The rabid dogs of the US media have been out in force against Iran and Ahmadinejad in particular.

For whose benefit is the US election farce being run?

Ann Coulter, that bastion of good taste and rational thought, spewed a piece with the catchy title "If we could talk to the Animals", in which she praised Bush's Knesset speech last week, paints Ahmadinejad as McHitler and Barack Obama's comment that he would speak with Iran as appeasement.

The spleen with which she rants, devoid of any truth, and the depths to which she will stoop to push her War Whore agenda knows no limits. She even refers to Barack Obama as "B. Hussein Obama" - now that is really cheap, isn't it? But when you're selling the supreme crime against humanity (war of aggression), stooping so low is a matter of course.

This is all based of course on that original lie that Ahmadinejad wished to push Israel into the sea - as opposed to removing the Zionist regime from the pages of history - and the fabricated implication that Iran is on the brink of destroying Israel.

Coulter is a figure straight from the totalitarian nightmare of Orwell's 1984. She even implies in the title to her piece that talking with Iranians is "Talking with the Animals". When one sees these methods being used, it is clear to see that their source is not some far out loony fascist, but part of the vast war machine of which the right wing in America is the public face. Her rantings are pure Newspeak and Double Think.

She's not alone by any means. Andrew McCarthy, in the National Review, ignores all facts and similarly spews forth pure lies. He refers to "Iran's murderous jihadist regime" when that title is a much more accurate epithet for the US regimes of the last 60 years.

He repeats the already amply disproved claims that "The mullahs were actively orchestrating the murder of American troops in Iraq" and of course beats the drum of "Iran's development of nuclear weapons" conveniently forgetting that no such assertion been made by the IAEA , having been been specifically disavowed by the US National Intelligence Estimate.

He then blames the bombing of Khobar Towers (Saudi Arabia) in 1996 on the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps describing it as, "an act of war that killed 19 members of the United States Air Force. It is not enough to say the Clinton administration did nothing; it actually obstructed the investigation that would have brought Iran's attack on the United States to light." The reason that Clinton blocked the investigation, is pretty clear now - it is that when the investigators did their digging they found not the hand of Iran in the attack but the hand of the US's favoured puppet master Israel.

Of course no right wing rant would be complete without bringing up the bogeyman extraordinaire, so McCarthy continues, "..even as Iran stepped up its anti-American aggression, harbored al-Qaeda fighters, and (as even the 9/11 Commission grudgingly conceded) very likely facilitated the travel of the suicide hijackers who killed nearly 3,000 Americans on September 11, 2001."

However all of this pales in comparison to the Double Think that McCarthy displays when he states, "We were dealing with an apocalyptic regime certain that radical Islam's global triumph was as imminent as the long lost Mahdi's arrival any day now." This coming just days after the right wing's own Pastor Hagee enunciated the Christian Right's apocalyptic and radical vision for Israel and the preparations for the second coming of Christ.

To give McCarthy credit he does ask one sensible question, although his answer is of course wildly off the mark. He asks why it is that Barack Obama is now denying that he said he would meet with Iran's Ahmadinejad. Indeed why is he now back-peddling?

It would seem that Barack Obama is unaware that the issue is not whether Iran is actually supplying weapons to the resistance in Iraq or is actually developing a nuclear weapon, which would make meeting and negotiating a sensible and realistic course of action. The issue is simply the framing of Iran so as to justify (albeit to an increasingly limited audience) the war of aggression that is to be launched very soon.

Over at Time we are treated to an analysis of who the "bad guys" support in the US election. Yet more of the now standard lies are peddled as facts including the telltale "Ahmadinejad as anti-semite" with an additional twist that the Iranian leadership needs to promote a US President who can maintain the image of being the Great Satan.

Of course the issue in Iranian minds is only over whether the US President can be made to "appear" as the Great Satan. It is conveniently ignored that destroying two sovereign nations (Afghanistan and Iraq), murdering over a million innocent people, supporting Israel's genocide of the Palestinians and daily threats to deliver the same to Iran actually make it the Great Satan in the minds of billions of people around the world.

Just reading through these articles that pass for news in the US media makes me nauseated and, frankly, despondent. That anybody can take these lunatic ravings as being anything but the demented echoes of the psychopathy that not only walks the corridors of power, but has its finger on 'the button', is truly frightening.