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Sat, 22 Jan 2022
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Exposed undercover reporter flees hackers conference

An undercover television reporter Friday fled from outraged computer hackers that caught her spying on their Las Vegas gathering with a camera hidden in her handbag.

Dateline NBC associate producer Michelle Madigan was heckled and derided as she ran from DefCon, the world's largest computer hackers conference, and raced away in a car.

"They sent a moderately attractive young lady with a purse cam whose mission was to first capture someone on film admitting to a felony, which is really not cool, and second to catch a fed on film," said DefCon spokesman "Priest."

"She was basically trying to do a slam piece."


Counsellor feels heat after roasting squirrel at camp

Parents complain after kids witness animal grilled and eaten

CHRISTOPHER LAKE, Sask. - A counsellor at a northern Saskatchewan Bible camp is feeling the heat for killing and roasting a squirrel over a campfire.

The bushy-tailed rodent was injured recently after the counsellor at Camp Kadesh, 48 kilometres northwest of Prince Albert, threw a stick in its direction.

Camp director Curtis Anderson said the counsellor destroyed the injured animal and wanted to prove that nothing should go to waste by skinning and roasting it.


Never too late to learn! Australian, 94, earns master's degree

A 94-year-old great-great-grandmother who left school at the age of 12 appears to be the world's oldest recipient of a master's degree, an official with Guinness World Records said Friday.

University of Adelaide graduate Phyllis Turner was awarded her master's degree in medical science earlier this week at a ceremony in her hometown of Adelaide, surrounded by generations of offspring.

Life Preserver

First treatment centre for nail biters

The world's first treatment centre for nail biters is to open in the Netherlands next month.

Director of the new centre in Venlo, Alain-Raymond van Abbe of the Institute for Pathological Onychophagy (IPO) says he and his team have invented an aid to make nail-biting impossible.

"This is the first place ever to tackle this very serious problem," he explained. "We are expecting clients from all over the world."


Dog Pees On Computer Server Rack And Shuts Down Business

After working at her new job for only 2 weeks receptionist Lori Stint managed to shut down the daily operations of Action Tools in Lancaster S.C.

After taking her small lap dog to the vet on her day off Stint stopped by Action Tools to pick up her first paycheck. She sat her dog down to talk to another employee in the back office. While the dog was unattended it walked over to the company's small floor computer rack server and did its business all over the set up.


Shopkeeper sounds a WWII air-raid siren when a traffic warden is spotted

When traffic wardens started to blitz a quiet corner of suburban London, one shopkeeper decided it was his duty to fight back.

Martin Herdman put up a 1,000-watt public address system outside his shop near Twickenham and recruited a network of "spies" to alert him the instant they spotted a parking attendant in the area.

©Daily Mail
Siren warning: Martin Herdman and his PA system, which alerts customers to parking wardens.

Then, as soon as the alarm was raised, he started playing a recording of a Second World War-style air raid siren over the system.

Evil Rays

Invincible America Assembly Sends Vibes to Bring U.S. Utopia

U.S. stocks had a tough week with the Dow Jones Industrial Average suffering its worst one-week point drop in five years, but a group of meditators promise their good vibrations will send the index past 17,000 within a year.

A group called the Invincible America Assembly made that claim and more on Friday, insisting they have America's prosperity under control and their positive vibes will bring fewer hurricanes and better U.S.-North Korean relations.

Comment: Meanwhile a record number of Americans are suffering the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression while Iraqis and Afghanis are being bombed to oblivion. Maybe you better turn the vibes down before you knock down another bridge.


Harry Potter Lives!

Sometimes it's a hassle being Harry Potter.

Especially when you're a 78-year-old man who happens to share the name of a certain fictional boy wizard who is famous the world over.

Bizarro Earth

Battle of the titans: Jesus to battle Barbie on Wal-Mart shelves

A foot-high plastic Jesus doll that quotes Scripture and a three-inch Daniel in the lions' den are about to do battle with Barbie and Bratz in toy aisles across America.

The nation's largest retailer, Wal-Mart, has announced that it will start carrying a line of faith-based toys in 425 of its 3,376 stores later this month to see if characters such as Spirit Warrior Samson can rival the popularity of superhero figures like Spiderman.


Bush doesn't see a point in restraining himself and sneers at balding reporter

US President George Bush has poked fun at a balding BBC political editor in a press conference.

Nick Robinson asked Bush at a Camp David if he could trust Gordon Brown not to "cut and run" from Iraq, reports the Daily Mirror.