MI5's "Terror Alert" Generator

Just in case anyone thought that Gordon Brown's arrival at 10 Downing Street and his subsequent shuffling of apparently anti-war doves into the British cabinet might mark a sea change in British grovelling at the altar of the Amero-Israeli war of terror, the last few day's events in the UK have shown otherwise. In fact, what Friday's almost bombing of a UK nightclub and the bizarre events at Glasgow airport yesterday actually show is that the public face of the UK government, regardless of whose face it is, has little relevance to or input on how the war of terror evolves.

As regular readers of this website already know, worldwide Islamic terrorism in the terms presented by Western governments is a myth. Simply stated, it does not exist. There are no extremist Muslim groups with the capability to carry out large scale attacks such as 9/11 or the Madrid or London bombings, those attacks (and many others like them) were perpetrated by a combination of American, Israeli and British intelligence agencies.

Yesterday's excitement at Glasgow airport, where two men, in a poorly planned attack, drove a Cherokee Jeep into the main doors of the airport terminal and then set it alight, should have been seen for what it was: the work of two deranged nut cases, and an example of the extent of the true capabilities of any Islamic extremist groups to effectively attack the civilian populations of Western nations, i.e. almost nil. Critical analysis of alleged "Islamic terror attacks" however is virtually illegal in the UK these days, and the pathocracy in power in the UK demands that knee jerk emotionally-based responses are required from the great British public.

Flaming Jeep aka Proxy bomb at Glasgow airport

Mind controlled patsy?

It was for this reason that top UK (in)security chief "Lord" John Stevens wasted no time in responding to the event by stating: "Make no mistake, this weekend's bomb attacks signal a major escalation in the war being waged on us by Islamic terrorists" and linking the Glasgow event to the car bomb at the London nightclub the day before (without any evidence of course). Stevens waxed hysterical as he spoke of "al-Qaeda Mr Big's" planning a new series of attacks and that "the seeds of Muslim terrorism" beginning to "sprout". He closed with "make no mistake - strike again they will", leaving the reader with the uncomfortable feeling that he knows just a little too much about upcoming "Islamic terror attacks".

MI5 were quick to echo Stevens hyperbole by upping the "terror threat alert" to "critical", meaning an attack is "imminent".

The fact of the matter is that "they" will strike again, but if an attack is imminent, it's only because Steven's and his spook friends have just crossed the "T's and dotted the "I's" on the final planning.

Getting back to Glasgow, the event bore strong similarities to a long-standing tactic of British counter-insurgency task forces: the "proxy bomb". A proxy bombing involves a member or members of the civilian population who are forced, paid, mind-programmed or otherwise compelled to drive a vehicle carrying some kind of explosive to a specific target, at which point the explosive is detonated by remote control or timer killing the proxy driver(s) and members of the civilian or military population, depending on the situation. In Northern Ireland, during the last 30 years of the 800-year-long Irish war against the British establishment, this tactic was used on several occasions to attack British military or security installations, but it wasn't the IRA's idea. No indeed, to come up with a strategy that involved such a callous disregard for innocent human life, the cold-blooded services of the empire were needed:
UK agents 'did have role in IRA bomb atrocities'

Henry McDonald, Ireland editor
Sunday September 10, 2006
The Observer

The controversy over claims that Britain allowed two IRA informers to organise 'human bomb' attacks intensified this weekend.

A human rights watchdog has handed a report to the Police Service of Northern Ireland, which concludes that two British agents were central to the bombings of three army border installations in 1990. [...]

The 'human bomb' tactic involved forcing civilians to drive vehicles laden with explosives into army checkpoints and included deadly sorties near Newry and Coshquin outside Derry. Six British soldiers and a civilian worker at an army base died in the simultaneous blasts on either side of Northern Ireland. [...]

British Irish Rights Watch said: 'This month BIRW sent a confidential report to the Historical Enquiries Team on the three incidents that occurred on 24th October 1990... at least two security force agents were involved in these bombings, and allegations have been made that the "human bomb" strategy was the brainchild of British intelligence.
Of course, the revelation that "forced suicide bombing" was the brainchild of British intelligence puts a very different spin on the massive number of "suicide car bombings" that have occurred in Iraq since the American and British invaded. The Iraq bombings are designed to have the very same effect in Iraq as in the UK, America or Spain - a population too traumatised to question the increasingly authoritarian dictates of their 'leaders'.

9/11, the Madrid train bombings of 2004 and the London underground and bus bombings of 2005 were designed to convey to the Western public the general falsehood that worldwide manic Islamic terrorism against innocent civilians is real. The most recent "attacks" in London and Glasgow on the other hand, were designed as a prelude or a setup for what is to come later this year.

At present, the situation is that Iran will be attacked, and the British intelligence establishment is eager for the British and world public to understand that the "logical" response to such a brutal act will be a wave of individual "suicide attacks" against the British public by British Muslims furious at the massive slaughter unleashed on the Iranian people - attacks similar to the half-baked attack at Glasgow yesterday - but with the addition of significant numbers of dead civilians just to drive the trauma home.

You see, the psychopaths in power are sincere in their desire to murder many members of the British public in an attempt to turn them into little more than Pavlovian dogs, 'salivating' not at the ring of a bell but the sound of an explosion or reports of one on their nightly mainstream media news broadcasts. As to what what the final outcome of such a Orwellian nightmare may be, the best guess at this stage does not paint a pretty picture. To answer this question, perhaps it is best to reference again Pavlov and his dogs. When Pavlov was finished with his cruel mind-control experiments into finding the best way to compel his subjects to respond automatically to basic stimuli - or to put it another way, when the subjects of the experiment were no longer useful - they were put down.