Guernsey fisherman are struggling to make a living after a reduction in crab stocks.

It is thought that this year's cold spell, which lasted longer than in previous years, might have something to do with the poor amount of shellfish being caught.

Potter Robert Le Noury, who fishes off the west coast of the island, said he was putting down the same amount of pots but was struggling to find any crab.

'This is the slack time of year, but it seems to have dragged on.

'It's worrying whether I will be able to catch them or not and whether the season will be a wipe-out.

'I'm just not seeing soft crab [whose shells have yet to harden] in the pots,' he said.

Mr Le Noury, who fishes every day, said he was only bringing in about 10 or 20 crabs, instead of the normal binful - 60 to 80 crabs.

'I've never seen it like this. Every year it is different, but it's been dead for months and I don't know what the reason is.

'It is affecting my salary.

'I fish on my own but if I did have a crew I don't know how I would be able to pay them,' he said.