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Serial financial terrorist threatens to strike again: Markets could be derailed again, warns Soros

Railway porter-turned-billionaire financier George Soros delivered a stark warning last night that the financial world is on the wrong track and that we may be hurtling towards an even bigger boom and bust than in the credit crisis.

The man who 'broke' the Bank of England (and who is still able to earn a cool $3.3 bln in a year) said the same strategy of borrowing and spending that had got us out of the Asian crisis could shunt us towards another crisis unless tough lessons are learned.

Soros, who worked as a porter to pay for his studies at the London School of Economics after emigrating from Hungary, warned us to heed the lesson that modern economics had got it wrong and that markets are not inherently stable.

"The success in bailing out the system on the previous occasion led to a superbubble, except that in 2008 we used the same methods," he told a meeting hosted by The Economist at the City of London's modern and impressive Haberdashers' Hall.

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Nukes And Temples

Evidently, American presidents wish to continue to guard Israel's nuclear "secret". If the motivation is thought to be a simple case of double standard, surely one must be deplored by the submissiveness of the general community. On the other hand, the more inquisitive mind would prod deeper and question the drive behind the guarding of this "secret"?

Perhaps motivations have changed over time. In 1969, Kissinger, aware that Israel had deceived the United States about its nuclear bomb program, which it was suspected to have stolen from the U.S., wrote to Nixon that pressuring Israel to reveal its nuclear arsenal would result in a Soviet nuclear guarantee for the [oil rich] Arabs and increase conflict in the region [i]. Ironically, it was Nixon who soon after had considered sending airborne troops to seize oilfields in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Abu Dhabi pursuing the 1973 war.

Today, the secrecy continues, as does the aid to Israel -- perhaps towards a messianic return - the building of the Third Temple.

In 2006, the Israeli government began work on an exact replica of the Hurva synagogue on its original site. The story of the Hurva has received little attention other than coinciding with Joe Biden's visit to Israel and that government's insistence on building more illegal settlements. But Hurva is the beginning of the end.

As the United States, acting as Israel's proxy, imposes its will on the world and pushes for sanctions and war on Iran, thereby distracting the international community, rabbis are being tailored for the special kind of garments they will be wearing in a "rebuilt temple". 'The Third Temple of the Third Jewish Commonwealth.' They believe that the return of Jews to Jerusalem are the obvious signs - "Less obvious are the more subtle realities that add up - the rebuilding of the Jewish Quarter, Jews steadily moving into the Old City, even the Temple Mount tunnel excavations. But alas, those big mosques are still situated on the Temple Mount. For now." [ii]


Russian Nuclear Cruiser Makes Port Call in Syria

© RIA Novosti. Sergei Eschenko
Russia's nuclear-powered missile cruiser Pyotr Veliky has arrived in Syria's Mediterranean port of Tartus ahead of Russian Navy drills in the Indian Ocean.

A large Syrian naval delegation accompanied by Russia's ambassador to Syria, Sergei Kirpichenko, visited the Russian warship on Wednesday.

"The Pyotr Veliky's visit to the Syrian port of Tartus is a symbolic event. It is a continuation of our historic ties with Syria that serves as a guarantee of our future cooperation not only in the naval sphere but also in other areas," Kirpichenko said.

"I am certain that we will witness new and significant progress in our bilateral cooperation in the near future," he added.

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Thou Shalt Not Criticize Israel: Mossad Threatens to Abduct Israeli Reporter Hiding in London

Uri Blau, journalist pursued by Israel for reporting Israeli war crimes to Israelis
Nazareth - An Israeli journalist who went into hiding after writing a series of reports showing lawbreaking approved by Israeli army commanders faces a lengthy jail term for espionage if caught, as Israeli security services warned at the weekend they would "remove the gloves" to track him down.

The Shin Bet, Israel's secret police, said it was treating Uri Blau, a reporter with the liberal Haaretz daily newspaper who has gone underground in London, as a "fugitive felon" and that a warrant for his arrest had been issued.

Options being considered are an extradition request to the British authorities or, if that fails, a secret operation by Mossad, Israel's spy agency, to smuggle him back, according to Maariv, a right-wing newspaper.

It was revealed yesterday that Mr Blau's informant, Anat Kamm, 23, a former conscript soldier who copied hundreds of classified documents during her military service, had confessed shortly after her arrest in December to doing so to expose "war crimes".


Syria: Israel Using "Ethnic Cleansing Policy" in West Bank

© Associated Press
Syria on Tuesday blasted new Israeli military orders that pave the way for large-scale expulsions of Palestinians from the West Bank and warned the move was an "ethnic cleansing policy" in the occupied Palestinian territories.

Under the new rules, which are to take effect on Tuesday, anyone caught in the West Bank without an Israeli permit could face expulsion within days or be sentenced to up to seven years in prison.

This would include thousands of Gazans who have moved to the West Bank, foreign-born Palestinians married to West Bankers and foreigners who are in the West Bank on expired tourist visas.

"This decision is the adoption of the ethnic cleansing policy and a step to the mass deportation aiming at emptying the land from its people," a Syrian Foreign Ministry official said. "It also constitutes a flagrant violation of international law and human rights and disregard of the will and resolutions of the international community.


'Real IRA' claims responsibility for MI5 bomb attack in Ireland

The Real IRA has reportedly claimed responsibility for a car bomb attack outside MI5 headquarters in Holywood in Co Down.

One man received shrapnel injuries in the explosion at Palace Barracks on the outskirts of Belfast.

The attack was timed to coincide with the devolution of policing and justice powers from Westminster to Stormont.

A taxi driver from North Belfast was held hostage for two hours before he was forced to drive the bomb to the base in his car.

Security personnel were evacuating the area when the device exploded and some of the 30 to 40 residents who were fleeing the scene at the time described diving for cover to avoid shrapnel from the blast.

Secretary of State Shaun Woodward condemned the attack and said: "Today Northern Ireland will complete devolution with the transfer of policing and justice powers to Stormont.


Psychopath Netanyahu Cancels trip to Obama's Nuclear Summit

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has cancelled a planned trip to Washington next week for President Barack Obama's 47-country nuclear security conference.

© Sebastian Scheiner/AP)Binyamin Netanyahu has cancelled his trip to Washington next week. Israel is believed to be the only nuclear-armed power in the Middle East, but has never confirmed or denied it. It has not signed the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).
He made the decision after learning Egypt and Turkey intended to raise the issue of Israel's assumed atomic arsenal at the meeting, a senior government official said on Friday.

Israel is believed to be the only nuclear-armed power in the Middle East, but has never confirmed or denied it. It has not signed the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

Netanyahu saw Obama at the White House late last month to discuss the stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace process. But they failed to see eye to eye and bilateral ties remain strained.

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Flashback Mossad's Terrorist Footprints: Harder to Conceal

Mossad's motto is 'By way of deception, thou shalt do war'. Maybe the exposure of the murder in Dubai will force enough governments and media mavens to bring the use of Israeli disinformation campaigns and extra-judicial assassinations to a halt, says Paul Balles.

The British are again catching up with Israel's trickery. The BBC announced on 23 March that an Israeli diplomat had been expelled from the UK.

That action resulted from Israel's involvement in forged British passports related to the assassination in January of Hamas leader Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai.

Ironically, David Miliband, the British foreign secretary, expressed less concern about the criminal assassination than the forgery of British passports. Is the BBC also more focused on passport forgeries than assassinations?

The BBC reported" "It is not the first time British passports have been misused by Israel. In 1987 the country was caught forging UK passports for an intelligence operation, and Israel promised it would not do it again."

Comment: "How could so petty a wretch[ed organization] cast such vast a shadow?"

- With the complicit and systematic help of the World Media, and a complacent public. But not for long. People are starting to see and understand.

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Soros: It's Not Easy Being God

Soros Migrants
© magneettimedia.comGeorge Soros and Migrants
I carried some rather potent messianic fantasies with me from childhood, which I felt I had to control otherwise they might get me into trouble. -George Soros

Obama's boss, George Soros discovered his own narcissism at an early age. Robert Slater, in his unauthorized biography of Soros - Soros, The Life, Times & Trading Secrets of the World's Greatest Investor:
"Yet, what is one to make of a child who believed he was God?"
Slater posits that such grandiose thoughts in childhood, if they were the "fleeting dreams of a small child" might be understandable if Soros had given any indication as an adult that he had outgrown his delusions.
"Yet, as an adult, he offered no sign, no dismissive gesture, no footnote signifying that he no longer clung to such wild convictions, but only the suggestion of how difficult it was for someone to believe himself a deity." (Pg. 15).

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Another organ trafficking ring surfaces in Israel

© Nancy Scheper-HughesBrazilian man whose kidney was sold via an Israeli broker
Just months after the Israeli government's chief pathologist was exposed admitting years of involvement in organ trafficking involving both Israeli and Palestinian civilians without their consent, another major organ trafficking ring has been exposed by Israeli police on Wednesday.

According to Israeli police reports, six suspects were arrested in a sting operation of the organ trafficking ring on Wednesday, including two lawyers and a retired Brigadier General from the Israeli military who was the recipient of a Medal of Valour in the 1967 war.

"We ran an undercover investigation and we were shocked by the proportions of this", said Israeli police superintendent Ahron Galor. The six suspects arrested in the raid have had their remand extended for an additional six days, according to the Magistrate for the District of Nazareth in northern Israel.