Standing water everywhere and hot weather create the perfect situation to incubate eggs. Central Florida is being invaded, not by mosquitoes, but by frogs. The tiny frogs are too daunting -- until you multiple them by about 1 million.

"Last night there was 11 big ones on my house, jumping and hitting me in the head and stuff like that," Cindy Trumpolt said.

"I told them we should get on our knees and pray, because I think it is a plague. I do," one resident said.

Many residents are worried the frogs will get into their home or car.

"And I'm concerned they're going to jump in my cars. This is crazy," one resident said.

They're really thick after a quick shower. The water gets them moving, so huge numbers of frogs are in many neighborhoods. Experts said the conditions are just perfect and that eventually space, food and other environmental factors will rein in the population.