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US: Double waterspouts form off Hawaii shore

Two tall and skinny waterspouts appeared off the south shore of Oahu, Hawaii yesterday, as some of the bad weather that has lately assailed the U.S. mainland has now alighted on the Pacific island.

The Star Advertiser reports that the waterspouts appeared during a hail and lightning storm that had reportedly knocked out power for at least 60,000 East Honolulu and Windward Oahu residents Monday evening. The spouts lasted for about 12 minutes. Waterspouts can become twisters if they reach land, but are usually weak.

You can watch the video below:

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Canada: 2,000 homes flooded in southern Quebec

© CBC NewsThousands of homes are affected by flooding south of Montreal.
Emergency officials in Quebec are closely watching water levels in the Champlain Lake and Richelieu River.

Several towns and villages in the Montérégie region have experienced flooding, evacuations and damages in recent weeks.

The weather forecast calls for heavy rain overnight, leaving emergency officials worried.

"We have 2,000 houses flooded right now, and we have more than 300 people evacuated, mostly in Henryville, St-Jean-sur-Richelieu and Ste-Anne-de-Sabrevois," said Yvan Leroux, head of emergency preparedness for the region.

The Richelieu River could rise another 20 centimetres by Wednesday morning, he warned.

Evacuations are voluntary, and about half of residents in the area have refused to leave their homes.

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Tornado hits New Zealand's biggest city

At least two people have been killed and many others injured when a tornado ripped through Auckland, New Zealand's largest city.

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Rare Waterspout Spotted on Video Near Hawaii

A rare waterspout formed off the coast of Hawaii yesterday (May 2), and was caught in several pictures and videos.

Waterspouts, tornadoes that touch on water, are not themselves made of water; they are funnel clouds that shoot down from storm clouds. This "tornado on water" touched down over the ocean off Ala Moana, a district of Honolulu.

In areas where intense funnel clouds commonly form over water -- the Florida Keys and the Adriatic Sea are two examples -- waterspouts will frequently form along a line of developing thunderstorms.

That was the case yesterday, as an intense lightning storm with heavy rains knocked out power for 60,000 residents, according to the Hawaiian Reporter. The heavy rains soaked Honolulu and triggered a flash flood warning.

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US: Kentucky - More Heavy Rains, Flooding Concerns

Heavy rains have returned to the Bluegrass.

Lexington has been receiving the rains throughout the morning, and it will continue falling throughout the day.

Areas in Franklin, Woodford, and Scott counties are also seeing heavy rains bring causing big concerns for drivers as water is ponding on roadways.

As flooding intensifies in western Kentucky, the commonwealth has opened a Regional Emergency Coordination Center at the Benton Armory in Marshall County. The center assists local emergency response efforts, allowing local, state, and federal officials to coordinate broad emergency responses across the region. Governor Steve Beshear is planning to return to western Kentucky, where flooding has forced evacuations and National Guard troops
have been sent in to help.

Beshear was planning to visit Paducah, Hickman and Benton today. On Monday, officials said more than 100 troops were helping with evacuations in the cities of Ledbetter in Livingston County and Hickman in Fulton County. Smithland was also being evacuated. The lower Ohio River is expected to crest at 58 feet, three feet above an earlier prediction.

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US: Hawaii forecast calls for another day of wild weather

There is a weather disturbance nearby that has triggered the thunderstorms, heavy rains and even hail on Kula, Maui.

Currently most of the storm activity is centered over Maui county and Oahu.

However, downpours occurred over all islands from the Big Island and Kauai included.

Molokai and Lanai are seeing heavy downpours and on Oahu the heavy's rains are over central Oahu near Milalani but could move on to other areas.


Winter in May? Its snowing in Poland!

Wroclaw in snow
© ForumWroclaw in the snow, May 2011
About 10 thousand people in Lower Silesia region are left without electricity due to the heavy snowfall.

Wet, heavy snow broke branches in many places, damaging power lines of high and medium voltage.

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US: A Record 226 Tornadoes Recorded Over 24 Hours Last Week

According to the National Weather Service, 226 tornadoes were recorded from Wednesday morning to Thursday morning, and that's a record for a 24-hour period.

From Wednesday to Friday, 312 tornadoes may have formed.

The previous record for a single weather event was April 3-4, 1974, when 148 twisters were recorded.

Read the details in the preliminary report from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

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New Zealand: Tornado hits Auckland shopping mall: one dead

A tornado has cut a path of devastation through Auckland this afternoon, killing one person and injuring more than twenty.

Witnesses reported cars with people inside being tossed across carparks when the tornado ripped through the suburb of Albany like a freight train about 3pm.

It was earlier reported that two had died, but it was later said there had been confusion in the immediate chaos.

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US: Levee in flood area to be blown up; dam spills over

Water breaches levee
© Paul Davis / The Daily American Republic via APWater flows over the Wappapello Lake emergency spillway on the St. Francis River in Wayne County, Mo., on Monday. Several roads have been closed in southeast Missouri after heavy overnight rains pushed lakes and streams out of their banks.
Army Corps of Engineers gives green light after pumping in liquid explosives

Cairo, Illinois - As more rain fell Monday across southeast Missouri on Monday, water spilled over one dam, forcing road closures, while the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers gave the go-ahead to blow up a levee in another county.

In Wayne County, water burst through the Wappapello Lake emergency spillway on the St. Francis River. Several roads were closed there and in other areas as lakes and streams were pushed out of their banks.

In nearby Mississippi County, the Army Corps of Engineers decided to blast a levee, flooding farmland but protecting an Illinois town where most residents already have been forced to flee from a rising river.