© Ernesto Ortega
It's a dirty job, but we have to do it.

The Senate vote confirming Alito to the Supreme Court shows that those in power know that the outcome is fixed, and that if they wish to share in the power of the new tyranny, they will have to play ball.

So, what next?

There is only one possible meaning of the Senate's cloture vote on Samuel Alito's confirmation. 75% of our senators, and all of our other elected officials, KNOW that this country's elections are rigged, and that the will and voice of the people no longer matter. They KNOW that so long as they "play ball" with the dictates of the new totalitarian government, which will now ensue beyond all previously imagined levels to commit domestic terrorism of the populace and destruction of infrastructure, environment and all else, THEY will have their power, privilege and prestige assured to them regardless. They will keep their positions and all the perquisites thereof in return for providing the appearance of a democracy and of an "opposing" party. That is their sole function now, to deceive both average Americans and especially the other nations of the world, and to discourage, divert and drain away the public's efforts to seek justice and the restoration of our rights. And a few other niceties like luring any effective dissidents out to be identified and corralled later.

That is the real deal, and anyone with two neurons firing now knows a big part of the solution. They've stolen our elections, and it is up to the brightest and best of our patriotic and computer savvy people to steal them back. Every dissident needs to "see the light" and immediately get actively, personally involved in local elections. Wherever there is computerized or mechanical, black box vote scamming machinery in use, we must figure out how to access it and either hack it and stack it or else kill it so it cannot be used again, ever.

We have fought the good fight, and as of yesterday we have definitive proof that it cannot be won through any legitimate means. So, we no longer need to waste one more minute in playing by the rules. The rules are dead. That is the real meaning of yesterday's Senate vote on cloture for the Alito nomination. Had any of those Senators who voted to end debate on Alito actually had the slightest concerns that they could ever be voted out of office by a legitimate counting of the ballots, they would not have voted for cloture. To remind one and all again, as Joseph Stalin put it so well, "It is not those who vote who have the power. The power belongs to those who count the votes."

The other half of the solution is for all of us to stay united, stay one voice, and, as one People, QUIT. Walk out. Just say "No" to the entire system and the dead rules that they've thrown away, for themselves, but expect all of us to now docilely, stupidly continue to obey and play by. So, we stop "playing," now: No working, no buying, no paying taxes and bills, no obeying court orders, no daily participation in their system whatsoever. We just quit. Now.

We go home, take care of ourselves and our families, our friends and even our neighbours, finally getting to know the folks right around us perhaps, making use of our internet connections to organize, network, barter, and assist one another through the very, very hard times that are now guaranteed to come to all but the very elite few. We must not continue to do one thing that contributes to the wealth, health, power and continuance of their structures in any way.

We need only do this a short while, a few weeks at most, if we do it as one. It would take very little time before this country's government couldn't function for one more day due to lack of citizen participation in it. We need to do this until the entire Bush government is placed under arrest by a few honest States' attorneys generals offices, such as in New Jersey, Maryland and New York, reclaiming from federal control and then commanding their States' National Guard commanders and personnel to arrest the illegal junta in Washington DC. We simply quit and keep it up, until they are all, en masse, indicted for their domestic crimes against the American people, starting with murder, racketeering, domestic terrorism, fraud, fraud and more fraud. International charges and trial can come later.

It's all there: There is ample evidence, documentation, eyewitnesses and more to prove domestic terrorism, racketeering, fraud and many other criminal activities on the part of this administration, up to and including outright treason, and likewise for all of those members of both houses of the congress, and in various state and local governments nationwide, who have put them into power and kept them there. The facts are all there.

The FACTS are known, but, unless and until we all go home and "vote" with our backsides, refusing to play their game for even one more day, not all of the proof in the world will matter. So long as we obey this government, and participate in the required activities of this society, and especially so long as we support them with our own purchasing of goods and paying of bills to keep their structures afloat, we are the ones keeping them in power. Not until we stop playing their games do they have to even acknowledge our existence.

If we do not do these two things: Take over all local elections offices, structures and functions, and take ourselves out of the very framework of the material, financial, legal and governmental participation that is keeping this tiny minority in power and aiming guns down all of our throats, we are allowing ourselves to be their best weapons against us all. We will be slaughtered by them, in the millions, quietly, through a variety of covert and overt methods so numerous, devious and cunning that only those as truly pathological as the people now in control of all this country's wealth and power could have dreamt them up.

As to whom we will elect in our stolen back elections, the only sane answer is for us to seek those whom we know to be wisest from among ourselves, those fair and honest kinds of people who have never sought to gain power over the lives of others, and who have never been interested in having massive wealth. Only those who are not infected with the diseases of greed, power lust, gluttony, selfishness and arrogance are fit to govern, ever.

The single largest mistake we have ever made, aside from having been too gullible for far too long, the mistake that has gotten us into this situation, is to have allowed the kind of people who crave power to ever actually have it. We elected only those who wanted to wield power, not those who wanted to share it. We foolishly elected those who only wanted to rule, not those who wanted only to DO and BE.

Any questions?