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Tropical Storm Eyes Philippines and Japan

Tropical Storm
Newly formed Tropical Storm 04W may pose threats for both the northern Philippines and eventually Japan.

As of Friday morning, EDT, the center of Tropical Storm 04W (which had yet to be given a name) was located approximately 200 miles east-southeast of the small island of Yap.

Due to light winds aloft, this storm will move very slowly over the next several days. The center of the storm will pass over or very close to Yap Sunday, EDT.

Early next week, the storm will be over the warm waters of the Philippine Sea, and should be able to strengthen into a typhoon.

The future track of the storm remains quite uncertain through the middle to end of next week. An upper-air trough of low pressure will dive southeastward over southeastern China. This upper-air trough will eventually steer the storm to the northeast.

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Tidal Waves Hit Fiji's Coral Coast

Tidal Waves
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Huge tidal waves hit Sigatoka and the Coral Coast areas of Fiji this morning strewing debris and fish along the Queen's Highway and sweeping belongings out to sea.

Fiji Under 20 rugby coach Inoke Male told FBC News - the team was training when the tidal waves struck.

The team lost belongings such as shoes, towels and clothes.

Anwa Khan from Sydney who was driving from Nadi to Suva called FBC News from Sigatoka to say waves have reached the highway which is now strewn with debris.

"The water was just coming right on-top of the road so we stopped the car and actually the water spray went right over the car and threw all the rubbish onto the road and went back. There were some fishes on the roads. The villagers have started coming to the road and started picking things. Patches on the roads you can see all the woods, coconuts, logs and coral. All the villages along the coast have water in their backyard."

There has been no confirmation as yet of major damages or injuries but details are still coming in.

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US: Denver rain to continue till weekend

As a strong Pacific storm moved across the state Wednesday, the metro area received heavy rain, hail and its first tornado warning of the year when at least three funnel clouds were spotted in Adams County.

There were no official reports of tornado touchdowns, but the National Weather Service said the hail was 2 to 3 inches deep on the ground in Thornton on Wednesday afternoon. It was no bigger than three-quarters of an inch in diameter, but it was so widespread that plows were used to clear the roads in the north suburbs.

As the rain continued into the evening, street flooding was reported in Thornton and some routes were temporarily closed.

Rain showers will linger over the Front Range foothills until the weekend and could create flash floods, especially in areas raked clean by destructive wildfires.

Denver already has received almost a half inch more rain than it normally receives in May, with the potential for another inch of rain by the weekend - and another Pacific storm teed up for Colorado next week.

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US: Tornado Damages Northeast Businesses

© Michael Bryant / Staff PhotographerFrank Lubinsky Jr, of Union Roofing is on the collapse roof of R & R Car Repair at 9909 Northeast Ave. where a tornado was suppose to have touched down. One person was under it when it collapsed but was unharmed and crawled out right after the collapse.
A small tornado, born of storms that battered the Philadelphia region with heavy rain, touched down in the Far Northeast at midafternoon Wednesday, smashing a car-repair shop, crushing a beer distributorship, and ripping the roof off a crab house.

The mini-swirl of destruction, which also slightly damaged an apartment building and left three people in need of Red Cross care, carried winds of about 75 m.p.h., the National Weather Service said.

The tornado vanished as quickly as it appeared, touching at 1:50 p.m., and bumping along for just 300 feet, cutting a path of wreckage 100 feet wide.

Residents and shoppers in the area of Bustleton Avenue and Red Lion Road ran for safety, and police reported no injuries.

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Venezuela Extends Emergency Efforts As Heavy Rains Return

Barlovento, Miranda State, Venezuela flooding
Flooded areas in Barlovento, Miranda State, Venezuela, Dec 2010
Venezuela President Hugo Chavez has extended for 90 days in seven states and parts of Caracas a state of emergency called in response to violent rainfalls in late 2010 that may return this year.

The states included in the decree are Vargas, Miranda, Zulia, Falcon, Merida, Trujillo and Nueva Esparta, state media reported late Tuesday. Officials last ordered the state of emergency to be prolonged in February, according to the release.

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US: Denver, Severe Storms Bring Hail, Heavy Rain, Funnel Clouds to Metro Area

After an extremely dry winter, spring storms are bringing abundant moisture to metro Denver.

Severe weather erupted by early afternoon along the urban corridor, as funnel clouds were spotted in Adams and Broomfield counties, prompting two Tornado Warnings.


US: West Virginia Heavy Rains Cause Mudslides

A mudslide caused the side of a hill to drop 25 feet Wednesday morning. Homeowner Bettie Keith said she heard the sounds of the trees and telephone poles falling. For months, Keith said the ground has been slowly cracking and she has been talking with Cabell Huntington Hospital representatives.

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US: Sleet and snow make spring feel like winter in Flagstaff AZ

A frigid spring storm blew through Northern Arizona on Wednesday, bringing a mix of rain, sleet and wet snow.

High temperatures are typically around 70 degrees this time of year, but the high for Wednesday was 43 and came at 1:30 a.m. Temperatures hovered around freezing for much of the day.
© Dave Smith
"It's a bit on the unusual side, but not unprecedented," said Ken Daniel, a National Weather Service meteorologist. "It's an unusually strong and cold system coming down from the Northwest, and it's bringing in some moisture as it moves across the state."

No road closures were reported, but blowing dust and icy pavement made driving hazardous, with accidents clogging Interstates 40 and 17. Winds gusting over 40 mph whipped up dust along I-40 between Flagstaff and Winslow and forced the Arizona Department of Public Safety to escort cars along a five-mile stretch.

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India: Thunder, duststorms claim 56 lives in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar

© PTIWomen cover their faces during a dust storm in Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh. A similar dust storm lashed Ghazipur district killing 10 people.
New Delhi: At least 56 people were killed in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar when severe duststorm, accompanied by rain and thundershowers, lashed some parts of the states on Wednesday evening, according to All India Radio.

In Uttar Pradesh, at least 30 people were killed in cyclonic storm that hit several districts of eastern UP. Eight people were killed in Siddhartha Nagar, seven in Jaunpur, five each in Varanasi, Bhadohi and Ambekarnagar.

According to AIR, high-velocity wind and scattered rain is still occurring at some places in Gorakhpur, Varanasi and Basti divisions.

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US: Rainstorms trigger Slide in Keene Valley, New York Threatening Homes

© Brian MannThis home's foundation has been wrecked by shifting earth
Weeks of relentless rain have destabilized a massive section of hillside in the Adrian's Acres neighborhood in Keene Valley, which sits on the slopes of Porter Mountain.

Town and state officials say an area roughly a half-mile wide has begun to shift, slumping downward several inches each day.

One vacation home has already been condemned, and one other house evacuated. At least four more homes are threatened.

Brian Mann was on Porter Mountain yesterday and has our story.