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Is Anders Breivik in This Photograph?

This 2009 rally in Oslo was attended by Breivik's heroine, Pamela Geller. On Saturday I posted about the comments Breivik made on Geller's Atlas Shrugs website. There is a fuller analysis on the impact of the Tea Party on Breivik's thinking here. It turns out that Breivik also references Geller's Atlas Shrugs blog and a related hate filled website, The Gates of Vienna, in his tedious anti-muslim manifesto.

It is therefore highly likely that Breivik would have noted Geller's visit to Norway and gone to hear her. The occasion was a rally in support of Israel's Gaza massacre of over 1,900 Palestinians in Operation Cast Lead. It would be a fruitful line of inquiry for the police to investigate why Geller decided to go all the way from Tennessee to Oslo for such a small rally (the majority of people in that photo, those across the road, are demonstrating against the rally). Who invited the hate preacher? Why? And did she meet Breivik in person?

It is worth noting that the English Defence League, supported by both Geller and Breivik, also held pro-massace rallies at this time. This is Geller on the EDL:


New Norwegian Killing: Masked Men in Military Uniform Shoot Dead 27 Year Old Man

Last night two masked men in military uniform shot dead a 27 year old man in his home in Sandnes, Norway. Nowhere in the mainstream media can I find anybody wondering whether this is related to the massacre in Norway the day before - even though both were killings with guns, (very rare in Norway), and either this guy really was assassinated by soldiers, or both were carried out in false uniform.

Have I turned into a crazed conspiracy theorist, or is this lack of curiosity a little bit strange?

UPDATE: Can this second incident the same weekend in Norway of armed killers in uniforms relate in any way to the "two other cells" of which Breivik spoke in court? I am not claiming to know the answers, but there seem to me obvious questions here and I don't understand why the media is not asking them.

Comment: The media is not asking because the media takes directions from its owners. Its owners are beholden to the most powerful interests in the world and these interests, in the words of Obama, decided that it was time to send Norway a "reminder" to get back in line and stop drawing attention to Israel's Murder Inc.

We wonder if the man they've just whacked is this guy, the second man (whose identity is unknown) arrested following the shootings on Utoya Island last Friday:

© The SunA second alleged gunman is handcuffed by Norwegian police


Civilians killed by NATO airstrike in eastern Afghanistan

© flickr.com/ isafmediaCivilians killed by NATO airstrike in eastern Afghanistan
At least three civilians including two schoolchildren died and six were injured following a NATO airstrike in Kunar province in eastern Afghanistan, regional governor Said Fazlulla Wakhidi said on Tuesday.

The airstrike took place in the Vatapur district late on Monday night, the governor said, after an attack by Taliban fighters on an American military base and battle with NATO troops. A grenade fired by one of the Taliban hit a residential building in the attack, wounding five Afghan civilians.

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Gilad Atzmon: Massacre in Norway - More About the Jewish Right Wing Connection

Thanks to respected anti-Zionist Jeff Blankfort (who provided me with a crucial link) I have now learned that, just one day before last Friday's Massacre in Norway, former Trotsky-ite turned neo-con David Horowitz carried an article by Joseph Klein in his Front Page magazine, entitled "The Quislings of Norway," which might as well have provided mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik with all the motivation he needed to commit his crime.

You are advised to read the article in full here.

Here are some of the 'pearls' produced by the pro-war Jewish rightwing magazine, just a few hours before Behring Breivik picked up his guns and launched into his lethal journey:


Polish man arrested in connection with the attack on Norway

© Andersen, Aleksander / Scanpix At least seven people were killed when the bomb exploded here outside the government building in Oslo on Friday.
Google Translated from NRK.NO

A Polish man to be arrested in connection with the terrorist attacks in Norway. The owner operates a company that sells chemicals on the internet.

It reports the number of Polish media Onenet.pl and Gazeta.pl

The site is suspected of selling chemicals to the 32-year-old, who he allegedly used to manufacture the bomb he blew up in the government building on Friday.

The police should have been got wind of the site after finding it in connection with Anders Behring Breivik's so-called manifesto in which he describes the process that led up to the terrorist attacks.

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Best of the Web: The return of a zero-sum world

© Reuters/Mal Langston/John KuntzRonald Reagan and Bill Clinton
In his short story "The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar" (1845), originally published as a hoax, Edgar Allan Poe described a dying man who was hypnotized precisely at the moment of his death. The hypnosis preserved him for some time, until the hypnotist broke the spell. As a result, "his whole frame at once -- within the space of a single minute, or even less, shrunk -- crumbled -- absolutely rotted away beneath my hands. Upon the bed, before that whole company, there lay a nearly liquid mass of loathsome -- of detestable putrescence."

At the moment, the American body politic resembles the body of M. Valdemar. To be more precise, both American conservatism and American progressivism in their familiar forms are dead, but decay has not caught up with them yet, because both are in a state of suspended animation.

The world changed radically when the global economy crashed in 2008, but the news has not yet reached Washington. The Republicans are giving long-discredited Reaganomics another good old college try, while Barack Obama, having surrounded himself by veterans of Bill Clinton's economic team, is practicing, or malpracticing, 1990s style neoliberalism, or "Rubinomics," named after Democratic Party fundraiser and Clinton Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin.

Reaganomics and Rubinomics were both toxic political byproducts of the generation-long asset inflation of the late 20th century in the United States. As long as the bubble lasted, their exploding wealth permitted Wall Street "bundlers" or fundraisers to capture both national parties by dominating campaign finance. Financialized conservatism differed from financialized progressivism, but the two schools of thought were both based on cheerful happy-talk scenarios in which there were no deep conflicts of interests between the rich and the rest in America.


Glenn Beck 'Indoctrinates' Kids With His Upcoming Tea Party Summer Camp

First, the Tea Party wants school kids everywhere to read their VERSION of the US Constitution, and now they want to brainwash them into some form anti-tax, pro-religious camp that espouses on the very values few in the Tea Party truly exercises or even supports out in public?

Whatever happened to just going to a fishing camp or singing songs over a campfire with gooey Smores stuffed in their mouths?

Makes me wonder which books on "history" they will be using there? Probably the ones that say: "American History-The Sarah Palin Edition".

You know as well as I do, that the Tea Party doesn't believe in government, so how can they also believe in things like economics and US history?

You have to be a progressive or a liberal to do that. People who don't believe in progress or advancing forward are only asking for pain and suffering to be visited upon themselves and/or their neighbors.


Iceland To Back Palestinian Statehood At UN

Össur Skarphédinsson and Dr. Riad Al Malki
Icelandic Foreign Minister Ossur Skarphedinsson has announced his country will back a formal call for Palestinian statehood at the UN, should a proposed motion be put before the international group this September.

The announcement comes after a two-day trip to Gaza by Skarphedinsson, who met with his Palestinian counterpart, Riad al-Maliki.

"I told him that if it came to be at the United Nations General Assembly in September that a motion would be put forward by the nations supporting Palestinian independence and encouraging other nations to recognise Palestine as an independent nation with its 1967 borders, Iceland would support that," Skarphedinsson told national broadcaster RUV.

"Likewise, if a proposition comes to the UN to include Palestine into the UN as a new nation, as President Obama said he wanted a year ago, Iceland would also support that."


BP rebounds into $5.62-billion net profit

© Gerald Herbert/APBP, profits before planet
British energy giant BP rebounded into net profit in the second quarter of 2011, aided by high oil prices, after a huge loss last year in the wake of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill disaster, it said Tuesday.

Earnings after taxation hit $5.62 billion (3.87 billion euros) in the three months to the end of June, BP said in a results statement.

That compared with an enormous loss of $17.15 billion in the second quarter of 2010, when it was slammed by spiralling costs from the devastating oil spill.

However, production sank 10.7 percent to 3.43 million barrels of oil equivalent per day, following suspension of drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.

Output was also hit as the group sold of $25 billion of assets to help foot the bill for the disaster.


Norway Justice employees missing after massacre

© AP Photo/Emilio MorenattiPeople gather outside Oslo City Hall to participate in a "rose march" in memory of the victims of Friday's bomb attack and shooting massacre, Norway, Monday, July 25, 2011.
Oslo, Norway - Norway's justice minister told reporters Tuesday that employees from his department were still missing after an attack on government headquarters in Oslo and a shooting spree at a nearby island that killed at least 76.

Police have not released the names of the victims yet but hope to start that process Tuesday. Justice Minister Knut Storberget gave no information about the missing.

Anders Behring Breivik has confessed to last week's bombing in the capital and a rampage at a Labor Party retreat for young people. In all, 76 people have been confirmed killed in the twin attacks that have stunned peaceful Norway.

"The Justice Ministry has people who are missing, we have people who are very hard hit by this and we are without offices," Storberget told reporters.

Storberget also offered a defense of the police, who announced a substantial reduction in the official death toll on Monday, adding to a growing series of missteps in their response.