Driving through many areas of Bowling Green, Kentucky, you wouldn't know we had intense winds Thursday night. If you take a drive through the 1300 and 1400 blocks of Westen Avenue, the evidence is everywhere.

There's a gentle breeze blowing the streets off Westen Avenue and Jana Thornton would be enjoying the day, if something weren't obscuring her view.

"At 1:58, I looked at the clock and heard a cracking sound and got up to see what was happening and this is what was happening," Jana says, motioning to the tree branches laying on her porch.

Today's weather is a far cry from last night's powerful winds.

"I thought it was the worst thunder I'd ever heard," says Jana. "Then I realized it wasn't thunder."

"Terrible loud crashes and noises," remembers Bowling Green resident Rusty Turner.

"I jumped up out of bed and the tree hit the window," adds Betty Holder, an area woman.

"Then the power went off. Everything went black," Rusty says.

"It was raining so hard, I couldn't see the street," says Jana.

"I didn't go back to bed after that," laughs Betty.

"I came to the door with a flashlight in my hand and a policeman was at my door, seeing if we were okay," Rusty says.

Now these residents are just assessing the damage.

"Had a considerable amount of roof damage. Had some vinyl blown off," says Rusty.

"Half a mile down the road, everything looks fine. It's just this part of town that got hit hard," says Dr. Zahid Fraser.

Dr. Fraser's pediatrician's office was hit particularly hard.

"I just got called by the city police to come look at the building, and when I came here, the roof had blown out," he explains.

Employees are boxing up files for their office's temporary move.

"We are going to be moving to Suite 103 of the Physicians building next to Greenwood Hospital," says Dr. Fraser.

Just like many others in this neighborhood, they've got one focus.

"Just clean up the mess and move on," Jana concludes. "No big deal."

While the recovery effort for these residents off Westen Avenue is quickly coming along, worse damage has hit Clinton county. Troopers from Post 15 are assisting in house to house searches for people that may have been injured in the storm. If you know someone who needs assistance, call the Kentucky State Police at 270-384-4796.