Posted: July 30, 2009

Location of Sighting: The Glen Palacefields Runcorn
Date of Sighting: 30th July 2009
Time: 12.00am

Witness Statement: 12:00AM 30th July 09. Left my house in the Glen Palacefields Runcorn with a friend to drop him off when entering my car a MASSIVE white flash lit up the sky and the carpark, looked like a powerful camera flash but NO NOISE. Both me and my friend commented as thinking someone was in the close or the police helicopter was overhead. When driving on the expressway again a massive flash over the Hallwood estate to my right above again no noise when only being about 500 yrds away from where it looked like it originated in the estate or above.

Took left exit for Castlefields then again Large flash but over Halton Brook estate to my left just over the tree's coming down the slipway to the bottom of Boston Avenue. Both commented no noise at any point and little to no cloud cover with large breaks and able to see starlight in between. When dropped of friend at lower Castlefields on Warrington road joked that he would be taken away before he got to his door. When reversing out of close rear end towards new flats near Peva garage Brightest flash about 400-600yrd behind me close to Runcorn castle. Called partner to inform of this persistent bright flash when again another flash over Halton Brook. Took same journey home checking the sky as you do in Runcorn but no flashes on this part traveling on the expressway. When got home took partner into back garden backing onto rural woods and advised of what we have just seen when again large white flash from the Hallwood - Halton Brook direction from the Glen Palacefields. On every occasion no noise no rumble no clap with little to no cloud cover and starlight between brakes 3 witnesses at 2 separate times and all confirming no noise but such close proximity that if was lightning there would have been a gap of light and thunder of less than 1 second and all coming from the area between the housing estates of Palacefields Hallwood Halton Brook and Castlefields, with the brightest being when stationary in the Glen and Castlefields. Any clues? I haven't.