Bryant and Laura Loke said thousands of tiny frogs that have invaded their Rosedale neighborhood.

They said on any given day, the little critters can been seen hopping their way through yards, and even into homes.

As the old fairy tale goes, you kiss a frog and it will turn into a prince.

For these folks their new visitors are nothing but a royal pain in the behind.

They're small. they hop, and their new home is this neighborhood off Calloway Drive.

Some travel in large groups, while others prefer to double up.

It's been going on for about two weeks now and folks who live here at getting a little jumpy as their frog friends hop and swim from house to house.

Bryant Loke said, "You'd see cars go by, and see them slinging up frogs like they were rocks."

The frogs have been migrating from a drainage sump in the area, and have literality spread out through this entire neighborhood.

Residents like Bryant Loke and his wife Laura admit their amphibious friends have overstayed their welcome.

Down the street Lorenzo Gonzalez welcomes the wandering frogs into his yard, but was surprised to find out they werent just passing through.

Gonzales said, "Hundreds of thousands of them came out of the sump one morning, but they work their way here. We got a lot of them but it's not an epidemic."

Gonzalez said his family wont try to get rid of the frolicking frogs, they're almost part of the family.

Gonzalez said, "We like them. The kids like them. We have to fish them out of the pool sometimes, but it's not that big of an inconvenience."

Meanwhile, Kern Mosquito and Vector Control in Bakersfield said they don't deal with infestations like this one, and say more than likely the frogs will either die off, or find another place to live.