fbi home visits
Joe Biden's Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) appears to be carrying out house calls in response to social media posts deemed offensive. This effective policing of "wrongthink" or "thoughtcrime" has been displayed in multiple videos circulating on the internet and reviewed by The National Pulse.

In the first, three individuals presenting as FBI agents are filmed visiting Rolla Abdeljawad, who resides in Stillwater, Oklahoma, to discuss her social media posts. In the video, Abdeljawad requests and is declined identification from the visitors. The woman refuses to engage in conversation until she has an attorney present.

The agents reportedly acquired screenshots of her Facebook posts, which they insist is a routine safety measure. Abdeljawad's later Facebook post confirms that they were in fact FBI agents.
rolla abdeljawad post
"Just verified with local law enforcement that, the indivs who came to my home, really were FBI per their license plate. My lawyer will contact the OKC field office," Abdeljawad wrote on Facebook, adding: "The lawyer did inform me that, these instances are now common but, the lawyer doesn't believe that FB sent them the screenshots of my posts. Rather, it seems like a fishing expedition. I do not fear them. My only concern as, I told the cop is that, someone in my state will do something or that they would and then use my posts in a malicious attempt to "smear" me. Just *remember, I am a Muslim, an obligated protector of creation. I enjoin what is good and forbid what is wrong."

The second video features another social media user, Kam St. Martin, asserting FBI visits to her home over a tweet. In question is a post blaming a specific individual for allegedly drugging her cousin and leaving her half-naked body lifeless.

While it remains unclear whether these visits indicate an emergent policy of monitoring and responding to social media posts, these incidents bring up a debate on freedom of speech and raise questions on the balance between safety measures and personal rights.