She-devil Condolezza Rice is currently on a PR trip to OZ. Speaking to students at the University of Sydney's Conservatorium of Music, Condi waxed duplicitous on how "Iraqis will triumph" and that "we will win in Iraq but we must be patient with these people".

Soon after she began her speech, two members of the audience shouted:

"Condoleezza Rice you are a war criminal" and "Iraqi blood is on your hands and you cannot wash that blood away" - which was the only truth uttered during the entire speech.

Unfazed by this truth and the accusation made against her (which we conclude is due to the fact that she simply does not care about Iraqi blood, regardless of whose hands it is on), Condi immediately shot back that she was "glad democracy was alive at the university, where she said people were free to speak their minds". The problem, however, was that as she was saying these words, the two audience members were being dragged unceremoniously out of the auditorium. Does anyone see anything wrong with that picture?

The Princess of Darkness then completed her counter attack with:

"I am also especially glad to note that democracy will now also be alive and well at the University of Kabul and the University of Baghdad."

Sadly, under Condi's definition of "free speech" the two protestors did not get a chance to respond. If they had, they might have mentioned that the most notable thing about the University of Baghdad is that a shocking number of academics, 300 to be exact, who should be teaching there have been murdered by assassination squads working from within the U.S.-sponsored Iraqi puppet regime.

As for Kabul; with alleged Taleban chief, Mullah Mohammad Omar, recently promising "unimaginable violence" in Afghanistan this spring and summer, Kabul University, or anywhere else under the purview of U.S. puppet Afghan President, Hamid Karzai, might not be the safest place to send your kids.

Not to be outdone, about 15 minutes later, another dissenter interrupted Condi's speech when she referred to "freedom":

"What kind of freedom are you talking about, you are a murderer," queried the dissenter, who, like the other two, did not get a chance to continue the discussion with the freedom-loving Dr. Rice.

The bleeding-heart commies gone, the remaining rent-a-crowd audience settled down to listen in peace and comfort to the remainder of Rice's fairy tales of how the Bush government really is making the world a safer place, and not even the sharp-shooters positioned on surrounding buildings and security forces looking on from boats in Sydney Harbor, could dispel such a wonderful illusion.