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Sat, 23 Jan 2021
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Earth Changes


30,000 tremors have rocked Antarctica since the end of August, scientists say

Scientists say the seismic activity in Antarctica since the end of August is unusual.

Scientists say the seismic activity in Antarctica since the end of August is unusual.
Scientists at the University of Chile record the spike in seismic activity - including one strong quake of magnitude 6.

More than 30,000 tremors have rocked Antarctica since the end of August, according to new research.

Scientists at the University of Chile recorded the spike in seismic activity while studying the remote icy continent.

The university's National Seismological Centre said the small quakes - including one stronger one of magnitude 6 - were detected in the Bransfield Strait.

This is a 60-mile wide ocean channel between the South Shetland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula.

Several tectonic plates and microplates meet near the strait, leading to frequent rumbling - but the past three months have been unusual, researchers said.


5.5 magnitude earthquake causes landslides in Arequipa, Peru

An earthquake of magnitude 5.5 reported in Peru

According to data from Volcano Discovery, a quake measuring a magnitude of 5.5 was reported near Ciudad Satelite, Provincia de Arequipa in Peru at 12;48 local time on Wednesday, December 16.

The German Research Centre for Geosciences (GFZ) reported that the earthquake occurred at a depth of 86 kilometres but the agency has advised that the exact details may be revised as seismologists continue to review the data.


Roof of athletic dome collapses from heavy snowfall in Binghamton, New York

snow collapse
The roof of an athletic dome in Binghamton — one of the largest in the state — collapsed Wednesday night as the area was pummeled with over three feet of snow.

Bahij Kashou, the owner of The Greater Binghamton Sports Complex, told WICZ the roof couldn't handle the reported 40 inches of snow that fell in the area.

"Usually, you know depending on how the snow comes, if it comes around two or three days it's different," Kashou said.

Snowflake Cold

The Nor'easter dropped almost 4 feet of snow on this Vermont town

This week's big storm dropped anywhere from 9 to 15 inches of snow across Greater Boston

The big winter storm continues to wind down this evening across New England, with some very impressive snow totals.

A whopping 44 inches of snow fell just 3 miles south of Ludlow, Vermont, at 1,800 foot elevation. Ludlow reports 41 inches at 1,500 feet, Windsor was the next highest total with 39 inches of snow, according to the fire department at 10:25 Thursday morning.

Comment: Record snowfall - More snow in parts of northeast US than all last season - over 3 feet in many areas

Snowflake Cold

"Outrageous" snowstorm breaks all-time records across the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast

man shovel snow
© Geoff Forester/Concord Monitor
A homeowner digs out the family driveway in New Hampshire so his son could get to work on Thursday morning, December 17, 2020.
Times are changing. The mid-latitudes are cooling. The snowpack is building. Thanks, in no small part, to a slumbering Sun.

Record-busting snow buried the Northeast United States Wednesday and Thursday this week as a mass of brutal Arctic air rode south on the back of a weak and wavy "meridional" jet stream flow.

Centre County, Pennsylvania was overwhelmed Wednesday by more than a foot of unprecedented pow-pow.

State College was hit by 15 inches of global warming goodness, which broke the 24-hour December snowfall record by 2.5 inches in weather books dating back to 1893 (the previous record being the 12.5 inches set Dec. 11, 1992). In fact, more snow fell Wednesday than during the entire 2019-20 winter season.

Comment: The signs are coming faster and faster now.

Cloud Precipitation

Damaging floods and landslides strike Samoa after heavy rain

Floods in Apia, Samoa, December 2020.
© Disaster Management Office
Floods in Apia, Samoa, December 2020.
Heavy rain has triggered floods and landslides in Samoa, in particular in areas around the capital of Apia.

Apria recorded around 85 mm of rain in 24 hours to 17 December. Media reported the Vaisigano river broke its banks. Flooding swamped roads, causing severe disruption to traffic in the city. The Disaster Management Office called for extreme caution as the heavy rain continued and urged residents of some low-lying areas to evacuate their homes.

Samoa's Public Service Commission advised all employees except for essential services employees to stay home.

Eye 2

Komodo dragon savages worker at 'Jurassic Park' resort in Indonesia tearing open 'several parts of his body' in vicious attack

Rinca Island is home to roughly a 1,000 of the beasts

Rinca Island is home to roughly a 1,000 of the beasts
A Komodo dragon has brutally savaged a worker at a 'Jurassic Park' inspired resort under construction in Indonesia, it was reported.

Elias Agas, 46, was working at the £4.8 million site on Rinca Island when the 90kg beast "tore several parts of his body".

He was then frantically whizzed off the island by speedboat to a nearby hospital as the bite from a Komodo can be deadly if not treated quickly.

Staff at the park claim that they responded immediately to the incident when they heard what had happened.

The park's head of security Julius Buki told local media: "Upon receiving this information, fellow rangers ... were at the location immediately [and] managed to evacuate the victim."


Tornado hits near Tampa, Florida

Officials say 25 buildings were damaged, but no injuries had been reported in parts of northern Pinellas County after a possible tornado moved over the north part of the city Wednesday.


Heavy rain leaves 11 dead in the Itajaí Valley, in Santa Catarina, Brazil

The Civil Defense of Santa Catarina reported that at least 11 people died, 10 in Presidente Getúlio and one in Ibirama, Santa Catarina, due to a heavy rain that hit the state as of Wednesday night (16 ).

The storm caused floods and landslides in cities in the Itajaí Valley. Until around 10 am, 20 people were missing.

There are also damage caused by rain in Greater Florianópolis and in the West of the State.

Access to Presidente Getúlio, a city with 14 thousand inhabitants and is about 80 kilometers from Blumenau, is blocked due to landslides.

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The elephants in the living room: Tuskers tear down village houses in Meghalaya, India - 3rd time in 3 months

A herd of wild elephants on Sunday evening wreaked havoc on Kalapahar village under Ranikor Civil Sub-Division, leaving two houses destroyed.

General secretary of All Khasi Hills Achik Federation (AKHAF), John D Sangma, informed that the incident took place on Sunday around 7:30 pm when a herd of seven wild elephants attacked the village and levelled the houses.

However, no one sustained injuries during the course of the incident as some vigilant villagers were quick to shoo the elephants away.

Sangma said that due to the presence of seven wild elephants at a place just a kilometre away from Kalapahar village, the locals are apprehensive of another possible elephant attack.