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Red Flag

Gulf of Tonkin incident officially acknowledged as a false flag event

© UnkownPsychopath-in-Chief in 1964
In an echo of the debates over the discredited intelligence that helped make the case for the war in Iraq, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Wednesday released more than 1,100 pages of previously classified Vietnam-era transcripts that show senators of the time sharply questioning whether they had been deceived by the White House and the Pentagon over the 1964 Gulf of Tonkin incident.

"If this country has been misled, if this committee, this Congress, has been misled by pretext into a war in which thousands of young men have died, and many more thousands have been crippled for life, and out of which their country has lost prestige, moral position in the world, the consequences are very great," Senator Albert Gore Sr. of Tennessee, the father of the future vice president, said in March 1968 in a closed session of the Foreign Relations Committee.

The documents are Volume 20 in a regular series of releases of historical transcripts from the committee, which conducted most of its business in executive session during the 1960s, before the Senate required committee meetings to be public. The documents were edited by Donald Ritchie, the Senate historian, and cover 1968, when members of the committee were anguished over Vietnam and in a deteriorating relationship with the Johnson White House over the war.

Wall Street

How Brokers Became Bookies: The Insidious Transformation of Markets into Casinos

brokers Trading Places
© Aaron Russo
"You all are the house, you're the bookie. [Your clients] are booking their bets with you. I don't know why we need to dress it up. It's a bet."
- Senator Claire McCaskill, Senate Subcommittee investigating Goldman Sachs (
Washington Post, April 27, 2010)

Ever since December 2008, the Federal Reserve has held short-term interest rates near zero. This was not only to try to stimulate the housing and credit markets but also to allow the federal government to increase its debt levels without increasing the interest tab picked up by the taxpayers. The total public U.S. debt increased by nearly 50% from 2006 to the end of 2009 (from about $8.5 trillion to $12.3 trillion), but theinterest
on the debt actually dropped (from $406 billion to $383 billion), because of this reduction in interest rates.

One of the dire unintended consequences of that maneuver, however, was that municipal governments across the country have been saddled with very costly bad derivatives bets. They were persuaded by their Wall Street advisers to buy municipal swaps to protect their loans against interest rates shooting up. Instead, rates proceeded to drop through the floor, a wholly unforeseeable and unnatural market condition caused by rate manipulations by the Fed. Instead of the banks bearing the losses in return for premiums paid by municipal governments, the governments have had to pay massive sums to the banks - to the point of pushing at least one county to the brink of bankruptcy (Jefferson County, Alabama).

Alarm Clock

Best of the Web: Iranian Scientist Offered $50 Million by CIA and Mossad to Lie to YOU About Iranian Threat

© EPAReunited: Shahram Amiri, centre, hugs his seven-year-old son as Deputy Foreign Minister Hassan Ghashghavi, left, looks on, in Tehran this morning. Amiri was abducted by the CIA and/or the Mossad
Returning home to a hero's welcome, this is the Iranian scientist who claims he was abducted by the CIA and pressured to lie about Tehran's nuclear programme.

Shahram Amiri had an emotional reunion with his family in Tehran yesterday, his seven-year-old son barely leaving his father's side. Amiri appeared to be wiping away tears in some photographs.

Amiri, 32, claimed he had been offered $50million by the U.S. to remain in America and 'spread lies' about Iran's nuclear work.

He repeated that he was kidnapped in 2009 when on a pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia and taken to the U.S.

The scientist also said Israeli agents were involved in interrogating him.


UK: MI6 Officer "Heard Voices" Telling Him to Steal State Secrets

© The TelegraphDaniel Houghton
MI6 face questions over their security procedures after a computer expert was allowed to smuggle top secret files out of their headquarters which he planned to sell to a foreign power for £2m.

Daniel Houghton, 25, was caught by MI5 in a sting operation in a central London hotel as he tried to leave with £900,000 cash in a suitcase.

Under cover officers had set him up after a tip off from a foreign intelligence agency which said he had offered to sell them information.

Houghton, a computer programmer by training, had helped develop a cutting edge technique for intercepting emails, sources told the Daily Telegraph.

In order to drive up the price of the material he was selling, he also stole staff lists and home and mobile telephone numbers of MI5 and MI6 officers.


George Soros: The Crisis & the Euro

© AP/Geert Vanden WijngaertGerman Chancellor Angela Merkel speaks with Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou at an EU summit in Brussels, June 17, 2010
I believe that misconceptions play a large role in shaping history, and the euro crisis is a case in point.

Let me start my analysis with the previous crisis, the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers. In the week following September 15, 2008, global financial markets actually broke down and by the end of the week they had to be put on artificial life support. The life support consisted of substituting sovereign credit - backed by the financial resources of the state - for the credit of financial institutions that had ceased to be acceptable to counterparties.

As Mervyn King of the Bank of England explained, the authorities had to do in the short term the exact opposite of what was needed in the long term: they had to pump in a lot of credit, to replace the credit that had disappeared, and thereby reinforce the excess credit and leverage that had caused the crisis in the first place. Only in the longer term, when the crisis had subsided, could they drain the credit and reestablish macroeconomic balance.

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Best of the Web: Cointelpro, Provacateurs & Disinfo Agents

Comment: SOTT.net has repeatedly warned of the role played by COINTELPRO (CounterIntelligence Program) in the 9/11 Truth Movement. COINTELPRO's origins infiltrating political movements in the Civil Rights era are reasonably well known. But when we look at the history of COINTELPRO, it is clear that while groups have been infiltrated on a wide scale, the more successful operations have been those which are created from scratch by agents of the PTB. They know that people will begin to see through the wall of lies surrounding events sooner or later, so alternative groups are formed, fed resources and armed with a certain amount of information. They have vectored whole movements of people and in this way effectively neutralised any real opposition. Only by networking together what we can see of our reality can we learn to stalk the deception that is coming at us from every direction.

How to Spot COINTELPRO Agents

Magic Wand

The lies about Hamas rockets

I honestly think that the so called 'Jewish Christian Alliance' is about to backfire...

Part 1

Star of David

Poles to extradite Israeli 'linked to Dubai murder'

© ReutersA man using the name Uri Brodsky hides his face under a hood as he is escorted into a courtroom by armed police in Warsaw.
A Polish court has ruled that an alleged Israeli Mossad agent can be extradited to Germany.

Uri Brodsky is suspected of helping to forge a German passport used in connection with the murder of a Hamas operative in Dubai.

Mr Brodsky, an Israeli citizen, was detained in Poland in June on an arrest warrant issued by Germany.

Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, one of the founders of Hamas's military wing, was found dead in a Dubai hotel on 20 January.

Dubai police have said they are 99% sure that members of the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad were involved, although Israel says there is no proof.

"The court has decided to hand over Uri Brodsky to German authorities for judicial procedures there," Judge Tomasz Talkiewicz said, following the closed hearing at Warsaw regional court.

Comment: Note that the Polish guards are heavily armed and have their faces covered. What does that say about the assessment of Polish authorities of the threat from Israel and it's intelligence agency?...


SOTT Focus: London Bombings - The Facts Speak For Themselves

© somethinginthewater.co.uk...with a little help from the Mossad
Five years ago today, on the morning of July 7th, 2005, someone detonated four carefully placed bombs in London. Three exploded on London underground trains within 50 seconds of each other at 8.50 am, the first on the sub-surface eastbound Circle Line, the second on the sub-surface westbound Circle Line, a third on the deep-level underground southbound Piccadilly Line. A fourth bomb exploded almost an hour later at 9.47 am on the upper deck of a double decker bus in Tavistock Square.

Fifty two innocent British civilians were killed, many of whom had already become seriously disenchanted with the Blair government as evidenced by the massive voter turnaway from the Labour party in the British general elections of March 2005.


Who Will Pay, Wall Street or Main Street?

Wall Street banks have been saved from bankruptcy by governments that are now going bankrupt themselves; but the banks are not returning the favor. Instead, they are engaged in a class war, insisting that the squeezed middle class be even further squeezed to balance over-stressed government budgets. All the perks are going to Wall Street, while Main Street slips into debt slavery. Wall Street needs to be made to pay its fair share, but how?

The financial reform bill agreed to on June 25 may have carved out some protections for consumers, but for Goldman Sachs and the derivatives lobby, the bill was a clear win, leaving the Wall Street gambling business intact. In a June 25 Newsweek article titled "Financial Reform Makes Biggest Banks Stronger," Michael Hirsh wrote that the bill "effectively anoints the existing banking elite. The bill makes it likely that they will be the future giants of banking as well."