth waltz which we saw before the Iraq war and which has the purpose of keeping the public under the spell that our good leaders did all they could to stop a war that unfortunately turned out to be inevitable. Furthermore, negotiations do not seem to have mattered much, as the US Senate Banking Panel has just passed a bill authorizing new sanctions against Iran and companies that conduct business with it.

Pulling a 'Dr. Kelly'

It is in the context of UN negotiations that the Iran saga steps into the mystery murder genre that bears striking resemblance to an ugly episode from the Iraq war. Perhaps you remember British microbiologist and UN weapons inspector Dr. David Kelly, a man who was evidently "suicided" by some alphabet soup agency? Dr. Kelly's bosses at the British Ministry of Defence had discovered that not only he had been secretly talking to journalists about the lack of WMDs in Iraq, but was also preparing to write a book about his work. No Sherlock needed to figure this one out.

That was back in 2003. Jump forward to this year and on the 20th of October British nuclear expert Timothy Hampton, who had joined the United Nation's team for the talks between Iran, France, Russia and the US, died after falling from the 17th floor of the Vienna International Center. For once, murder has not been ruled out by the police. Nevertheless, a UN spokesman said that there were no "suspicious circumstances" surrounding the death. Of course, falling from the 17th floor of a UN building when one is at the center of international negotiations that may lead to sanctions or war is not suspicious at all! God knows what Hampton knew, or what beans he might have been ready to spill. A week later, Hampton's widow, unhappy with the initial autopsy, requested another. The result this time, from a different doctor, was murder.

The US domino is about to collapse

Torn Dollar
© RexIran announced late last month that its foreign currency reserves would henceforth be held in euros rather than dollars.

Imagine a world without the US dollar as the dominant global currency. It's hard to do, but not impossible; there are signs that the world is turning its back on the greenback:

- Turkey will be using national currencies instead of dollars and euros in trade with Iran and China for about 20% of its commodity turnover. It has already done this with Russia.

- President Hugo Chavez revealed that OPEC countries, such as Venezuela, Iran and Russia, among others, believe that the US dollar should be replaced as the currency used for oil trade.

- Chavez also assisted a summit of the Bolivarian Alternative for Latin America and the Caribbean (ALBA) group in Bolivia. The nine leftist Latin American leaders agreed to use a new intra-regional trading currency, dubbed as Sucre, instead of the US dollar, to be implemented in 2010.

- Daisuke Uno, chief strategist of Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp., predicted that the dollar may drop to 50 yen next year, and eventually lose its role as the global reserve currency. "The U.S. economy will deteriorate into 2011 as the effects of excess consumption and the financial bubble linger... The dollar's fall won't stop until there's a change to the global currency system."

- Apparently, Obama and the G20's efforts to get the US and the world out of the crisis by spending is undermining the dollar. As explained by Edmund Phelps, 2006 Nobel Prize in Economics:
"The dollar had been strong because the U.S. was a haven in the storm, and now that the storm is abating, who needs the dollar?"
- According to data compiled by Bloomberg, central banks are increasingly snubbing dollars in favor of Euros and Yen. In the words of Steven Englander, the chief US currency strategist at Barclays in New York, "Global central banks are getting more serious about diversification, whereas in the past they used to just talk about it... It looks like they are really backing away from the dollar."

- The price of gold struck an all-time high at the beginning of October as the dollar fell on a news report of a plan by Gulf states to stop using the greenback for oil trading.

- Former stockbroker Max Keiser believes that China and Russia are interested in collapsing the US economy by rejecting the dollar.

Barry Grey writes in a recent article:
There are growing signs of a major shift in world currency alignments. Since March, the US dollar has steadily declined, depreciating by 13.3 percent on a trade-weighted basis. Last week the decline accelerated, driving gold prices to record levels and prompting a number of Asian central banks to intervene on currency markets to slow the dollar's fall.
And on the consequences for the masses, Grey comments:
The US is to become a low-cost producer of goods for the world market. The American working class is to experience levels of exploitation which it hasn't faced in a century. Its wages and living standards are to be brought more closely in line with those faced by the super-exploited workers of Asia.
What else could the end of the dollar's hegemony mean to the people? For those in the US, specifically, it means a period of (hyper) inflation. Since the dollar has been used as the global currency for trade and reserves, there is an excess of it floating around the world. If the world decides to not use dollars anymore, or use them significantly less, that excess eventually makes it back to the US, where they are still used. That does not mean more wealth, but simply more papers representing the same wealth. With more papers in their hands, people buy more, and prices go up. Or to put it another way: if yesterday there was one apple to be bought for every dollar to buy it, tomorrow there will be one apple to be bought for every ten dollars to buy it; resulting in an increase of the value of the apple, or more accurately, a decrease in the purchasing power of the dollar.

An increase in the cost of living within the US will eventually lead to further loss of jobs and poverty. In turn, all the world economies will be affected. As it often happens, if the developed countries get a cold, the Third World gets pneumonia. Talk about epidemics!

A traumatic transition period in accordance to the Shock Doctrine would no doubt take us into a situation in which the world's financial elite, in agreement with their PR staff (i.e. the world governments), will offer an unpopular but 'necessary' solution. An economic New World Order, perhaps, in which a single global currency makes the job of pulling the strings of power even easier for the Board of Directors of our planet?

Surely they meant the Oscar?

If you have read this far, you can imagine our surprise when one day we read the news to find out that Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize - and it wasn't a joke! Instead, George Orwell's dystopia had definitely merged with our reality and war was peace. (Read John Pilger's commentary for a good summary of the already impressive record of Barack the Barbarian.) But perhaps it is us who are at fault, for expecting the Nobel Peace Prize Committee to do its job:
Naming Obama as the 2009 winner will only further undercut the standing of the Nobel Peace Prize Committee.... The committee has a history of awarding the peace prize to individuals who were anything but peacemakers. Former U.S. secretary of state and war Elihu Root [one of the original Zionist warmongers masquerading as an American] was awarded the 1912 Nobel Peace Prize. This was despite the fact that Root oversaw U.S. policy in the Philippines following the Spanish-American War. As a result of the American occupation hundreds of thousands of Filipinos - some estimates range as high as 1.5 million - died between 1899 and 1902.
And another clear indication that the past is prologue to the future in an ever repeating cycle of tragedy and farce, Obama called the Goldstone report - which accused joined-at-the-hip ally Israel of war crimes in its most recent onslaught of the 1.5 million captives held in the world's largest open-air prison in Gaza - "flawed". Alas, it was the quisling leader of the bereft Palestinians, Mahmoud Abbas himself, who withdrew the draft resolution to the National Security Council which was to study the findings for a possible referral of the case to the International Criminal Court in the Hague. And what of the Democratic lead Congress? They condemned the report, even though Richard Goldstone himself asked the US to point to just one flaw in the report.

Barack the Barbarian
© Devil’s Due Publishing

Let us state the obvious once more and make it clear that presidents are simply not in charge. They serve a world elite more interested in corporate shares and financial profits than the will of the people; an elite that is well connected and often overlaps with the military and secret services of the world. The role of our governments is to convince the public that all is reasonably well. They are the smiling face of the Public Relations department and not the decision makers, which explains why Obama has been behaving so much like Bush.

Once this basic fact has been understood, is there any logical reason for Obama to get a Nobel Peace Prize other than being part of the marketing campaign for the current and future wars that he has been charged with carrying out? If the Nobel Peace Prize sends 13,000 more troops to Afghanistan on top of the 21,000 already announced in March, surely it is moral and necessary. If he chastises Iran for its non-existent nuclear weapons but condones Israel's, no doubt that is the right thing to do. As Michel Chossudovsky has put it:
We are the crossroads of the most serious crisis in modern history. The US in partnership with NATO and Israel has launched a global military adventure which, in a very real sense, threatens the future of humanity.

At this critical juncture in our history, the Norwegian Nobel Committee's decision to award the Nobel Peace Prize to President and Commander in Chief Barack Obama constitutes an unmitigated tool of propaganda and distortion, which unreservedly supports the Pentagon's "Long War": "A War without Borders" in the true sense of the word, characterised by the Worldwide deployment of US military might... Granting the Nobel Peace Prize to Barack Obama provides legitimacy to the illegal practices of war, to the military occupation of foreign lands, to the relentless killings of civilians in the name of "democracy".
Obama undeservedly got the distinction in spite of the fact that three out of five members of the jury had objections, which makes the decision even more puzzling. Perhaps Obama got a little help from Thorbjørn Jagland, former Prime Minister of Norway and chairman of the Nobel Committee, a man who together with Obama and Madeleine Albright, as part of the Secret Team's psyops circus, had a role to play in the destabilization of the Kenyan electoral process back in 2007 in order to help their appointed man Raila Odinga into the position of prime minister under the cover of an "orange revolution". Oh, what a tangled web they weave.

Never mind the BOOM!!

Speaking of the tangled web of half truths, deliberate omissions and castrated science, it is time for our monthly cosmic weather report:

September 25th: Spectacular Fireball filmed over Canada
Septmber 28th: Cosmic shock and awe: Fireball explodes over Argentina
October 5th: Video: Fireball lights up sky over Iceland
October 8th: Indonesian asteroid exploded with energy of 'small atomic bomb'
October 9th: Caught on camera: Meteorite streaks across New Mexico sky
October 13th: Hundreds See 'Exploding Fireball' in Netherlands and Germany Sky
October 26th: Hoax? Video footage of blazing 'meteorite' in Latvia

Gradual increase in meteor activity and overhead explosions all over the world is anticipated. Unfortunately, we can't advise you to follow the new reports or astronomical forecasts, because there probably won't be any. In order to elaborate this point, let us zero in on two of the listed events.

The first is about a possible fiery object striking farmland near a small town in northern Latvia, just at the time of Orionid meteor shower - Earth's passing through a stream of dusty debris from Halley's Comet. The alleged meteorite crash received and extensive attention all over the world due to the dramatic video taken by a group of film students who said that they had heard the meteor strike.

But this amazing (and for yours truly, not really surprising) story was quickly dismissed as a hoax. Versions proposed by the media vary, as some say the prank was done by a group of the mentioned above students, and others say that Latvian mobile operator Tele2 was involved in the hoax. After couple of days of internet frenzy, media jackals moved on to better grounds and Tele2 was left to collect the results of their efforts.

End of story? Hardly. For consider what the Robertson Panel report recommended way back in 1953, pertaining to UFOs, but could easily be ascribed to all foreign and unexplained objects traversing our little planet's skies:
That the continued emphasis on the reporting of these phenomena does, in these parlous times, result in a threat to the orderly functioning of the protective organs of the body politic.

We cite as examples the clogging of channels of communication by irrelevant reports, the danger of being led by continued false alarms to ignore real...indications of hostile action, and the cultivation of a morbid national psychology in which skillful hostile propaganda could induce hysterical behavior and harmful distrust of duty constituted authority...

In order most effectively to strengthen the national facilities for the timely recognition and the appropriate handling of true indications of hostile action, and to minimize the concomitant dangers alluded to above, the Panel recommends...that these aims may be achieved by an integrated program designed to reassure the public of the total lack of evidence of Inimical forces behind the phenomenon, to train personnel to recognize and reject false indications quickly and effectively, and to strengthen regular channels for the evaluation of and prompt reaction to true indications of hostile measures.
Be it a hoax or a particularly thorough cover-up (and we suspect that this event was a genuine meteor impact, but that damage control went into overdrive), whatever happened in Latvia will have even more damaging influence by adding a ridicule factor similar to UFO reports to coverage of meteorite sightings or impacts. We hope there is no need to remind you of the story of the boy who cried wolf, and about the real possibility that the next impact will be in a densely populated, quite devastating, and blamed on terrorists to further the global agenda?

Which leads us to another event that happened on 8th of October over Indonesia. A 10-meter wide asteroid exploded in the atmosphere with the energy of a small atomic bomb. That is about 50 kton of TNT, meaning two to three times more powerful than World War II-era atomic bombs.

But, apparently, and accordingly to spaceweather.com, the Earth-shaking blast received remarkably little coverage in Western press. And even if spaceweather.com was quick to calm the readers by adding that meteor scientists have given it their full attention, in the next paragraph they confessed that the asteroid was in fact not known before it hit and took astronomers completely by surprise. Well, at least we know that curiosity is not entirely dead among Earth scientists. But what we've been able to gather in the process of years' long research and working on our "watching the skies" project, is that, unfortunately, the same scientists are either in complete darkness when it comes to a true nature of the cosmic threat, or they are willing tools in the hands of the control system that has a goal of suppressing progress of true science, consequently putting the entire human population in grave danger.

The next time you are presented with information backed up by the mainstream scientific community as an absolute truth (that Earth is in no immediate cosmic danger) or for your own benefit (mandatory vaccinations), consider the following comments by Laura Knight-Jadczyk:
"In the book about D.D. Home, one learns that Michael Faraday, the most influential scientist of his day, agreed to "test" Home (at the request of Crooks, and others who had already tested him and been satisfied) only if Home would sign a statement that if his abilities proved to be real, he would disavow them as evil. Why? Because - get this - Faraday was a fundie! Yup. He believed in the death and resurrection of Jesus... but could not allow that ever present consciousness behind all creation to be a part of normal human beings! He was, in short, programmed by, and a tool of, psychopaths.

Meanwhile, of course, the idea of catastrophism has been firmly relegated to cuckoo land because it was latched onto by the fundies in the 19th century as an explanation for all fossils...

We recognize that, while philosophy has a long history as an academic discipline with a vast literature of self-examination, there is a lack of such literature - and activity - in the domain of the more exact sciences such as, but not limited to, astronomy and physics.[...]

There is no venue for the study of the influence of the prevailing social structure of science within which scientists work, and even less for the examination of the ways in which this structure is used in negative ways to hinder innovative research and even destroy the careers of those who dare to step outside the dogmatic scientific paradigms.

At the present time, there are few academic outlets where scientists can express their opinions about the scientific establishment itself. In the not-too-distant past, there were astronomical journals where such issues were raised, but those journals have ceased to exist under pressure from the scientific establishment or have been re-aligned to carry only "pure research."

Physicists have no outlet for expressing their views on how their field is serving their needs as researchers and society's needs as the beneficiary of their ideas. There is little possibility of expressing unorthodox views on the nature of the scientific method or how the social structure negatively affects science.

We recognize the difficulties faced by well-qualified scientists who challenge scientific orthodoxy and the illicit, shameful censorship and blacklisting of scientists that takes place daily. Scientific elites under the control of political elites who are most often pathological, control the scientific system. Anonymity in the peer review system is particularly susceptible of corruption and interferes with the objective examination of extraordinary ideas on their own merits. These problems of science are global and even more present in rich, industrial nations where science is the backbone of power and control.

The same problems in physics and astronomy are widespread in all fields of science and in all areas of research performed by humans where the first criterion of ponerogenesis is ever present. Whether the ideas that are suppressed or ignored are correct is a different matter.

We recognize that suppression of new ideas and free and open discussion is not the way to filter science and promote progress in human knowledge, and is harmful to the search for Truth. We recognize that the state of science today is that of decay proceeding to death and we declare our right - the right of humanity - to academic and scientific freedom."
A Scary Reflection for the Halloween Season

© © AP / Joseph KaczmareFirestorms caused by thermonuclear weapons would be the major cause of fatalities. The radius of firestorm damage would be two to five times the radius destroyed by blast.
Not a single philosopher would dispute that a technology may be life-enhancing or life-diminishing. Which is it? Only a fool would blithely welcome any technology without having given serious thought to the question.

- Neil Postman
On October 15, 2009 CBC News published an article concerning an astounding study done on flies entitled "False Memories 'Written' on Flies' Brains".

In the first paragraph we learn that:
Scientists have given fruit flies memories of traumatic experiences that never actually happened by directly manipulating nerve cells in their brains.
Upon further reading we learn why this technology is being developed:
...this technique could lead to a greater understanding about how the brain functions by directly stimulating circuits of nerve cells...study of the fruit fly brain can reveal a lot about how more complex brains work.
In other words, the "successful" experimentation on fruit flies, the aim of which was to create trauma, was just the means to the end of discovering how "more complex brains work" Which more complex brains are being referred to here? Those of lizards? Birds? Mammals? Humans?

Why is there such a desire to master the technology of injecting negative emotions about events that never happened into living organisms? As any technology can be used for good or for evil, one wonders to what ends this technology will be applied.

This is not an idle question as the 20th Century and the first nine years of the 21st have given the world "advances" that just might destroy not only life as we know it - but all life, period. Take for example the "success" in making the atom bomb. As Daniel Ellsberg writes in the opening chapter of his book A Hundred Holocausts: An Insider's Window Into U.S. Nuclear Policy:
One day in the spring of 1961, soon after my 30th birthday, I was shown how our world would end. Not the Earth, not-so far as I knew then-all humanity or life, but the destruction of most cities and people in the Northern Hemisphere.

What I was handed, in a White House office, was a single sheet of paper with some numbers and lines on it. It was headed "Top Secret-Sensitive"; under that, "For the President's Eyes Only."

The "Eyes Only" designation meant that, in principle, it was to be seen and read only by the person to whom it was explicitly addressed, in this case the president. In practice this usually meant that it would be seen by one or more secretaries and assistants as well: a handful of people, sometimes somewhat more, instead of the scores to hundreds who would normally see copies of a "Top Secret-Sensitive" document.

Later, working in the Pentagon as the special assistant to the assistant secretary of defense, I often found myself reading copies of cables and memos marked "Eyes Only" for someone, though I was not that addressee, nor for that matter was my boss. And already by the time I read this one, as a consultant to the Office of the Secretary of Defense, it was routine for me to read "Top Secret" documents. But I had never before seen one marked "For the President's Eyes Only," and I never did again.

The deputy assistant to the president for national security, my friend and colleague Bob Komer, showed it to me. A cover sheet identified it as the answer to a question President John F. Kennedy had addressed to the Joint Chiefs of Staff a week earlier. Komer showed it to me because I had drafted the question, which Komer had sent in the president's name.

The question to the JCS was: "If your plans for general [nuclear] war are carried out as planned, how many people will be killed in the Soviet Union and China?"

Their answer was in the form of a graph (see representation below). The vertical axis was the number of deaths, in millions. The horizontal axis was time, indicated in months. The graph was a straight line, starting at time zero on the horizontal-on the vertical axis, the number of immediate deaths expected within hours of our attack-and slanting upward to a maximum at six months, an arbitrary cutoff for the deaths that would accumulate over time from initial injuries and from fallout radiation.

The lowest number, at the left of the graph, was 275 million deaths. The number at the right-hand side, at six months, was 325 million.

That same morning, with Komer's approval, I drafted another question to be sent to the Joint Chiefs over the president's signature, asking for a total breakdown of global deaths from our own attacks, to include not only the whole Sino-Soviet bloc but all other countries that would be affected by fallout. Again their answer was prompt. Komer showed it to me about a week later, this time in the form of a table with explanatory footnotes.

In sum, 100 million more deaths, roughly, were predicted in East Europe. There might be an additional 100 million from fallout in West Europe, depending on which way the wind blew (a matter, largely, of the season). Regardless of season, still another 100 million deaths, at least, were predicted from fallout in the mostly neutral countries adjacent to the Soviet bloc or China: Finland, Austria, Afghanistan, India, Japan and others. Finland, for example, would be wiped out by fallout from U.S. ground-burst explosions on the Soviet submarine pens at Leningrad. (The total number of "casualties" - injured as well as killed - had not been requested and was not estimated; nor were casualties from any Soviet retaliatory strikes.)

The total death toll as calculated by the Joint Chiefs, from a U.S. first strike aimed primarily at the Soviet Union and China, would be roughly 600 million dead. A hundred Holocausts.
In reading this account as presented by Ellsberg, one is struck by how mundane so much of the procedure leading up to this report seems to be. There is a boss who wants some information and people to whom he assigns the task of researching the topic and coming up with an answer. Except for the titles of the people involved - "the president"," the deputy assistant to the president for national security", "the special assistant to the assistant secretary of defense" - the people working on this report seem to be ordinary people doing their jobs just as most of us are ordinary people going about our jobs.

And it is just this: this juxtaposition of the horrific to the mundane that gives the scenario its nightmarish quality. For what is being investigated here in its ordinary, business-like way are the number of people - represented by numbers on a graph and a chart- who would be killed in the Soviet Union and China, the direct targets, and the number who would be annihilated from radioactive fallout in the neutral countries in East and West Europe, Finland, Austria, Finland, India, Japan. At the end, 100 million deaths would occur if there were to be an attack: and, as Ellsberg points out, not every possibility had been covered in the report, although it does point out that "Finland would be wiped out".

So, in light of the example above, it may behoove us not to be sanguine about experiments such as the one concerning fruit flies and their false man made traumas.

In such a case it may serve us well to ask, as Neil Postman does:
What is the problem to which this technology is the solution?
For the fact is that before the experiments on these insects were done, before the researchers collected their fruit flies and brought them to their laboratories before they went to the trouble of directly manipulating the nerve cells in their brains, there did not yet exist such a technology for creating imaginary traumas in fruit flies. Up until the "successful" completion of this study, such traumas that came to be embedded in the brains of fruit flies arrived there through the insect's direct experience with the natural world.

One might pause here to reflect on the fact that a need for a technology to implant false memories in fruit flies was of sufficient concern and importance to someone that finances were allocated, plans were drawn up, approved, and personnel were hired to undertake such a study.


How will the ability to induce false memories in fruit flies make life better for fruit flies or for us?

Will whoever financed this this study that developed the technology to plant false memories in the brains of fruit flies limit the application of this technology solely to brains of their original subjects?

One has only to look at a number of recent technological "breakthroughs to get a sense of the "problems" identified by those who have enough money and influence to found studies to find an "answer" to such "problems". Here are the applications to which some of the successful results have been put:

Boeing laser shoots moving vehicle

Israeli Navy to deploy robot craft

UK: Smart meters in homes could be hacked

Radio waves see through walls

AI for the next video game generation: meet Milo

The Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex: A Deadly Fairy Tale

US Working Group on the Food Crisis criticizes Global Harvest initiative's failed ideas to feed the world

Pathocracy Now: G20 Pittsburgh police Operation Hammer Anvil

Upon scanning through the titles, one notices that the technologies listed above have some themes in common. Developments in weaponry and crowd control is one theme, and enhanced methods of surveillance are another. We notice also that there is a reference to a food crisis, (Wasn't there a "Green Revolution" to solve this problem, or could it be that the solution has become the problem?), among other things.

Yet, it stands to reason that those who are benefiting from such technologies as those employed in "Operation Hammer Anvil", or the Radio Waves that See Through Walls" do not view these technologies as problems, but as a means to an end.

What possible aims would lead to the development of technologies that give their masters the power to shoot a laser at a moving vehicle or launch a robot craft? What type of consciousness would even conceive of such things? To answer this, let us consider for a moment the immense influence the owners and wielders of such technologies would be able to create for their benefit. So much so that they could change existing power structures, civilization as we know it, and decide the future of the human race.

Richard Dolan, historian and ufologist, addresses these concerns in his 2009 lecture: Exopolitics in a New Key: Creating a Fresh Roadmap.

The term "exopolitics" suggests a phenomenon outside of what most of us ordinarily think of as "reality" that nevertheless is affecting our infrastructures, political systems, and technologies. Its influence is so great that Dolan goes so far as to say that those with whom it collaborates will have the means to develop technologies so advanced that they will give those who have access to them an understanding of reality that the rest of us could not even imagine let alone comprehend.

Are the fruit flies aware of the scientists who study them? Are they aware that the laboratory in which they find themselves is not their natural world, and that the reality of their enclosures is not their true state? If the imprisoned fruit flies were to be visited by a member of their species who had never been held captive and experimented upon would they be able to accept or even conceive of the world from which it had come? Or would they, like the prisoners in Plato's"The Parable of the Cave" turn on this stranger, vilify him, ridicule him, and perhaps even demand that he be put to death?

And so, just as the insects are unaware of the scientists who move among them, we as a species are collectively unaware of the alien presence that moves among us.

Likewise, just as the scientists (whose lifespans stretch before them on a scale that to a fruit fly would seem an eternity) have been studying and manipulating generations of fruit flies - so this phenomenon (the length of which is to our lifespans as they are to those of the fruit flies) has studied us for generations.

Who Are They?

According to Dolan:
  • They operate by stealth.
  • There is likely more than one species involved with diverse agendas.
  • They are highly telepathic.
  • They have the abliity to manipulate the human mind and emotions.
  • They seem to have mastered the ability to manipulate space and time.
What do we need to learn about them?
  • Do they look like us?
  • Where are they from?
  • Do they wish to deceive us, manipulate us?
  • Did they create us?
Why do we need to know this?
Uninformed citizens of a democracy is a very very dangerous thing. We must disabuse ourselves of the notion that we have a truly open process - politically, academically, or in our mainstream media. This matters when we discuss topics such as UFO/ET Disclosure." - Richard Dolan
Why does this matter?

The answer seems to revolve around the rapid rise of cutting edge technology, which has changed our world dramatically over the last 100 years - and not for the better.

In the course of a human life span we have witnessed the decoding of the human genome, the creation of artificial intelligences, the deletion of our natural resources, and the nuclear bomb. And failing infrastructures which have occurred over a "backdrop of global transformation"

In 1991 we saw the break-up of the Soviet Union, the birth of the personal computer, the rise of the influence of the internet, what seems to be the demise of the nation-state, and the rise of a New World Order controlled by corporations and the financial sector.

Where is the money coming from that is enabling these changes to take place?

Dolan argues that many of these "advances" in technologies issue from what he calls "Special Access Programs" that have little or no oversight and are financed by illegal monies that come from securities fraud and narco-trafficking. Government agencies have become dominated by private money to the extent that in many cases they have completely no idea of what these SAPs involve.

If those who control the monies that go into the SAPs keep the technologies that are developed to themselves, this has serious ramifications for the rest of us. Take the rapid advances in the development of Artificial Intelligence, for example. Dolan estimates that in about 10 years artificial intelligence will outstrip our own. That means that our computers will be smarter than we are!

What other cutting-edge technologies are being developed that will place power in the hands of the few whose covert funds allow them to pay for them? And who are the partners in this endeavor? Are they human? Dolan thinks not. Are they benign? Look at the state of our world and our environment.

Dolan makes the case that there is numerous documentation for the existence of a hyper-dimensional presence in our world, and that we, as citizens of the world, need access to this information.

In order to understand the urgency of the situation Dolan asks this question:

Does it matter if disclosure comes from a democratic government or a fascist state?
  • Are we moving toward democracy or facism?
  • A world of slaves and slave owners?
  • A world where the masses escape into virtual worlds?
  • Eugenics? Nanotech? Creation of a super race?
  • Elimination of redundant people

    Is it possible that the differences between the two groups - the haves and the have-nots - could one day be so great that that two entirely separate human civilizations could develop?

    As we contemplate these questions and the implications of their answers, we may feel that we are in a similar position to that of the fruit flies being subject to experimentation. If we are indeed suspended now in a moment in time when the possibility of a new, amoral, technologically advanced civilization is poised to subsume our own, then the least we can do for ourselves is to open our minds and listen to those who have walked this path before us.

    Fear has always been a method used to control the masses, so now more than ever it is imperative that we keep our heads amidst the hysteria that is being generated by the government and the media in their joint efforts to create a sense of urgency for mass vaccinations to avert the certain pandemic, (they say), that will inevitably be brought about by the H1N1 virus. Like the technology being beamed into a fruit fly's brain to create false trauma, these scare tactics are being beamed throughout the entire globe to herd the population into accepting this newly created technology.

    Knowledge Protects - Ignorance Endangers. The information is out there; it is up to us to choose to let it in.

    Richard Dolan's Exopolitics in a New Key: Creating a Fresh Roadmap