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Arrogant, corrupt, secretive - the Catholic church failed to tackle evil

The cover-up of child sexual abuse by the Catholic church is not about sex and it is not about Catholicism. It is not, as Pope Benedict rightly argued in yesterday's distressingly bland pastoral letter, about priestly celibacy. It is about power.

The urge to prey on children is not confined to the supposedly celibate clergy and exists in all walks of life. We know that it can become systemic in state and voluntary, as well as in religious, institutions. We know that all kinds of organisations - from banks to political movements - can generate a culture of perverted loyalty in which otherwise decent people will collude in crimes "for the greater good".

In none of these respects is the Catholic church unique. What makes it different - and what gives this crisis its depth - is the church's power. It had the authority, indeed the majesty, to compel victims and their families to collude in their own abuse and to keep hideous crimes secret for decades. It is that system of authority that is at the heart of the corruption. And that is why Benedict's pastoral letter, for all its expressions of "shame and remorse", is unable to deal with the central issue. The only adequate response to the crisis is a fundamental questioning of the closed, hierarchical power system of which the pope himself is the apex and the embodiment. It was never remotely likely that Benedict would be able to understand those questions, let alone answer them.


Flashback CIA: What really happened in the quiet French village of Pont-Saint-Esprit in 1951?

A U.S. journalist, who was investigating the Cold War mind-control experiments conducted by the CIA, came across some documents relating to an obscure episode in France that was never elucidated. He alleges that in 1951 the CIA was testing for a secret weapon: the aerosol spraying of LSD. The experiment was reportedly carried out in a French village, whose inhabitants and authorities were kept completely in the dark. But it went wrong and caused the death of 7 people.

We asked Hank Albarelli to provide a summary of his investigation for the readers of Voltaire Network.
On 13 February 2010, French channel 3 broadcast "The Devil’s Bread", a television film by Bertrand Arthuys which meticulously reconstructs the Pont-Saint-Esprit episode. It describes the madness that seized the village, the suspicions surrounding the bread baker and the interest of certain French officials to cover up certain aspects. But it ends with a question mark: sixty years later, the causes of the intoxication still remain a mystery!
For decades now, the seemingly unrelated mysteries of Dr. Frank Olson's strange and alleged "suicide" in New York City in 1953 and the bizarre hallucinogenic outbreak of madness in a small French village in 1951 have independently provoked and perplexed serious investigators. As related in countless accounts on the Internet and in televised news features for the past 35 years, Olson's death has long been suspected to be a government-sponsored murder, but no plausible murderers or motives have ever been positively identified. The outbreak of madness in the village of Pont St. Esprit in southern France has baffled scientists for decades, with many discounting strong suspicions of some sort of covert LSD attack simply because the means and motives were not believed to exist.

In 1995, I began to seriously investigate the death of Dr. Frank Olson, an American bacteriologist at the U.S. Army's top-secret biological warfare center at Fort Detrick, Maryland. Little did I suspect that my discovery that Olson was murdered would collide head on with the horrible events at Pont St. Esprit in August 1951. My 900-page book, A TERRIBLE MISTAKE: The Murder of Frank Olson and the CIA's Secret Cold War Experiments, explains in painstaking detail how the two events collided. Recent reports that "a major diplomatic and political scandal is erupting that could have significant import for French-American relations" over my book's explanation about and documentation of the Pont St. Esprit outbreak causes me to provide an explanation here for those that are curious about the two events.


Catholic Church sex abuse scandals around the world

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The Pope's decision to issue a letter to Roman Catholics in Ireland to try to prevent further cases of child abuse by priests follows a wave of sex abuse scandals which have rocked the Church around the world. Here is a round-up of some of those events:


Two major reports into allegations of paedophilia among Irish clergy last year revealed the shocking extent of abuse, cover-ups and hierarchical failings involving thousands of victims, and stretching back decades.

In one, four Dublin archbishops were found to have effectively turned a blind eye to cases of abuse from 1975 to 2004.

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SOTT Focus: Farzad Bazoft, Yellow Journalism and Middle Eastern Wars

Farzad Bazoft - a pawn on "the grand chessboard"
An article in Sunday's UK Guardian newspaper tells the story of Observer reporter Farzad Bazoft, an Iranian who was hanged in Iraq as a spy 20 years ago by Saddam Hussein.

In penning the article, the author Donald Trelford, who was editor of the Observer when Bazoft was arrested, seeks to "remember a friend and colleague whose death served as a warning to the world about Saddam Hussein".

The official story goes like this:

In September 1989, Bazoft went to Iraq to cover elections in Kurdistan. On the day his press party arrived in Baghdad, a massive explosion occurred at a military complex in the city.

Farzad met the deputy foreign minister, Nizam Hamdoun, and asked to visit the site. He enlisted the help of Daphne Parish, a British nurse he had met on a previous visit. They went on successive days to take photographs and collect soil samples, though they always stayed on public roads.

While waiting for an Iraq Airways flight to London on the 15 September, he was picked up at Baghdad airport and taken for interrogation by Saddam Hussein's Mukhabarat secret police.

On November 1st, the Iraqis issued a tape showing him "confessing" to being a spy for Israel. Earlier the Iraqis had claimed he was spying for Britain. On March 15th 1990 he was hanged.

As a veteran journalist, it is appalling that Trelford is content to limit his analysis of the case of Bazoft to the official story. With the US and Israel winding up the world's press to prepare the public for the first Gulf "war", there was good reason to be suspicious of any reports that demonized Saddam in the 1989-1990 period. With everything we know now about how willing Western politicians are to fabricate rationale for war, it is nothing short of yellow journalism to hold fast to the official story. Worse still is the fact that a much more plausible account of the case of Farzad Bazoft, from a truly reliable source - ex-Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky - has been available to Trelford for 15 years.

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Minnesota psychopath charged with selling wife into prostitution on Craigslist

A man from Rockford, Minn., has been charged with a felony in Chicago for forcing his wife into prostitution, setting up sexual encounters in eight states.

The 32-year-old man was charged with felony pandering by the Cook County, Ill., sheriff's office after being arrested Sunday night at a downtown Chicago hotel. He was arrested when he arrived at the hotel where his wife spent the weekend having sex with strangers, the sheriff's office reported.

He was being held on $150,000 bail Wednesday.

According to the woman's account to investigators, the man threatened to take away or hurt their 3-year-old daughter to force her into having sex.


AFRICOM's First War: U.S. Directs Large-Scale Offensive In Somalia

Lured by the vast natural resources of the Black Continent, Washington decided to set up AfriCom. But the GI deployment to Africa does not coincide with any needs in particular: everything is up for grabs. Seizing a windfall opportunity, they first went into Somalia militarily in the early 1990's. Their simple presence being enough to fuel popular uprisings, they can extend their counter-insurgency operations at will. The U.S. war is not just endless in time; it is also boundless in terms of the territorial space it besieges.

Voltaire somalia
© Text and photo from U.S. Department of Defense website"The United States Africa Command, also known as AFRICOM, is a new U.S. military headquarters devoted only to Africa. It is one of the U.S. Defense Department’s six regional headquarters. Command officials will work with African partners to achieve a more stable environment in which political and economic growth can take place."

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Is the Man Who Controls Access to President Obama a Mossad Agent?

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After 9/11, the U.S. followed Israel to become the second nation on earth that officially tortures people as a matter of public policy. As we saw earlier, it was such Israel-firsters as Alan Dershowitz who successfully pushed for the U.S.A. to join the Zionist torture brigade. Most other War on Terror abuses, including extrajudicial assassinations and disappearances, "pre-emptive" wars of aggression, ethnic profiling, omnipresent government surveillance, intrusive searches at security checkpoints, and so on were developed in Israel, then imposed on the U.S.A. by the Zionist neoconservatives who seized power in the wake of 9/11.

If the new, post-9/11, Constitution-free U.S.A. was modeled on Israel, and if this Zionist model was imposed on a shocked nation by the neoconservatives in Dick Cheney's office and the Pentagon during the Bush Administration, then why have so many unconstitutional policies continued so seamlessly under Obama, who criticized them during his campaign? Is there a continuing Zionist influence in and around the White House, beyond the obvious case of the self-proclaimed Zionist Vice President, Joe Biden?1

The President's Chief of Staff is the man who controls access to the President. For that reason, the Chief of Staff has been called "the second-most powerful man in Washington next to the president."2 Why, then, did President Obama appoint to that position Rahm Emanuel, son of a Zionist terrorist, himself a War on Terror enthusiast who has served with the Israeli Defense Forces and who may be, according to intelligence sources, an agent of the Israeli Mossad?3

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Bank Employee Says He Was Kidnapped By Mossad

Curiouser and curiouser.

Hervé Falciani, the computer specialist formerly employed by HSBC and involved in the leak of information on about 24,000 accounts at the bank, says he was once kidnapped by the Mossad, Israel's intelligence service.

Mr. Falciani told Le Matin Dimanche, a major Swiss weekly, that the Mossad was investigating potential ties between Hezbollah, the militant Shiite group, and the giant British bank.

"I've always said that these people introduced themselves as being from Mossad," Mr. Falciani said. "They told me they suspected Lebanese Hezbollah of trying to use the bank for criminal ends."

Mr. Falciani told the newspaper that he was singled out because he was Jewish and because of his presumed loyalty to Israel. "A terrorist group could put the bank's security at risk without too much difficulty," he said.

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Unholy Lies: Vatican says number of sex abuse cases in church is small

The Vatican claimed instances of sexual abuse of children were far more widespread in the secular world than in the Catholic church as it worked on Sunday to calm a growing row over allgations of priestly misconduct.

In a front page editorial, its official newspaper L'Osservatore Romano stressed: "For the love of truth, the number of incidents involving clergy is very small."

Comment: Really? And why should we believe them if even Pope's Brother admitted that he was aware of allegations of physical abuse but did nothing about it?

It blamed media coverage of the sex scandals rocking the Catholic Church in Ireland, Germany and Austria for implying that there was a higher instance of sexual abuse in the Church than in other parts of society.

"This has a negative effect on the Catholic Church...but it should be noted that abuse of children is more widespread in non-religious people and married couples than clergy," the paper said.


Psychopath Rove 'Proud' Detainees were Waterboarded

karl rove
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A top aide to former US president George W. Bush has defended the use of harsh interrogation techniques, insisting he is "proud" of the methods and they had helped prevent terrorist attacks.

Karl Rove also told the BBC in an interview broadcast Thursday that he did not believe waterboarding -- a simulated drowning method -- amounted to torture.

"I'm proud that we used techniques that broke the will of these terrorists and gave us valuable information that allowed us to foil plots," he said.

"I am proud that we kept the world safer than it was by the use of these techniques. They are appropriate, they are in conformity with our international requirements and with US law," he added.