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Thu, 21 Oct 2021
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Fireball 2

Boom felt, bright light fills the sky over South Dakota

A surreal bright blue color illuminated the entire sky and was accompanied by a thunderous boom at about 9 p.m. Monday.

People from all parts of Campbell County can attest to witnessing the strange phenomenon that lasted only a few seconds.

Whendi Kiewel thought a plane was crashing right before her eyes as she drove her twin boys home from Rapid City, S.D. They were near Inyan Kara and the interstate exit for the Keyhole Reservoir when it happened.

"The sky just completely lit up. I couldn't figure out what it was," Kiewel said.

The sky was bright blue and it looked as though a massive shooting star was falling from the sky for about 30 seconds, Kiewel said. She, along with others, believe that the fireball was a meteorite.

"You could see it breaking apart and then it just kind of burned out," Kiewel said.

Many people heard a noise resembling loud thunder, but Kiewel and her sons only got to watch the show.

"I can't quit thinking about it," Kiewel said. "It was the most amazing thing."

Fireball 4

Meteor that streaked across Wyoming seen for 500 miles

Wyoming Fireball
© American Meteor Society
On Monday night, Casper resident Anne Ladd was driving on U.S. Highway 20 between Casper and Shoshoni when she caught in the corner of her eye a flash of green light, descending from the sky.

"It looked like it burned out before it hit the ground," she said. "But it got really close to the ground."

Ladd likely saw a fireball, a meteor brighter than the planet Venus, said Mike Hankey, a volunteer with the American Meteor Society.

About 25 people from Wyoming, Colorado, Montana and Utah reported to the society that they witnessed the 9 p.m. spectacle.

Campbell County Undersheriff Scott Matheney told the Gillette News Record on Tuesday that people called to report a loud, thunder-like noise and bright flashes of light.

Fireball 5

Loud boom remains a North Whidbey mystery

Washington state - A loud sound, described by many who heard it as a "boom," occurred around 10:45 a.m. Wednesday in the Crescent Harbor area.

The source of the noise remains undetermined.

On the Whidbey News-Times' Facebook page, some speculated it was aircraft operations in the area or an unintended sonic boom.

While air operations were being conducted that morning, representatives at Whidbey Island Naval Air Station said that they weren't doing any sort of training or operations that would have caused the noise.

The boom sent some Oak Harbor residents rushing outside to look up to the sky.

Aircraft could be heard flying overhead in Oak Harbor at the time of the boom.

Troy Taylor and Mike Harris were working at Jiffy Lube on State Highway 20 in Oak Harbor when they heard a sound that Taylor compares to a gunshot or car backfiring.

Fireball 5

Sheriff's office can't confirm meteor was source of noise over Kentucky county

© Basin Radio Network

If you heard a loud thunder-like noise a little after 9:00 p.m. Monday, you are not the only one. Campbell County Under Sheriff Scott Matheny said his office fielded some calls inquiring about the sound.

"Campbell County Sheriff's Department received several reports from residents in southern Campbell County of a loud noise that was somewhat like thunder but only longer in duration.

Some reported seeing a bright flash along with that We checked with the National Weather Service, we thought it might be a possible meteorite or even an earthquake, but they wouldn't release any information until they were done investigating."

Gillette residents in the Westover Subdivision and Lakeland Hills area also heard the yet unidentified sound.

Fireball 5

Hundreds spot fireball streak across Texas

Hundreds of people across Texas flocked online to report seeing a bright ball of light in the sky around 9 p.m. Saturday.

People in Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Plano, Waco and Abilene, among other cities, described a brilliant flash or a white fireball. Some even caught colors and a sparkling tail.

Most reported seeing one, while a few spotted a second, smaller flash.

A witness in Georgetown said it looked like a firework about to explode in a report submitted to the American Meteor Society.

A Reddit poster said they were facing northwest from the University of Texas campus when they saw a bright light.

And a Smithville volunteer firefighter posted on Facebook that she spotted "the most brilliant, enormous falling star" begin as a green streak and then explode into a white fireball with orange projectiles.

Fireball 5

Meteor lights up south-east Queensland night skies

© Facebook/Higgins Storm Chasing
A photo of the meteor taken from a fixed camera at Archerfield. It was posted on Facebook by Higgins Storm Chasing.
People across south-east Queensland have reported seeing the bright, large meteor that shot across night skies about 8pm yesterday.

The meteor was seen from Sydney to Gympie. Sightings have been reported in Toowoomba, Highfields, Chinchilla and across the Sunshine Coast.

Social media lit up with reports of the meteor.

Higgins Storm Chasing posted photos from fixed cameras across the state, including one at Archerfield in Brisbane and another at Redcliffe.

Fireball 4

Woman says she saw meteor-like fireball streak across Nova Scotia sky

Ardoise - Laura Jean Clements was driving to her Nova Scotia home after playing cards with friends when she saw a bright fireball zip through the sky, trailed by a colourful green and orange tail.

She says she didn't know what it was, but chatter on social media sites led her to believe it was a meteor streak or fireball.

Clements says she spotted a round white ball with a tail as she travelled on Highway 101 near Ardoise, Hants County, late Tuesday.

She says her son told her there was talk on social media sites about a meteor being tracked across the sky on the eastern seaboard of the United States shortly before Clements' sighting at 11:10 p.m.

Boston meteorologist Matt Noyes reported there were sightings of a meteor-like greenish streak with orange tail all the way from Plymouth, Massachusetts, to Nova Scotia.

Sightings were also reported from Long Island, New York, Boston and Bar Harbor, Maine.

Bizarro Earth

Signs of change in September 2013

A snapshot of the weather around the planet in the past week or so. Floods devastate parts of the U.S., Mexico and India; tornadoes wipe out Tokyo and Bangkok suburbs; mass fish deaths in the U.S. and China; a smokenado in the U.S. (?! yes, it's new to us too!); massive fireballs over Italy (for the second week running) and the U.S. (where they're now being reported daily); major hailstorms in the UK... what in the world is going on?

Fireball 4

'Church of the Meteorite' set up in Chelyabinsk, Russia - Founder claims surviving meteorite "contains set of moral and legal norms"

Church of Meteorite
© RIA Novosti/Aleksandr Kondratuk
Lifting of the meteorite from Lake Chebarkul in Chelyabinsk.
A 'Church of the Meteorite' has been set up in the Russian city of Chelyabinsk. Its members worship the space rock which streaked across the sky and rocked the region in February, injuring over 1,600 people, and causing damage and furor on the ground.

While scientists have long confirmed that the space rock that hit Russia's Urals Mountains on February 15 is "an ordinary chondrite" (the most common type of meteorite that falls to Earth), the founder of the Church of the Chelyabinsk Meteorite believes it contains "a set of moral and legal norms that will help people live at a new stage of spiritual knowledge development."

Paranormalist Andrey Breyvichko says the meteorite, estimated at 10,000 metric tons, is so powerful it could actually trigger the Apocalypse.

The biggest of the seven major chunks that the giant rock fragmented into was discovered in the local Lake Chebarkul, forming an ice-hole 8 meters in diameter. An operation to recover it from the lake began on September 10, due to be completed by September 25. The chunk is covered by about 2.5 meters of sediments and is estimated to be 30 to 100cm long, weighing about 600kg.

Comment: Whoa, talk about 'Moses' déja vu!

Stone 'tablets' with moral laws contained in them?

Thunderbolts in the sky?

Are we witnessing the origins of religion in real-time re-formation?

This story is exactly why everyone needs to read Comets and Horns of Moses!

Celestial Intentions: Comets and the Horns of Moses


Enormous meteor exploded above Cwmbran, Wales, 29 August 2012 - Panicked residents reported 'sound like bomb going off'

© File photo
A golf ball-sized meteor caused panic in a Welsh town when it exploded, creating a massive sonic boom.'

Hundreds of people saw the fireball shoot across the night sky before it exploded near their homes in Cwmbran, near Newport, South Wales.

Police and coastguards in South Wales had dozens of reports of a bright flash in the sky followed by a loud bang.

Homeowner Steve Edwards, 56, said: 'There was an enormous boom - It sounded like a bomb going off.

'The force of it shook the windows in my house, woke up my children and caused car alarms to start going off in the streets.

'I'm just glad none of it landed on my roof.'

Comment: While you are enjoying this 'wonder of nature', consider the fact that it's raining fireballs the world over:

How many falling fireballs and sun-grazing comets will it take to wake people up?