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Heavy rains bring floods to Peru at the end of February

Heavy rains and storms led to streams reaching critical levels that caused flash floods in Piura, northern Peru, on Thursday (Feb 29).

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Two children drowned after heavy rains in Oman on February 29

Two children have drowned in a wadi in Wilayat of Ibri in Al Dhahirah Governorate, said the Civil Defence and Ambulance Authority (CDAA) on Thursday, February 29, 2024.

Civil Defence and Ambulance Authority said: "Rescue teams from the Civil Defense and Ambulance Department in ⁧‫Al Dhahirah ‬⁩ Governorate responded to the accident of two children drowning in water logged area in Al-Raiba area in ⁧Wilayat of Ibri ‬⁩. The teams were able to recover the bodies of the two children."

‎The Authority calls on everyone to monitor children and keep them away from dangerous places during rain for their safety.


1 dead, thousands displaced by floods in Malawi

Malawi Flood Crisis: 1 Dead, Thousands Displaced in Nkhotakota, Karonga Districts
Malawi Flood Crisis: 1 Dead, Thousands Displaced in Nkhotakota, Karonga Districts
In a devastating turn of events, flash floods have wreaked havoc on Nkhotakota and Karonga, two districts in Malawi located along the shores of Lake Malawi. Authorities have confirmed one fatality and the displacement of thousands, highlighting an urgent call for humanitarian assistance.

Unprecedented Flood Damage

The Department of Disaster Management Affairs (DoDMA) has reported that more than 7,000 individuals in Nkhotakota have been forced to evacuate to safer grounds, with nine camps set up to shelter the displaced. This crisis follows continuous heavy rainfall that has not only claimed lives but also destroyed homes, businesses, and vital infrastructure.

In Karonga, over 600 households face similar dire circumstances, with their livelihoods disrupted by the loss of crops and property due to the swollen North Rukuru River.

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Storms cause traffic chaos and floods across Spain

The majority of regions in Spain were under orange alert for snowfall, as snow, wind and rain disrupted daily life.

A storm of snow, wind and rain has hit Spain, disrupting or complicating traffic on many roads across almost the entire country.

All regions except Extremadura were put on yellow or orange weather alert in the last few hours.

The orange alert for snowfall has been activated in Cantabria, the Pyrenees and Galicia. In Cantabria, snow accumulations of up to 15 cm are expected from 800 metres above sea level.

In the Basque Country, Navarra and Castilla y León, heavy rains caused rivers to overflow, with flooding cutting off roads in various areas.


Rare February tornadoes confirmed east of Chicago and in Ohio, Michigan as Midwest is battered by storms

A hangar was destroyed and airplanes damaged at the Madison County Airport following a severe storm, Wednesday morning, Feb. 28, 2024, in London, Ohio.
© DORAL CHENOWETH, APA hangar was destroyed and airplanes damaged at the Madison County Airport following a severe storm, Wednesday morning, Feb. 28, 2024, in London, Ohio.
One tornado was confirmed east of Chicago on Wednesday while more than a half dozen struck Ohio and Michigan following reports of overnight warnings.

The Illinois tornado occurred in Henry County, around 150 miles east of Chicago, according to the National Weather Service. The service is investigating multiple reports of damage caused by high winds in the state and will determine how many tornadoes can be confirmed.

"Sometimes the damage is caused just by high winds not associated with a tornado," AccuWeather senior meteorologist Mike Doll told USA TODAY Wednesday.

The EF-1 tornado with maximum winds of 110 mph damaged two farm structures and destroyed a shop, local station KWQC reported.

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Italy plagued by bad weather: landslides in Liguria, river alarms in Veneto

Italy is once again dealing with bad weather. With weather warnings issued from north to south of the country, including in Sardinia.

The most critical situation remains that of Liguria and Veneto, an area already affected by numerous landslides and where the rivers are under special observation.

Schools closed in Vicenza, where flooding also blocked the ring road and the railway, with the high-speed train diverted via Bologna.

"These are complex hours", the words of the governor Luca Zaia who follows the evolution of the situation.


Pakistan: State of emergency in Gwadar district as heavy rain wreaks havoc - 4 inches in 12 hours

In Pakistan, heavy rains lashed Gwadar district and other parts of Balochistan, suspending traffic on the coastal highway.

The administration has declared a state of emergency in rain-hit areas.

The coastal district received over 100 mm of rainfall in 12 hours.

Urban flooding led to the collapse of several houses.

Comment: At the same time in the Iranian part of Balochistan: Floods in southeast Iran cut off roads, cause damage


Floods in southeast Iran cut off roads, cause damage

Heavy rainfall in Iran's impoverished province of Sistan and Baluchestan has caused the Kajoo river to overflow its bank, cutting off access to dozens of villages.

"Rains have caused significant damage to homes, agricultural land and roads in Qasr-e Qand district," district governor Ahmadreza Hashemzehi said.

"The road connecting 33 central villages on the riverbank remains cut off," Hashemzehi added.

Lack of government assistance has compounded the woes of the flood victims, who urgently require aid, the Haalvsh news agency quoted local sources as saying.

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Two people missing following landslide after heavy rainfall along Machu Picchu railway line in Peru

14 people are also reportedly injured. Officials say the landslide occurred after a period of heavy rainfall.

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2 children killed in lightning strike in Madhya Pradesh, India

© Partha Paul/File
Two children were killed in a lightning strike on Tuesday in Madhya Pradesh's Shahdol district as several areas in the state received heavy rain and hailstorms, officials said.

In Bhopal, strong winds uprooted trees in several localities.

A six-year-old boy and a nine-year-old girl were struck by a bolt from the sky while collecting wood near a tree at Chhatwai village, resulting in their death, said Sohagpur police station in-charge Bhupendra Mani Patel.

Both the deceased belonged to a tribal community, he said.