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Charges dropped as residue on spoon not meth, just spaghetti sauce

© cyclonebill/Wikipedia Commons
Drug charges have been dropped against a woman from Commerce, Georgia.

Ashley Gabrielle Huff, 23, was charged with possession of methamphetamine after being arrested in July by the Gainesville Police Department.

Huff maintained her innocence and said the suspect residue on a spoon found in the car at the time of her arrest was merely spaghetti sauce.

"I think she said it had been SpaghettiOs," Gainesville Times reports Hall County assistant public defender Chris van Rossem said.

Huff was telling the truth as lab reports have confirmed the spoon did not contain any sort of drug residue, reports YJ News.

"The Crime Lab report showed no controlled substances on the spoon submitted for testing," according to a dismissal signed by Northeastern Judicial Circuit District Attorney Lee Darragh.

Prior to Huff's July arrest she had never been charged with any type of felony or drug-related offense.

Huff had been in the process of a plea deal before the district attorney's office filed a dismissal following the crime lab's analysis.

"I think what the unfortunate part about her case is that she was probably willing to take the felony to close out her case so that she get out of jail, even though she always maintained innocence," van Rossem said.


Extrajudicial killing: Suspected kidnappers of Israeli teens shot to death

The Israeli army says it has killed two Palestinians suspected of kidnapping and murdering three Israeli teenagers in June, an incident stoking tensions in the region and eventually leading to sustained Gaza bombings.

The suspects were killed in a shootout which took place before dawn on Tuesday, the IDF said.

Soldiers surrounded a house in Hebron, West Bank, with the two main suspects in the fatal kidnapping - Marwan Kawasme and Amer Abu Aysha - inside. The Palestinians eventually died in the exchange of fire.

"We opened fire, they returned fire and they were killed in the exchange," Israeli military spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Peter Lerner said in a telephone briefing, cited by Reuters. "We have visual confirmation for one. The second one, we have no visual confirmation, but the assumption is he was killed."

Comment: Shoot first, ask questions later.

Comment: If Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East, democracy is not worth it. The behavior of the IDF is inhuman. The Israelis have no conception of the presumption of innocence. No, they murder on mere suspicion. But there's more to it than that. By simply murdering their 'suspects', they avoid any pesky trial, which would prove what is plainly obvious: these men were innocent. For the guilty parties, the Israelis need only look in the mirror:


The slaughter begins: 8 civilians (3 children) killed in U.S. airstrikes in Syria

© Reuters/StringerPeople inspect a shop damaged after what Islamist State militants say was a U.S. drone crashed into a communication station nearby in Raqqa September 23, 2014.
Eight civilians, three of them children, have been killed in the US-led air strikes on Al-Qaeda Nusra front positions, Reuters reported, citing Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

Washington carried a series of airstrikes on the city of Raqqa in the early hours of Tuesday. At least 30 militants died in the strikes, which were carried out on IS positions in Syria. Washington informed Damascus about the operation, according to a representative of Syrian Foreign Ministry.

"There is an exodus out of Raqqa as we speak. It started in the early hours of the day after the strikes. People are fleeing towards the countryside," one local resident told Reuters.

The strikes targeted residential buildings in Aleppo allegedly used by Al-Nusra Front, according to Rami Abdulrahman, who runs the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

The US-led coalition's targets also included training camps, headquarters and weapon supplies in northern and eastern Syria, with many IS locations "destroyed or damaged" around the cities of Raqqa, Deir al-Zor, Hasakah and the border town of Albu Kamal, Reuters reported.

In particular, "[Islamic State] fighters, training compounds, headquarters and command and control facilities, storage facilities, a finance center, supply trucks and armed vehicles" were hit.

Comment: The first pointless deaths in yet another pointless war led by the United States. Utterly shameful.

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Blaming the victims: Oklahoma police to local news: Best way for women not to get raped by police is to follow the law

© KJRHOklahoma Highway Patrol Capt. George Brown
Oklahoma Highway Patrol official reportedly told women that the best way not to get raped by an officer was to "follow the law."

In recent months, an Oklahoma Highway Patrol officer and an Oklahoma City Police officer have been accused of repeatedly raping women, often during traffic stops.

After a Tulsa County sheriff's deputy was arrested last week for sexually assaulting a woman while responding to a 911 call, Tulsa NBC News affiliate KJRH decided to ask the Oklahoma Highway Patrol how to stay safe during a traffic stop.

The department noted that troopers should always be in uniform, and that women were allowed to keep their car door locked, and to speak with officers through a cracked window. A trooper should rarely ask a person to come back to the patrol car, OHP advised.

Comment: The problem is that people are afraid to stand up for their rights during interactions with police. And for good reason, if you pay attention to the number of police shootings on civilians in the news. There are numerous instances of police responding negatively when civilians stand up for themselves. What's to stop the police from claiming that being uncooperative by keeping your door locked is probable cause and arrest them? Police shoot individuals with impunity these days, so you can't blame people for not wanting to be assertive in their interactions with police.

"There are certain situations where we do that," Capt. George Brown told KJRH. "If someone doesn't have a driver's license on their person. We asked for an ID or driver's licence, if they can't provide it, rather than stand outside the car writing [a ticket], which puts us in a bad location, we may ask a female back to the car so we can get her information."


California police shoot man to death who was outside home smoking and checking Facebook

© FacebookTommy McClain
Police gunned down a California man last week outside his cousin's home, but his family said the shooting wasn't justified.

Tommy McClain died Wednesday after he was shot by Eureka police officers, who said the 22-year-old reached for a gun during an early morning confrontation.

Officers had been in the area searching for two people wanted on felony warrants and found two men arguing in the street - and one of them appeared to be armed.

An officer told dispatchers they had the armed man at gunpoint, and they fired about a minute later after officers said the man reached for his weapon.

They then told dispatchers that "uncooperatives" were coming outside the house, but they were "slowly gaining control of the scene."

Police said they found a gun at the scene, but they declined to say how close it was to McClain's body.

"I don't want to get into where exactly the gun was until I can prove that forensically to my satisfaction," said Chief Andrew Mills, of Eureka police. "I want to make sure I'm 100 percent accurate."

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Alabama woman set to face trial accused of running 9-year-old granddaughter to death

An Alabama woman accused of running her 9-year-old granddaughter to death as punishment for eating forbidden chocolates and lying about it was set to go on trial on Monday.

Joyce Hardin Garrard, 49, stands accused of forcing Savannah Hardin to run non-stop for three hours in February 2012. Authorities say the girl collapsed, went into seizures and died days later at a Birmingham hospital.

Hardin died from dehydration and low sodium, a condition common in marathon runners, Etowah County Sheriff's spokeswoman Natalie Barton said.

Hardin suffered from unspecified medical issues that resulted in frequent doctors visits, according to court documents.


No charges filed yet against Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson

© PressTVMichael Brown’s death triggered weeks of protests and clashes between police and demonstrators in Ferguson, a predominantly black suburb of St. Louis.
More than a month after the fatal shooting of an unarmed African-American teenager in Ferguson, Missouri, no charges have been pressed against the white police officer who killed him.

Michael Brown, 18, was shot at least six times, including twice in the head, by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson on August 9.

There are conflicting reports from police and residents, but several witnesses say Brown held up his arms in surrender before he was repeatedly shot.

Benjamin Crump, a lawyer for Brown's family told the Times in August "the sheer number of bullets and the way they were scattered all over his body showed this police officer had a brazen disregard for the very people he was supposed to protect in that community."

His death triggered weeks of protests and clashes between police and demonstrators in Ferguson, a predominantly black suburb of St. Louis.

Activists want prosecutors to charge Wilson with murder, although he has continued his job on administrative leave as a police officer.

Wilson has spoken with investigators and testified before the grand jury, who is still considering his case.

Comment: Given the power and omnipotent nature of the police state, officer Wilson probably won't be charged with anything; he is above the law.

Profile of a Police State


Man filming assault on woman attacked by same men going after her

© YouTubeSt. Louis assault on Andrew Doty
A St. Louis man who was filming a street assault on a woman was set upon by her attackers, demanding he quit filming them, until his girlfriend dispersed them with pepper spray, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Andrew Doty, a 27-year-old freelance editor, was strolling with his girlfriend when he came across three men beating a woman in the back seat of a Chevrolet Trailblazer. Doty took out his cell phone and began filming the encounter, as one man walked around the car, pointing and demanding, "Put that up."

According to Doty, "We knew someone was being attacked, and I immediately started filming. It was just something we felt obligated to do in the moment."

Refusing to to stop filming, Doty told the men, "You guys need to sort your shit out, and get it out of here. That's it. Stop fighting on the street."

While one man continued to hit the woman, another kept telling Doty to "Put that up," while bumping up against him, making Doty move backwards.

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Psychopath alert: Cop tasked with protecting children from pedophiles just confessed to being a pedophile

38-year-old Gregory Pyle, of Crest Hill, Illinois, was sentenced to 50 years in prison this week after confessing to sexually abusing a child and distributing images of the attack online. Pyle was a 10-year veteran of his police department who actually worked in a child predator task force for a long period of time.

Comment: Pedophiles and child molesters often take jobs with youth serving organizations and like the above pedophile who worked in a child predator task force. For more information on pedophiles read: Predators: Pedophiles, Rapists, And Other Sex Offenders Pyle or visit Anne Salters website.

Pyle admitted in court that in December of 2008, he took a young child out of state where he sexually abused the child and either recorded or took pictures of the abuse.

According to prosecutors, the child was under 12-years-old at the time and the evidence shows "sadistic, masochistic, and violent," behavior on the part of the former officer. It is not clear what Pyle's relationship was with the child or their parents, or under what pretenses he took the child out of state.

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Jon Stewart: Talking to GOP about climate change is like 'pushing a million pounds of idiot up a mountain'

© YouTube
Daily Show host Jon Stewart blasted three Republican congressmen on Monday for being climate change deniers sitting on the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology.

Stewart showed footage of Reps. Larry Buschon (R-IN), Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) and Steve Stockman (R-TX) each thinking they could counter White House scientific advisor John Holdren's evidence during a hearing last week, only to get shut down.

Meanwhile, Holdren, Stewart said, had the Sisyphean task of "pushing a million pounds of idiot up a mountain," including one exchange where Holdren told Buschon to "look at the scientific literature" regarding climate change.

In response, Buschon scoffed at reading findings from "climatologists whose career depends on the climate changing," saying, "I could read that, but I don't believe it."

Instead of reading the Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology, Stewart said, Buschon was relying on the opinions of YouTube commenters like "Obummerlies1776″ for his opinions on climate change, and scoffing at people who study the phenomenon for a living.
"Since we're talking about the influence money might have on climate change opinion, it turns out Representative Buschon's three biggest campaign donors are Murray Energy, Koch Enterprises, and Peabody Energy," Stewart said. "And trust me, those three well-funded companies would love to disprove climate change to the satisfaction of the scientific community at large. So if scientists could be bought, these motherf*ckers would've already made it rain in nerdtown."

Comment: A big face palm! Although we can all agree there is climate change, learning about the the various reasons is critical in order to understand the influences of climate change in order to be better prepared. For more information read Laura's groundbreaking book: Earth Changes and the Human-Cosmic Connection.